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  • I'd have to say this is one of the best animated films I've ever seen. I liked it the first time but really appreciated it on the second viewing, just a few weeks ago. I can see why sequel is doing such great business at the box office. Apparently, a lot of people liked this movie.

    A gorgeous color palette (man, this looks good) and a lot of good adult (but clean) humor make this a big winner. The opening 3-4-minute scene with "Scat," is excellent as are subsequent interludes with him. "Sid" the sloth (voiced by John Leguizano), however, provides the main humor in the movie. He usually has something funny to say throughout the movie.

    Ray Romano is the voice of the mammoth, the big character of the film, literally, while Denis Leary is the ferocious bad-guy-turned-good sabertooth tiger

    This isn't just humor and pretty colors but a nice, sentimental story of how a little baby softens up a couple of tough characters. This isn't interrupted with a lot of songs, either: one only brief one and there is nothing offensive, language-wise.

    If more animated movies were this good, I'd own more.
  • With a relatively small budget for an animated film of only $60 million the people at Fox Animation and Blue Sky Studios have done an incredible job.

    They have combined state-of-the-art digital animation, the perfectly cast voice talents of Ray Romano, John Leguizamo and Dennis Leary (among many others) to create a highly entertaining, family film with a strong message about cooperation, friendship and caring for your fellow herd members. And how sometimes it takes many different creatures to make up a herd.

    While watching this film I got a strong political message about getting along with the people that share your space -- maybe it should be required viewing for all world leaders!

    David Newman -- yet another member of the Newman family of Hollywood composers -- provides a superb score that is not intrusive yet serves to move the action along and, at times, is positively toe tapping.

    The overall look of the film is incredible; an intensely coloured, strangely believable fantasyland of snow, geysers, mud, rocks and ice. The individual characters were delightfully believable too, with the facial expressions of Ray Romano's ‘Manfred' being a particular treat.

    The entire sequence with the DoDos will leave no doubt as to where the expression `Dumb as a DoDo comes from.'

    This is a good family film that keeps the things that could alarm or frighten children pretty much sanitized -- but real nonetheless.

    It would be a great movie to see in the theater and to buy for home.
  • Excellent computer-generated animated feature that makes a case for one of the finest films of 2002. It is the frozen era and prehistoric animals try to find their way to land that is warmer and drier. An early group of human hunters become the hunted themselves as a group of sabertooth tigers begin to plot revenge. As an attack occurs, a small infant child is taken out of harm's way. Enter a kind wooly mammoth (voiced by the priceless Ray Romano) and a silly sloth (voiced by John Leguizamo) who find the young child and decide to return it to the humans. It appears that a sabertooth tiger (Denis Leary) is helping the duo, but his motives are devious as he is trying to lead them all into a trap of other sabertooth tigers. The film is another great animated piece of film-making that has important messages for the youngsters and is also highly entertaining for all audiences. 5 stars out of 5.
  • I first saw Ice Age in the Subiaco Cinemas when it came out, back in '02. I was only 13 at the time, but even then I liked it. It had some sort of warmth.

    We've had it on video for a number of years now and no matter how many times you watch it, it never gets boring. This is because of the one element which makes it different from all of the other 3D animations made at the time - The characters have no particular 'home' which they leave. They are nomads, and that's really refreshing and uplifting to watch.

    Also, each individual character on the surface, appear to be just putting up with each other, but they're really all good friends. As well, all of the characters have their own charms (even the bad guys). Sid the sloth is charming in his annoying, over-affectionate and naive sort of way. Manny is adorable in his depressed, reclusive character, and so on and so forth.

    Another great point about the movie is the beauty of the animation. All the environments and characters were modeled originally by clay, giving the film an artistic edge.

    Another aspect that adds to the feel of the movie, is that gender means very little. There are hardly any female characters, but you don't really realize that until after you watch it a few times and even then it has little effect on the way you view the film. Due to this, there's also no mention of a nuclear family which would really be pathetic in a setting like the ice age.

