Caitlin: Can you imagine being addicted to heroin?

Lauren: It's heartbreaking.

Kirstin: But does the weight stay off?

Kirstin: Hold on to your purse!

Caitlin: Oh Marci, first you lose your mom.

Kirstin: And then you kill your dad.

Kirstin: I had to just come over... just to tell you... Everybody hates you.

Kirstin: It's time for some sunshine... and some Prozac.

Caitlin: [out of breath from running] Okay. Okay. That's great. Oh, almost a quarter mile!

Caitlin: Marci spent the whole night in jail.

Kirstin: She did?

Caitlin: ...with Martha Stewart.

Marci Feld: You know who you remind me of, in that outfit, with the jewellery and te hair?

Dr. S: 2Pac? D.M.X.?

Marci Feld: My aunt Esther!