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  • ljbad28 November 2004
    As other reviewers have suggested, "Uptown Girls" is a hard film to classify: it's not a "comedy," per se, because it isn't funny (and barely even seems to try), but it also isn't particularly dramatic (though there are dramatic elements). I'm reminded of a term I've heard critics use a number of times -- "charmer" -- but only now do I realize how necessary it is to their lexicon. This film's greatest ambition, it seems, is to make its audience smile - and, as far as that goes, it succeeds. I may not have laughed at all for the whole ninety minutes (though I probably did), and I wasn't very moved; but, oh boy, did I smile a lot. Very few movies accomplish even that, so I'm forced to give "Uptown Girls" a strong recommendation.
  • I actually saw this film by mistake, and couldn't help posting a comment here (which I actually think it's my first, but hey, it deserves it). I think it's a very thoughtful and sensitive movie, with plenty of funny but also moving scenes. Despite my better judgement, Brittany Murphy does a good job at playing the "confused" grown-up, while Dakota is a charming, if not absolutely fantastic grown-up "in the making". I think this movie is worth watching, at least, if not exclusively, for the terrific relationship between Ray and Molly. I had never expected to grow such fond of these "Uptown Girls"....

    Watch it! It's worth your bucks!
  • Over the years, we've seen dozens of films labeled as chick-flicks that hold true to the same clichés, jokes and rehashed plots that have been done over and over again. After seeing a trailer for `Uptown Girls,' one would naturally think that the film would be a hopeless mesh of the same simple ideas of a lost girl or woman trying to find herself in the most unlikely of places. In all honesty, `Uptown Girls' is just that. However, it has some redeeming qualities that make it rise above its own conventional nature-it actually has an emotional depth to its characters that wouldn't occur under normal circumstances. Also, it stars Brittany Murphy and Dakota Fanning, two wonderful actresses that dazzle the screen with their very presence.

    Molly (Murphy) is a woman in her mid-twenties who is completely detached from reality. Her deceased rock-star father has left her a wealth that affords her the finest apartment, friends and possessions that money can buy. However, life turns upside down for Molly when her broker skips town with all of her money. All of sudden Molly is faced with a world where everything she's been absorbed in has disappeared. Her only choice now is to get a job and start living life like a normal person. After several attempts at some of Manhattan's most elite shops, she accepts a position as a nanny for a friend's boss. But she has no idea what she's in for-a little girl named Ray (Fanning) who is completely obsessive and compulsive. What's more, she wants nothing to do with Molly. The two feel each other out and eventually start to discover that they have a great deal in common, as they are both suffering from the loss of the one's that they cared for most deeply. As such, they have both entered into their own delusional worlds that don't hold true to reality. It's up to the two to help each other out in finding a purpose in life and discovering the true beauty of friendship.

