None of the actors or crew knew whom the real murderer was prior to the last scene being filmed. The actors and crew filming the scene had to sign a contract saying they would not reveal which one of them played the murderer, until after the movie was officially released.

Dan Rascone, the man who plays a news reporter in the movie, is actually a reporter with KUTV 2 News in Salt Lake City.

Although there is an actual place in northern Utah called Brigham City, the Brigham City depicted in the film is fictional.

When Wes orders the young men to go door by door in couples with pamphlets due the missing girl, there's a parallel on how, in LDS Church, the Aaronic Priesthood "prepares the way" to the Melquizedek Priesthood holders, who later go in couples door by door to search for evidence in every house.

Director Richard Dutcher shot several introductory scenes which were cut due pacing of the overall film.

Matthew A. Brown and Richard Dutcher also starred together in God's Army (2000).