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  • Written by Richard Gordon of Doctor books fame (Simon Sparrow et at). This was an excellent series of six half hour comedies. A second series was never commissioned suprisingly, as this view of some of the last bastions of the British class system would have been lapped up by US TV stations. However looking at it now, (although never repeated, I still have five of the six episodes on grainy LP VHS), it was shot on video and the majority of the cast were nearing, if not in, their dotage. Not exactly the demographic of the Friends generation!. The principal cast of William Gaunt (The Champions, No Place Like Home) and Richard Vernon (Duchess Of Duke Street, Something In Disguise) were perfect and the semi-regular appearance of Christopher Benjamin (Danger Man, The Prisoner) brought flamboyance to counter the upright leads. Not in the top 100 sitcoms list featured recently on BBC 2, this is a forgotten gem that, if still in the BBC archives deserves a second airing. In light of the recent success of the Alan Clark Diaries featuring a fondly remembered bumbler, perhaps BBC4 can give these fictional bumblers another chance?.