• Jingle Bell Swing
    Arranged by Ib Glindemann
    Courtesy of Carbert Special Accounts/APM
  • Too Fragile to Walk On
    by Geir Jenssen
    Performed by Biosphere
    Courtesy of Touch
  • Under the Sun
    by Martha Schwendener, Lawrence Chandler
    Performed by Bowery Electric
    Courtesy of Kranky, Ltd. and Beggars Banquet Records Limited
  • Dream Your Life Away
    by Sid Hillman
    Performed by The Sid Hillman Quartet
    Courtesy of Music for the Masses
  • Soul Systems Burn
    by Daniel Riddle and Tony Lash
    Performed by King Black Acid
    Courtesy of Lakeshore Records
  • Joy to the World
    Written by Isaac Watts (uncredited) and Lowell Mason (uncredited)
    Arranged by James Lum
    Courtesy of Opus 1 Music
  • We Wish You a Merry Christmas
    Arranged by Benjamin Newhouse (as Ben Newhouse)
    Courtesy of Opus 1 Music
  • Lurid
    Written and Performed by Brian Berdan
  • Stinky Cocktail
    Written and Performed by Mark Jan Wlodarkiewicz (as Mark Wlodarkiewicz)
  • 300 Percent Density
    by Carley Gervais, John Lamacchia, Eric Matthews, Mike MacIvor, Paul Thorentson and Kenneth Schalk
    Performed by Candiria
    Courtesy of Century Media Records
  • Insomnia
    and "The Bowls"
    by Jeff Rona
    Performed by Luxurious
  • Slide
    Written and Performed by Paul Haslinger
  • Half Light
    by Alan Sparhawk and Mimi Parker
    Performed by tomandandy, Alan Sparhawk and Mimi Parker
    Produced by tomandandy and Chris Arvan
    Additional Lyrics by Indrid Cold