    Fanning is truly the prize of `Uptown Girls.' She's an adorable young actress who can actually perform. She steals every scene she's in and the audience can't get enough of her. The moments in the film where she breaks down and cries, you get the impression that its real and this isn't acting-she has that the innate talent to become the characters that she portrays in the script marvelously. Look for her in the recent `I am Sam,' as well as in `The Cat in the Hat,' coming this November. Murphy proves once again that she is a gifted actress. I guess we can forgive her for this past winter's `Just Married,' as her track record generally shows her showing off real talent in films like `8 Mile,' and `Girl, Interrupted.' Her portrayal of Molly makes the audience feel sadness for her character, but at the same time, we can't help but feel that she is incredibly pathetic, and not in the comic sense. The most rewarding part of viewing `Uptown Girls' was how tender the film is. Murphy and Fanning come alive together and you feel their pain and the isolation that they have surrounded themselves in because of the lack of truly loving people in their lives. You walk out of the theater fond of the characters and rooting them on at the end, regardless of the film's parallels to so many others in the genre. `Uptown Girls' isn't a great movie, but it sure is something that is surprisingly likable, if not lovable. ***
  • I will not attempt to prove that this movie should be ranked among the great movies, but I am more than willing to defend Uptown Girls against the mostly male haters. True, this movie could be deemed a 'chick flick', but why is that so unbelievably, unforgivably horrible? If you don't like movies with mostly female characters and even some slightly feminist themes, than you will not like this movie. I, on the other hand, watched this movie for the first time expecting the worst and most guilty kind of entertainment, and was more than pleasantly surprised by the dark tones and impeccable performances. I'm a harsh critic, and if you don't trust me, check out the link to Ebert's review of this film via 'external reviews'. Murphy and Fanning are a refreshing duo in a buddy film and like many female buddy films, Uptown Girls is unfairly abused and underrated. If you are trying to sound pretentious you probably shouldn't admit to liking this film. However, if you honestly found this film entertaining, and in some small respect, refreshing, you should admit the merit of this 'chick flick'. Murphy should be commended for choosing roles like Molly and her character in Little Black Book, because in a sea of fantasy and escapism there is an aspect of actual female representation written by women and made for women. Boys, if you want to win points with the ladies, stop letting your testosterone take over your actual pleasure gauge, and attempt to see the positive attributes of films such as this one. Trust me, it will do no good in the long run to hide your opinions on the basis of reputation and ornery stoic persuasion.
  • Rich girl loses all her money and has to be a nanny for an uptight brat; it certainly sounds like a bad movie in the making. But actually I quite enjoyed this one. The stars are appealing, a lot of the scenes are quite funny and even though the movie is predictable and maudlin it does have scenes with a genuine emotional impact. With a script that has some intelligence and nuance and actresses who bring sincerity and belief to rather clichéd characters (child-woman and woman-child, essentially), this movie winds up being far better than it has a right to be. I feel like I have to make excuses for liking it, because it is kind of dumb, but I really very much enjoyed it.
  • In New York City, Molly Gunn (Brittany Murphy) is a spoiled wealthy immature young woman, living as if she were a princess in a fairy tale. Her father was a popular rock-and-roll guitar player, who died in a plane crash with Molly's mother when she was a little girl. On her birthday party in a nightclub, she meets Lorraine "Ray" Schleine (Dakota Fanning), a nasty young girl with attitudes of adult , living with her careless mother and a terminal father in a fancy uptown apartment. When the accountant of Molly vanishes with her US$ 100,000,000.00 inheritance, Molly is left with nothing but debts, and she needs to work to survive without having previous experience or any skills. She is hired to be Ray's babysitter, and their close contact makes Molly reach the maturity and Ray act like as a child of her age.

    "Uptown Girls" has just a reasonable and predictable screenplay, being corny and boring sometimes, but supported by two of my favorite actresses: Brittany Murphy and Dakota Fanning. For me, they are the greatest attraction of this common flick and the reason why I bought the VHS. There are a few worthwhile moments along the story, the script has many flaws and this movie is only recommended to fans like me of these two great actresses. My vote is six.

    Title (Brazil): "Grande Menina, Pequena Mulher" ("Big Girl, Small Woman")
  • This just goes to show you that you shouldn't go into movies with preconceptions, because I went in expecting (hoping, even) to hate this movie, and did for a while, but somewhere along the way it started working on me, and by the end I was practically eating out of its hand.

    Molly Gunn (Brittany Murphy) is the rich, immature, hard-partying daughter of a deceased rock star, but when she loses all her money and belongings, she has to take a job as the nanny to a rich little girl named Ray (Dakota Fanning). Ray is very young, but acts like an uptight 45 year-old woman, because she's been ignored by her cold, socialite mother (a "Melrose Place"-ish Heather Locklear).

    Both of these characters, but especially little Ray, are entirely fantasy creations. I don't care how self-sufficient she's had to be, no single-digit kid is going to act like this all the time and speak this kind of dialogue.

