• Matthew Songs
    Written, Performed and Produced by Jim Huff
    Published by Coehill Entertainment
  • El Burkan
    Written by Hossam Ramzy
    Published by JW Media Music Ltd
    Courtesy of Morning Music Limited
  • I Keep Holdin' On
    Written by T. Leonard and A. Lerman
    Performed by Fathead
  • Lonesome World
    Written and Performed by Paul Kass
    Published by Ocean Ridge Music
    Courtesy of Parry Music Library
  • Good Vibration
    Written by Mladen Borosak and Tom Barlow
    Performed by Twigg
  • Naked in The Water
    Written and Performed by Michaela Foster Marsh
    Courtesy of Kavanaugh Music
  • Shine
    Written Rob Garnder, Kadru Gardner and Mike Thibeau
    Performed by Electrostatic
    Courtesy of Electrostatic Music
    By Arrangement with PEN Music Group, Inc
  • I Want You To Fall
    Written and Performed by Monica Schroeder
    Courtesy of Night Sky Records
  • Get You Some
    Written by Robert J. Walsh, Ronn L. Chick (as Ron Chick), Dennis Winslow
    Courtesy of FirstCom Music, Inc
  • Edge Of A Dream
    Written by Billy Livesay and David Graham
    Performed by Billy Livesay
  • Who'll Hold On (To My Heart)
    Written by Adam Daniel Stulberg
    Performed by Adam Daniel
    Courtesy of APG Music
  • American Triangle
    Written by Elton John and Bernie Taupin
    Performed by Elton John
    Published by WB Music Corp
    Happenstance Limited and Wretched Music
    Courtesy of Universal Music
  • What Matters
    Written and Performed by Randi Driscoll
    Published by Swim Swam Swum Music
    Courtesy of Dramatique Records