The film was earlier titled Jab Jab Pyar Hua. The audio soundtrack for the film was also released under that name. After the Kishen Kumar and Urmila film Prem Shakti was shelved, the producers of Jab Jab Pyar Hua opted to use the title.

Remake of the movie Manequin.

Released in quick succession after Dulaara and Raja Babu in early 1994. Distributors of Prem Shakti wanted to ride the Govinda/Karisma wave as this was their first film they signed together in mid 1991 but got delayed endlessly.

Puneet Issar and Nitish Bharadwaj, who play opponents to each other in film, have also been pitted against each other in Hindu epic serial Mahabharat, years before this film's release. Puneet Issar portrayed the role of Duryodhan and Nitish Bharadwaj played Lord Krishna. Like in the film, Nitish Bharadwaj was on the righteous side, while Puneet Issar played the antagonist in the series.