    What makes the movie work is the actors. Murphy is a very likeable actress and with her mixture of raspy sexuality and innocent flakiness, I can't think of anyone who would have been better playing this spoiled rock princess.

    And as Ray, Dakota Fanning once again shows that she is one of the absolute best child actors out there. This is the third time in a row she's been the best part of the movie she's in (the other two being the irritating "I Am Sam" and the downright hideous "Trapped"). Once her character begins to lighten up in the second half of the film, her performance really takes off.

    So the story is very predictable, the dialogue often weak, and I hated the character of Molly's on-again, off-again "rock star" boyfriend (who inexplicably makes it big with a horrifyingly bad song about Egyptian cotton), but the characters played by Murphy and Fanning are a pleasure to spend time with, and that's what sold it to me.
  • This film is about an uptight child who wants to play everything by the rules, and her interaction with her young caretaker who is playfully childish.

    Dakota Fanning is an amazing child actress. The arrogant and cocky faces she managed to pull was in itself an achievement! No wonder she subsequently got so many major roles.

    The backing music was good, I liked the songs a lot. The plot itself is quite predictable, but it is still fun to watch. It did bring a smile on my face and kept me interested in the film. This is a good brain-off film for the evening.
  • As I say over and over again, a film doesn't have to be a work of art (that few even understand) to be a film. The keyword here is entertainment. And I thought this film was entertaining, not be confused with a work of art, or anything with a higher meaning. I could lean back and just enjoy watching the two characters change.

    I thought, when I saw what a low rating it had gotten here on IMDb, that it would really stink. But the story did appeal to me. I'm glad I watched it - I give it a 7/10, just because I enjoyed watching it. So my advice: watch it, but as usual, don't expect Oscar material.
  • MovieLuvaMatt14 January 2004
    Altogether, it's an amusing film, but its overbearing sentimentality prevents it from really taking off. Basically, if you've seen previews, you can pretty much predict the whole plot of the film. Brittany Murphy is an irresponsible girl who suddenly has to face up to reality when she's evicted from her home, has to get a job babysitting a pampered rich girl (Dakota Fanning) who also has to face up to reality, and by the end Murphy becomes a responsible, mature person and Fanning loosens up and acts more like her age. Blah, blah, blah. There are moments of truth that work, despite spawning from cinematic contrivances. There are in fact a lot of spoiled girls like Fanning's character, who get whatever they want simply because the mothers or fathers don't want to deal with them. That's also why I wish the film could've developed Heather Locklear's character more thoroughly, since she's the reason why her daughter acts the way she does. But the film does have a lot of contrivances that are corny and predictable, which is why I give it merely an above-average rating. Plus, Fanning's snooty sarcasm gets terribly annoying at times. I always hated watching that moment in all the previews where she'd say "News-fe-lash!" All in all, "Uptown Girls" is a fluffy, superficial feel-good comedy that doesn't fail to entertain, and I will recommend it for a rental.

    My score: 6 (out of 10)
  • oxmilliexo27 May 2007
    Warning: Spoilers
    Molly Gunn: That's your dad? Ray: Was. Now he's a vegetable. And soon he'll be nothing. Molly Gun: Thats a little harsh. Ray: Its a harsh world.

    In my humble opinion the only reason that this film didn't get the acclaim it deserved was because adults wrote it off as a 'kids' movie and the kids didn't understand the emotional plot line.

    Molly Gunn (Brittany Murphy) is a woman who's rock and roll parents died when she was very young, leaving her with enough money so that she would never have to mature past the age she was when her parents left her.

    Ray Schlein (Dakota Fanning) is a spoilt brat who's mother ignores her and who's father is comatose. Consequently she has evolved prematurely into an uptight, adult-like child who fears germs, mess and most importantly, fun.

    So when Molly and Rays worlds collide, they accidentally begin teaching each other how to act their ages. But when Rays life begins to take the same tragic turn as Mollys did, Mollys forced to act like a 'grown up' for the fist time in her life.