    All in all, Ice Age is a great movie and is proof on how much effort was put into 3d animations before Shrek 2 and The Incredibles came out.
  • In what amounts to a throw-back to the early, manually-animated cartoons, "Ice Age" chooses a very simple story around which is wrapped clever and exciting animation. Highly intelligent sabre-tooth tigers want to get revenge for the killing of one of their pack, so plot to steal the baby son of the human tribe leader. A goofy sloth (Lugiezamo) and a kind wooly mammoth (Ray Romano) rescue the child and attempt to find his parents, joined by a sly tiger (Denis Leary) who at first is planning to lead all of them into a corner so his tiger friends can help get the child back and eat the mammoth. But a series of events, and the tiger's being saved by the mammoth, causes all of them to "bond".

    The DVD is flawless. The Dolby surround sound is remarkably good, truly surrounding you with sound. The direct digital to DVD video transfer is as good, colorful, and sharp as the other recent ones like "Toy Story 2", "Shrek", and "Monsters Inc." There is a whole second disk of "extras" which take you through the whole animated film-making process. Also a short animated film "Bunny" which won an oscar in 1998. Plus another "short" which shows the little squirrel, 20,000 years later, in an ice block drifting onto a deserted island, and his pounding of a coconut into the ground triggering the continental drift which resulted in the present day continents! Very inventive and funny.

    Watching "Ice Age", my wife and I noticed that much of the action and pratfalls reminded us of the old "Roadrunner" cartoons. In the DVD extras the director mentions that those old cartoons of Chuck Jones were the insriration of many of the scenes. Yes, a throw-back to the old manually-animated cartoons, and a worthy tribute.
  • `Ice Age' emerges as one of the better animated films of recent years, cleverly designed and even more cleverly written. Scenarists Michael Berg, Michael J. Wilson and Peter Ackerman have devised a story set 20,000 years ago about an unlikely trio of companions who find themselves making a long trek through a harsh environment in an effort, ostensibly, to return a baby human to the tribe from which he has become separated. The triumvirate is made up of a deadpan, cynical mammoth, a wisecracking, over-the-top sloth (whose mile-a-minute mouth more than makes up for his legendary slowness) and a malevolent saber-tooth tiger, who learns a thing or two about friendship and teamwork before the adventure is over.

    `Ice Age' is at its most amusing in those scenes in which the characters make prescient jokes about their own place in the evolutionary scheme of things. One particularly clever scene involves the three travelers discovering what looks like an underground museum of natural history encased in ice, replete with ancient creatures caught in naturally occurring, chain-of-life exhibits. Like most animated films set in the past, `Ice Age' derives much of its humor through the use of anachronism. We chuckle to hear these creatures applying modern, scientific knowledge to the pre-scientific era in which they are living.

    The animators and designers have done a beautiful job in achieving just the right look for this tale. The backgrounds have a colorful, clean, streamlined look to them, and the animals themselves, in their appearance and design, provide a witty commentary on evolutionary history. Ray Romano, John Leguizamo and Denis Leary do superb voiceover work, each achieving just the right tone for the character he has been assigned to play. One could wish, perhaps, for a bit less sentimentality at the end, but that is a minor quibble in a film that works so well for both children and adults. The kids will revel in the cuteness of the animals and the clever action sequences, while adults will savor the sly knowingness of the evolutionary and historical in-jokes. Not bad in an era when most films can't find a way to please even ONE audience demographic.
  • SILV3R19 September 2002
    This is obviously aimed at the same market as Monsters Inc and Shrek, but is different in its less cartoony feel (despite the deliberately cartoony characteristics of the lead creatures). The story is not one that had a massive in your face moral at the end (its more like its tugging at your shirt sleeves) but chooses just to tell a story about relationships between different "animals." You know the outcome, but you can't help being drawn in.

    The characters themselves are far more than their voices (the advantage of less famous actors doing the voices), unlike most Disney movies. They are well rounded and completely believable, strangely. The group dynamics are brilliantly well presented and the character revelations and quirks are subtle and enjoyable. You will find yourself rooting for them far sooner than you would like to think.

    The animation is brilliant, as you would expect, and you will be praying for the opportunity to go on the ice slide in the movie. You will fall in love with the characters, especially the comic relief of the prehistoric squirrel and its desperate attempts to bury its nuts. I came out wanting the obligatory merchandise, especially the sloth toy, only to be disappointed the next day when I couldn't find anything vaguely related.

    Which, strangely, makes the movie all the more pure.

