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8 December 2015 | lamegabyte
| # 60 : Taylor Hayes (dvd)
I don't think I caught Taylor as a Penthouse Pet even if she has done several stunning pictorial in the period I was reading it : to be accurate, i have to list also the lost issues as well : June 1996 with Pam & a shoot with Taylor indeed, August 1996 with Alexis Christian, February 1997 with Monique Nobrega, March 1997 with Heidi Lynne, Girls of penthouse April 1997 with Gina Lamarca and for the french edition, GOP n° 8 July 1996 with Nikki Dial.... I rather think i discovered her in the same pictures but delivered on Suze Randall's website ! What i like with Taylor is her stunning face, small fit body and amazing appetite ! It's a fact that Taylor doesn't belong to the calm ones ! Sadly, i have never understood why she got such bony at a time and later did a come-back with ugly fakes boobs ! As usual, those babes are naturally beautiful and lost everything for nothing !

About this movie, it's the only one i have got with her : i think i ordered it because she was pairing with beautiful blonde Lexus and as the DVD is really awful, that explains surely why i didn't get a second : first, the disc is bad : the sound is almost inaudible, the picture is dark, blurry and the menu is the worst i have ever experienced ! Next, the movie is really so-so : it looks like a Spielberg production (« 1941 », « kick the movie » from Twilight zone movie) but it seems also a bit stupid : Grandpas sleeping with young nude women to dream about their past !! Worse, the sex is really feeble as i have never get hard ! Speaking of Taylor, she is dressed like Betty Boop, full of energy but she is badly directed, framed so totally wasted !

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