    This movie is a real tear jerker. I dare anyone not to watch it and feel they haven't gained something from it. Don't believe the people who hate it, its a fantastic movie and yes; its a chick-flick but that Doesn't make it terrible!

    The ending is just...beautiful.
  • Everybody that knows Molly Gunn(Brittany Murphy) knows that she doesn't exactly act her age. She has never had a job, hardly cleans her apartment and sees the world through children's eyes(not to mention that she has a pig for a pet). But when her manager runs away and nobody is able to pay her bills, Molly is forced to get a job which turns out to be a babysitter to the very mature and jaded Ray(Dakota Fanning). Though at first, Molly and Ray don't get along, they slowly become good friends and teach each other how to act their age. This was a cute movie, nothing more and nothing less. The main reason that I enjoyed this movie was because of the incredibly adorable Ms.Fanning who is also an amazing actress. Brittany Murphy is a also a great actress but I think she should stop making sugary sweet comedies, they aren't really her thing. She is much better as the troubled mental patient. Anyways, even though this movie is sometimes misguided, it is still enjoyable and sweet. I would give Uptown Girls 6.5/10.
  • Ah, chick flicks. How I hate thee. But surprisingly enough, I actually kind of enjoyed "Uptown Girls". It is such a girly girl movie, but it kind of wilts it's way into your heart. I had major doubts about watching this movie. I'm not really into Britney Murphy or Dakota Fanning, but this film is actually worth a watch. It's nothing I wouldn't buy, but something I wouldn't mind watching again. It reminds you of what is important in life and how scary it is to grow up. Cheesy, I know and very predictable. But you get into it and just let yourself go with it. After all, I did pay $3.00 to watch it. :D So, I would suggest a watch, it's a cute movie. Maybe I was just in a very good mood. I… I… what's happening? I never get into chick flicks! 7/10
  • Uptown Girls does have its moments but in the end it's a disappointment. Molly Gunn is the spoiled, freewheeling daughter of a late rock legend. However, when her inheritance is stolen by her manager, Molly is forced to get a job. She becomes a nanny to Ray Schleine, an "eight-year-old going on forty" who lives with her mother. Ray has grown up with a revolving door of nannies and too little stability. Molly and Ray both feel painfully alone in the world, but as they try to make their new arrangement work, each discovers in the other a true friend. The plot sounds interesting and with two fine actresses this could have been a really good film. The story turned out to be weak though as there was really nothing new about it. The film was also really predictable and it was really no fun to watch. Yes, there were some funny moments and some touching moments but you don't really feel for the characters as most are selfish and annoying. I thought it was going to be a good film as Brittany Murphy is a good actress. A lot of people don't like her but I think she has talent and will one day become a huge star. She did a decent job in this film but this isn't her best performance. Dakota Fanning did a good job of playing a really annoying character and she really is a good actress. The rest of the actors don't really matter as the film mainly focuses on Dakota and Brittany. Though some actresses worth mentioning that have smaller roles are Heather Locklear and Marley Shelton. Boaz Yakin does a decent job of directing again nothing special. I think the story turned out to be a little unrealistic, which is okay. But, sometimes it would become too much to take seriously. Also, some of those serious scenes were actually funny not because of lousy acting but because of cheesy dialog. It really did turn into one big cliché film which I wasn't expecting. This movie could have been more then just some regular chick flick but after a promising start it quickly goes somewhere we have been before. At least its short so that help matters but it also means the story is rushed. Despite how much I like Brittany Murphy, I just can't recommend this film but it its better then Just Married. In the end, this is another chick flick that's only worth watching if you are a die-hard fan of Dakota or Brittany. If you're not then just skip this movie. Rating 5.4/10
  • rob-4613 August 2006
    i was mesmerized by the strong performances by Dakota Fanning and Brittany Murphy.

    the close up of "Ray's" hand when she hugs "Molly" is one of the finer touches that Director Boaz Yakin brings to the film.

    i don't know why people categorize films by genre. chick flick for girlie girl films or dick flick for the testosterone loaded blood and gore films. Very often such labels don't do justice to films. Tis a pity.