    Better than Monsters Inc or Shrek.
  • Just saw ICE AGE, a very funny and especially nice looking film. The story is simple but effective, the characters lovable and nicely fleshed out but what really shines is the digital set design.

    More inspired by traditional animated movies than reality, the designs give you a really, really nice looking world in a astounding use of colour. Sometimes the touches of reality shine through (especially the water was impressive), but nonetheless, it's a fantasy-world based on reality. Including loads of vast landscapes especially helps to minimise the costs of rendering.

    Pixar films shine with technical brilliance, this one shines with effective uses of technical know-how.

    Enough technical babble, the film's entertaining, family-friendly and sometimes just hilariously funny.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I'm always way behind the curve on these animated features, this one by about a dozen years. I don't know how that happens but time does go by. Maybe because I've seen so many films, I have to conclude that the story here wasn't very original or exciting, but on the plus side, young kids watching will probably get the message about teamwork, friendship, loyalty and integrity. Animation wise, I thought there was room for improvement with some of the characters but that was offset by the vivid use of color. I did get a kick out of the Tae-Kwan-Dodo bird gimmick, that was pretty funny. Overall, a passable story and recommended for the younger set, so if you have youngsters in the family, treat them by watching along side.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Being only a kid when I first saw this, I didn't know what to expect. I had never heard the name of this movie, and being brought into this world when classic animation was still "in" (and thankfully being brought back), computer animation was still new to me at the time. So, I went to the theatre having so-so expectations, and I walked out smiling. But... now I look at it today, and occasionally I find myself reaching for a tissue. The story is so well told that I found myself laughing at most of Sid's antics, and Scrat's, which have never gotten old for this movie by the way... ever. But, now being old enough to understand, I also found that the implied, but still tragic, death of Manny's family being revealed is one of the saddest moments in this beautifully animated film. Nonetheless, it is still a great movie that has an even better message for kids, and a few in-jokes for adults, too.
  • This was great. I liked it better than I did Shrek, by far. 'Manfred' and the Squirrel really take the cake here-excellant voice work, nice animation of the character faces, Denis Leary was a hoot too....with just the right amount of an edge, as is usual for him.

    Some of the vignettes-the Dodos, (You've got three melons), etc are right up there with anything Pixar has done. I also thought that the little montage of Mannfred's parent's(cave drawings come to life) were done well too.

    As for the messages-'Non-trad families are okay too-', people can work together, etc.-well, all are pretty obvious and all that-but it's not hammered home ala Disney, and you also don't have anyone breaking out into song, either.

    See it for the Mammoth and the squirrel, though the Sloth is fun too. Cute kid baby too, not far removed from 'Boo' in Monsters Inc.

    *** outta ****
  • lynzee19 March 2002
    I saw the movie with two grown children. Although it was not as clever as Shrek, I thought it was rather good. In a movie theatre surrounded by children who were on spring break, there was not a sound so I know the children all liked it. There parents also seemed engaged. The death and apparent death of characters brought about the appropriate gasps and comments. Hopefully people realize this movie was made for kids. As such, it was successful although I liked it too. Personally I liked the Scrat!!
  • rbn_lrk-13 November 2013
    Warning: Spoilers
    11 years had passed since the first Ice Age movie.

    A group of prehistoric species are gathered after a they had found human baby from a small village.

    Then the animals are going out to find the owners of the baby.

    But in the wilderness they meet enemies.

    Scrat the squirrel started here.

    From a little sidekick to a cult idol.

    The small squirrel is on constant hunt for his nuts.

    And at the end the animals delivers the lost baby to his parents.

    A big list of all stars actors are found.

    Some are Tara Strong I had not noticed at that time.

    If you like some retro CGI movies watch this movie.

    The movie was worth the Oscar nomination.

  • Generation after generation, Pixar and Dreamworks Animation has started to become very successful CGI animation companies creating such great hits like Toy Story (1995) a story about toys who come to life and face many villains and many dangers in lost of their adventures and Shrek (2001) about an ogre who is sent on a mission with his donkey friend to rescue a princess in an epic tale of pop culture references, but before they continue making more groundbreaking movies, Blue Sky Studios, a division of 20th Century Fox Animation, seems to be facing those two companies as they make their first debut in the CGI animation genre by making this their very first masterpiece from the past ten years, "Ice Age", a story about three Paleolithic animals named Manny, a mammoth, Diego, a saber-tooth tiger, and Sid, a sloth on an adventure to return a baby to the human tribe.

