Screenplay was developed in the Sundance Lab.

Some of the songs referenced by Gid and/or Floyd throughout the movie include "Ragged But Right" by Riley Puckett 1934 "Nothing But Trouble" by Lonnie Johnson 1929 "Cash On The Barrelhead" by The Louvin Brothers 1954 "Rank Stranger" by Albert E. Brumley 1954 "Will Jesus Wash The Bloodstains From Your Hands?" by Hazel Dickens 1964 "Straighten Up And Fly Right" by The Nat King Cole Trio 1949 "Wayfaring Pilgrim" by Almeda Riddle 1932 Gid also references "Drifting Too Far From The Shore" and "Going Back To Jericho" during the ice fishing scene but he doesn't state an artist or year. There is a deleted scene in which Floyd references "I Ain't Drunk, I Am Just Drinkng" by Jimmy Liggins but Gid interrupts him before he can state the year.