    The music that is an integral part of this film is of consistently high quality. This music is well written and very expressive...
  • Boaz Yakin is someone I've been following since he wrote and directed 1994's FRESH, which is one of the best films I've ever seen. None of his subsequent projects have had the power of that movie but I'm an unbelievably loyal Leo, and I will keep seeing anything the man writes and/or directs.

    This one, Uptown Girls, is directed by Yakin, and it does display his knack for getting decent interaction from his performers; there are some extremely believable scenes between Murphy and Fanning, in particular, who both manage, under his direction and thanks to their innate talent (especially the soon-to-be-legendary Fanning's), to breathe genuine life into their potentially one-dimensional characters.

    I hadn't read anything about the movie beforehand, so I was pleasantly surprised to see it play out not as a farce but rather as a skewed and quirky buddy movie, with both characters learning from each other what it means to be human, at any age. Good use of subordinate characters as well, and although the film is hardly a masterpiece by any stretch, it most definitely has its heart in the right place.
  • Dakota Fanning is simply THE newest hottest young star in hollywood. She is 9 with the poise and acting ability of a 35 year old Julia Roberts. Words cannot describe how good she is. We have seen everything she has been in and she simply gets better with each movie. What a fantastic kid. The movie is fun for everyone, although it is not a comedy, it is billed as a dramady! and that suits it fine. Moral to the story and Brittany Murphy is charming in her role, more serious than the usually funny goofy roles played in the past. It is a great night out.
  • When a spoiled trust fund princess' who never grew up loses her deceased parents fortune to a shady manager she is forced to do the unthinkable…get a job. Enter the precocious and and anal young society kid who grew up too fast and spits out nannies without a second glance. Will the two get along long enough to teach the other teach each other valuable lessons.

    A decent film with passable acting. Brittany Murphy's ditzy princess is a likable character Dakota Fanning's anal society kid character is a bit too anal but we get the point. Packaged as a modern day fairy tale the film doesn't fully commit to itself. Some bits of the comedy are funny but when you think it hit a little momentum it throws in a dramatic subtext that feels trite and forced. The dramatic elements tend to bog down the film almost to a stand still at times. The script wasn't to particularly great with a sometimes lack of direction. The direction was average with an occasional visual flare but for the most part plain.

    All-in-all an OK time passer with a good cast and standard production values. A little bit of editing, direction and a severely rewritten script would have this tale. The overly dramatic and forced ending didn't help things either.
  • AliasC425 February 2004
    This story is very good it touches on some deep topics though. Its sweet and really touching. Brittany and Dakota were great! : : : : : : : : :
  • The movie as you might of heard is not excellent but it is far from bad. It was cute but a little risque for the younger audience. This is not a child's film it is for late teens to adults. You are warned if you read why it is rated PG-13.

    I thought that Murphy's part was very good. I'm sure there are many people out there that have not yet grown up b/c their parents gave them everything and this kind of shows what would happen to those people if mommy and daddy were not around anymore.

    As for Dakota she is going to be one of the new Child Star's who make it for a while. She has yet another movie releasing this year called the "Cat in the Hat" and I will surely watch it.

    Although this is a straight chic flic I really do watch everything and was pleasantly surprised with this film. If you have a chance check this film out.
  • i think this movie is an EMOTIONAL STRUGGLE WITH COMIC RELIEF.

    my reason of thinking this is because molly's parents died when she was ray's age. and when molly is talking (in an emotional dialog) about how she never said goodbye to her parents, how the plane crashed, how everyones faces faded, how everything people said turned into a blur, and how she ran away to cony island. she could only ride on the teacups since she was alone. later in the movie ray runs away there but nobody knows where she went -- except molly. because they can relate to each other. they struggle together on the tea cup ride just spinning all their emotions out (with beautiful accompaniment, by the way) and then ray is hitting her.. which turns into a hug. beautiful.