    Considering that I watched this a few times on video when I was little child after it's release in theaters in 2002 and still loved it even as a young adult, this film is the best non-Disney film that reaches the emotional levels as Pixar before Dreamworks' How To Train Your Dragon which also became a masterpiece in 2010 after this one.

    The story is very original with likable characters and includes touching and emotional scenes where Manny discovers that his kind were killed by the humans and I actually felt sorry for him seeing how we humans had done such a terrible thing in killing animals in terms of live-action and animation. It also has hilarious dialogue and laugh-out-loud comedy including where Diego and Sid try to cheer the baby up with Sid getting hit by Manny causing him to make a weird face which caused me to laugh my head off.

    The strongest aspects of the film are the animation and the voice cast. The visuals are lovely with the impressive look of the mountains and the look of the ice glaciers while having great character animation with the animation on the animals as the best. The voice actors are great. Ray Romano did a good job as Manny, Denis Leary did great as Diego, but I think John Leguizamo as Sid and the evil saber-tooth tiger named Soto (which is, in my opinion, the best non-Disney villain in an animated film since Rasputin from Anastasia due to his dark nature and intent on killing the baby) voiced by Goran Visnjic steal the show.

    The orchestra score from David Newman is also the strongest aspect of the film with a great opening sequence and a great song "Send Me On My Way" while having a mixture of drama, suspense, and emotion.

    Since this film became so popular it spawned two sequels with a fourth one coming this year, but not only that. It became a start of Blue Sky Studios' career in making other CGI films including Robots, Horton Hears A Who, and Rio and although not as compelling as this film, they were both enjoyable and fun. Since I still loved it, Ice Age will remain one of the greatest masterpieces of computer animation since Toy Story.
  • bsinc17 September 2003
    Warning: Spoilers
    Finally I got to see the infamous "Ice Age". Apart from maybe not being as dead funny as I'd hoped for after seeing the brilliant teaser there is not a bad word I can say about it. Sure, it's not as glamorous as a Disney production(besides, it is Fox's 1st attempt at a full length CG movie) but it's got immense heart and on some occasions(like the look in Manfred's eyes after we see the sad glimpse of his past) I found myself on the verge of tears. But when they reunited the baby with its father I just couldn't hold them in anymore. A movie that has no trouble walking on the thin line of sappy and cliché and manages to bring more than the best out of it; the end result being one of the most touching animated creations I have ever seen. Great funny looking characters that quickly grow on you(and great voice talents as well) and many funny memorable scenes, especially from Scrat's behalf make the movie more than enough reason to give it a go. Plus the Dodo scene, which is my personal favorite funny scene of 2002.

    I honestly don't get it, but for some reason it really looks like CG animation will be taking the upper hand in the future. But if it just means that there will be more movies like this one (and who can forget Pixar's creations) then I don't really mind, at least for now. 9/10
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I watched 'Ice Age'in the movie theater and I liked the movie. Spite of the fact that 'Ice Age'has many flaws and scientific errors,like humans,sabers,dinosaurs and mammoths living at the same period, and even the location of where the story passes(looks North America,but has some characteristics from Iceland for example) we can have fun even so.(unless you are very severe!)

    The planet is entering an ICE AGE, and many animals are immigrating to the south where is warmer. Sid is a stupid Sloth that is left behind by his own family, that can't stand him any longer.Walking in his way, he meets Manfred,or how he calls '' Manny'' a moody mammoth who does not care about extinction or immigration and is going to the north. Worried that he can easily be captured, Sid decides to follow Manfred, and in the middle of their journey, they found a human mother with her baby. The mother dies but Manfred and Sid decides to take him and return the baby for the humans. Diego, one of the sabers, decides to follow and help them to go to a shortcut to the human's camp. What Manfred and Sid does not know, is that Diego is from a saber clan who hates humans and wants to kill the baby, and also pretend to betray they both to make they become saber's food. What will happen, will depend of Diego's behavior and conscience...

    aka "A Era do Gelo" - Brazil
  • Ice Age is not only Animation of the Year (in my eyes) it's also the best animated feature I've ever seen!

