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  • varun-sharma98919 January 2014
    One of my favorite Govinda movies. Can't get enough of it. Not to be missed even if you are not into the Govinda style of acting AKA over-acting, It might just be Govinda's best performance in a comic role.

    HMJ is one of those movies which you can watch sitting at home with a group of friends, N number of times. Great comic performances by Anupum Kher, Kader Khan, Sunjay Dutt, Paresh Rawal, the thin mobster guy, the fat mobster guy, Satish Kaushik! (Kunj Biharii), even shakuntala(bua- ji). Just feels like the entire movie was an improv. The actors looked like they were actually having fun. Loads of great one liners and dialogs.

    On my list of top comedy movies this one stands right on top with Andaz Apna Apna and Chupke Chupke.
  • The movie is really a roller coaster ride of fun with many sub plots.From beginning to end there is fun in every scene. Even though Govinda and Sanju are main characters in the plot he other characters also deliver fun.The movie is roller coaster of fun because every character has a funny moment which will always remain in our mind.Although the story is old and simple, it attracts everybody to watch repeatedly the movie.Govinda and Anupam Kher give their support to make this movie a funny one till end.The jokes are really fantastic.Lastly I want to say that Govinda's body language is best in this movie compared to previous movies.everybody mus purchase a DVD of this one and enjoy it frequently because this is a great stress reliever.
  • This movie has a very poor story, and a terrible direction. What makes the movie survive is Govinda's BRILLIANT comic performance as "chacha ji". Sanjay Dutt plays well, but Govinda takes the show. He is the best in the movie, and makes you laugh like hell. Nice movie to take away your stress... not only once, but every time you see it!!!
  • guardians20069 September 2008
    A great comedy film that really bring in the belly laughs with witty dialogs and fine comic timing from the cast, which adds to the fine performances seen in this screwball comedy. Kader Khan is perfect as the father and will provide the biggest laughs in this film.

    If you want logic in the comedy then don't expect this film to provide it. A movie directed by David Dhawan means for two and a half hours you have to forget the world we live in. The director provides us with his own world when the police are a perfect establishment, no-one is afraid of the Indian Mafia, where all the ugly guys get the good-looking females, and everyone lives happily ever after.

    Its pure escapism at its finest. His work in this film is close to the early works of Indian cinema's great director's Manmohan Desai, and Hirishkesh Mukherjee, thought not as good as it lacks some form of moral or purpose of its storytelling. Still it doesn't mean we can't enjoy it if it doesn't have any of those features! The film has a couple of fine song scores provided by Anu Malik which includes the aptly titled song 'What is Mobile Number.' Well I told you there is no logic in the film just pure fun and that is where the film scores big. A film which is India's equivalent (and improvement) to the British Carry On series.

    Millionaire Seth Amirchand (Kader Khan) has two spoil sons; Monu (Govinda) and Sonu (Sanjay Dutt). Both have become very lazy and are used to the rich and easy lifestyle. Their father decides to put an end to this by not giving them any more money. So both Monu & Sonu try to con their father through numerous pranks, which always backfires.

    Seth Amirchand decides to have the two brothers separated in order to have better control and more influence on their lives. Sonu is sent to his father's office in Mumbai while Monu is sent to Goa to collect an unpaid debt on his father's behalf. While in Goa Sonu meets and falls in love with Pooja (Pooja Batra). At the same time Monu meets Ritu (Karishma Kapoor), who is staying at a girls hostel while attending medical college, and falls in love with her. Both brothers doesn't know that Ritu and Pooja are sisters.

    When Sonu wants to marry Pooja he goes to her father Gulzarilal (Anupam Kher) to ask her hand in marriage, but scared of his strict father he tells Gulzarilal that his uncle will come instead making up some excuse why his father cannot come. But who does he find to play his uncle..? His brother Monu of course, who disguises himself as an older man.

    But realizing that his girlfriend Ritu is there, after completing college, Monu makes sure that he remains under disguise at all times so that his brother can marry. But what follows is identify crisis that will test the two brothers to the limit...
  • vjnambu2 March 2019
    HMJ was one of my favorite films in childhood such that me and my siblings rewinded its cassette and watched again. The biggest plus point is Govinda who is good as monu and impeccable as chacha ji. Also I loved Satish Kaushik's 'To sahiye' one liner. Sanjay dutt had nothing great to do in this one. Since it was before munnabhai, his comic timing was not put into test. Heroines have nothing to do.I loved two songs haseena maan jayegi and chitti pahad chade. The drawbacks I found was that the song placements were inconsistent and climax could have been better. On the whole I still enjoy watching HMJ just like when I was a child today.
  • This movie has the best written dialogues. Fantastic acting by govinda. I am a highly qualified medical professional so I am intellectually very sound but I still like to watch this movie every two months. Seen it more than 100 times. Laugh every time and know the dialogues by heart.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I was struggling how to rate this movie. In the beginning I had a feeling I would give this movie a 1/10. After the absurd and absolutely unfunny scene with the wallet I thought the movie will be total garbage. And actually it was such for about 1.5 hrs (which often is a whole movie length). But at the end some fun got added with Govinda dressing up as his uncle. The acting was not that great. At least not when it comes to the two main characters. They overacted big time. But one of them still got me to laugh with his dressing up as uncle parts.

    The dancing and singing scenes were pretty good. Although the meaning of them has to be overlooked to enjoy. Otherwise it is this weird pattern of old guys harassing young women and them falling in love with them at the end for no apparent reason. Weird. Another weird thing is that there are men who are 40 and don't look any younger being treated like they are very young men. What the hell is this about? Do they have no male actors under 40 in India? Do young actors just dance in movies until they are old enough to play a 20 year old who looks like it is timer to retire?

    Well I just give it an average for some special scenes which came at the end and kind of erased the memory of how horrible the beginning was.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    David Dhawan has never been known for being an original director and he always used to repeat the same formula. haseena Maan Jayegi with a title from a 1960s film, starring Shashi Kapoor and copies a subplot from Pyaar Kiye Jaa(1966) where Kishore Kumar dresses up as Shashi's rich father. He also mixes his own formula from Aankhen(1993) where 2 heroes keep troubling their father(incidentally played by Govinda and Kader Khan again). The film does have several humorous situations especially whenever Govinda and Sanju trouble Kader Khan, It does have it's share of corny moments like Govinda and Karisma romance. The subplot of Pyaar Kiye Jaa although is humorous and the scenes between Aruna Irani and Govinda are funny. The climax is funny though corny again.

    Direction is okay Music is decent, I Love You Bol Daal became famous,title song is good rest are okay

    Govinda is simply brilliant in his role as always, Sanjay Dutt is okay though he pairs well with Govinda, this was their comeback film after Taaqatwar,Do Qaidi and Andolan and was their first hit. Karisma Kapoor does her usual act which she repeated in DD films though she entertain,Pooja Bhatra is awkward Anupam Kher hams as always,Aruna Irani is good Ashish Vidyarthi,Razzak Khan are cartoonish villains and okay Kader Khan is hilarious though he repeats his stuff Satish Kaushik is too good,rest are okay
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This is one of those movies that makes you want to hit your own head with a rock for trying to sit through it. There is no plot. What is attempted as a storyline is a tale incapable of holding even a baboon's interest. And there are recurrent, periodic interludes of cacophonous braying that one later realizes were supposed to pass for songs. The inane attempts at comedy though are the coup de' grace.... They are what will finally make the viewer's brain shrivel and wither into a charred lump if he/ she actually makes it all the way to the end.