    this important quote in the beginning-middle of the movie ends up more important than you would think::

    Ray: Every grown-up is good at something. Oh, my bad. I don't see any grown-ups around here. Molly Gunn: What's so great about being a grown-up anyway? So I can turn out like you?

    then later at the end of the movie, you here the two of them talk (very sad by the way) about it again. but with a new view on everything::

    Ray: You can have your job back, you know. Molly: I don't think so. You and I, we're gonna be friends. Okay? Ray: Grownups never stay friends with kids. Molly: I don't see any grownups around here. Ray: I do.

    and then the ending number. molly just assumes it is a regular dance recital of ray's. but when the man molly fell for throughout the movie came out and sang "Molly smiles" (a song her dad sang as a number one hit..but then died..and molly never wanted to hear it again). then came out the dancers with guitars. and you wonder, where is ray? then you see her come out dance around the girls and fix their guitars.. it was her solo in the song. and who was ray supposed to be throughout the song? molly.

    i think this is a wonderful movie that you can laugh and cry in.
  • Uptown girls is a great movie. Fanning did a great job on her role. If you have not seen it yet, I would highly recommend it. ;) I might even buy it b/c it was so good. ;) My favorite movie of Fanning is I Am Sam. I have yet to buy that one b/c it was Fanning's 1st big role in a movie. I'm a big fan. My goal is to see every TV and movie appearance that she has done. The is the # 1 child actress out there today. I pretty sure she will get a Star on Hollywoods WOF one of these days down the road. She has fun while she works. That's important. Why would you do something that you hate? Dakota #1. ;) The Olsen twins can not beat the Fanning sisters.
  • tennis_ace10215 December 2006
    Well i saw this like 2 years after it came out.

    my friend and i were looking for a movie and we saw it and i said aw that movie looks interesting and it has dakota fanning in it. We turned it on and we simply loved it. It was well written and well acted, Britney is an excellent actress and dakota performed to her greatest. This movie was sad but good. The ending was a bit random but other wise it was excellent. It was very different i thought i could not think of a movie that was like this which made this movie original. I saw this with my mum again when it was on TV and she loved it too. Dakota fanning will be a huge actress and very popular hopefully she will grow to be the biggest a lister in Hollywood
  • Boaz Yakin's "Uptown Girls" doesn't have anything new to say, but it offers us the perfect excuse to spend a mindless hour and a half in the company of Dakota Fanning, one of the best child actresses to come out of Hollywood in quite a while. If the viewer is looking for a light comedy, this film will do the trick.

    Molly Gunn, a spoiled young woman, finds out in the worst way she has been rendered destitute because of the man in charge of her trust fund has swindled it and ran away with all her money. She must face reality, so she takes the easy way out in trying for the job of being the little girl Ray's nanny. She is in for a rude awakening!

    Molly finds out that Ray is a grown woman trapped in a little girl's body. Ray is wise beyond belief. She makes Molly's life a living hell until Molly realizes that the little girl is to be pitied because she hasn't known any happiness in her short little life.

    The combination of Brittany Murphy and Dakota Fanning is what makes this film work. Both are fun to watch together. Both actresses show they have a strange chemistry that works on the screen. The supporting cast does its part, but of course, we can't take our eyes from Dakota Fanning.
  • I got this film as a birthday present a while ago and I thought it was quite good. I don't get how people say it was a waste of time or is was awful. Brittany Murphy is a wicked actress and I thought she played her character very well. Dakota Fanning was brilliant too, although this character doesn't really suit her she played it well. And I see what someone wrote about the TV being on while her electricity was cut off, but maybe it was battery! I think people should definitely watch it, it's a sweet film and you don't have to think too hard about whats going on. The acting was good and I thought the song "Sheets in Egyptian Cotton" was hilarious and really catchy. Jesse Spencer was great too.
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