    The teaser excited me last year and I've spent many happy hours on the website. Scrat is cool! And so are the rest of the Sub Zero Heroes.

    The animation is superb. Your heart really goes out to the characters in this film. They have good lines of dialogue and are well developed. It's hard to say which one really steals the picture.

    I experienced their journey with laughter, tears and amazement. Nothing was forced or over done. The emotion was genuine, especially in the dramatic second half. The last film to affect me this deeply was Anastasia in 1997, also a Fox Production. And before that it was The Land Before Time 1988. All possess real charm and seek to entertain all the audience, not just the cynics. 10/10
  • Around the early 21st century computer animated family films had really taken off. Through the recent hits of Shrek and Monster's Inc, people started seeing money in this business. So in Blue Sky's first ever animated film they may have not been very original but the film known as Ice Age has enough charm and laughs to be very acceptable.

    The film takes place in the Ice Age when a sabertooth cat, a sloth and a mammoth take in the care of a lost baby and attempt to return it to the humans who have lost it.

    Now the story is really a cross between Shrek and Monsters' Inc. In Shrek we have the lonely character (in this film is Manny) getting crossed in the path of a lovable idiot (Sid the Sloth) that is faced with a quest and in this film it's returning the baby. Returning the baby part is just like Monster's Inc. where the characters have to return a little girl back to her room. So really story wise the film isn't that original and it's not like a good homage, it feels a little too noticeable in places. Usually when a film does this it takes me right out of the movie but because of the characters and the funny stuff they get themselves into I can't help but ignore this "big" problem.

    The characters are the best part of the film. Manny the Mammoth is the lonely character that would rather be left alone then be bothered by anyone else. He doesn't like people (or the other animals) and he really doesn't want to deal with stupid things. Yet for an animated film he has a rather deep character with a dark past that is explored in more detail later in the film. But also he is really funny making the sarcastic remarks and other smaller jokes that is really funny. Ray Romano really shines in this part and makes a mark as a different character and doesn't play Raymond Barone from Everybody Loves Raymond.

    The next character is the stupid and lovable and funny Sid the Sloth. He isn't that deep of a character but he really doesn't need to be. All we need to know is that he cares a great deal about the rest of the characters and just wants to be accepted. Other than that he really is "the funny guy" and he is really funny. John Leguizamo creates a very memorable character filled with great jokes and gags and memorable lines.

    The final character out of the main ones is Diego the sabertooth cat (tiger)and he is another fantastic character. He is at first set up as the villain and throughout the film you can never tell whose side he is on but you can tell that he starts to care for the other characters. Denis Leary voices him and is a great talent and a great voice. He can be serious and funny at the same time and just like the rest gives us a great show.

    As a bonus we get a side character named Scrat. He is the Wild Coyote of our times. He presents us with no dialogue but a good dose of some fantastically funny slapstick humor that will always make you laugh. The character has nothing to do with the story and he is just there to give a few extra laughs and the character works.

    The humor is the film is very well done. It may not be ground breaking by any means and some jokes are recycled from other films but really the rest of it works completely. We get slapstick humor, smart humor and some plan old good old fashion jokes. All work well and should be enjoyable for every age group.

    There are also some good animated action sequences, some of them really fun (like the ice cave sequence) and some of them very tense and exciting. All of them of course have jokes in there even the more serious sequences with the exception of the fight at the end. These sequences are great for people of all ages and will be enjoyed by people of all ages.

    Another thing the film has is a lot of heart. Throughout the film you get this theme of family and love and even loyalty along with friendship. Parts where Manny's Character is explored more is very touching and might even come as a surprise. Also near the end where we finally see Diego as he true self is also very touching and well done. Also where the characters first save the baby after the rest of the humans lose it is also very well done. In fact this film was originally supposed to a Drama instead of a family animated film but Fox would not accept it as a Drama and wanted it to be a family film. But I think a lot of the Drama Elements still carried over to the final film without being in your face about it. The film has a lot of themes and really a lot of heart which is something that is missing is a lot of recent non-computer animated films.

    The animation on the film is really good too. It might not be as good as Pixar or DreamWorks buts it wasn't trying to be. The film has animation that looks very good and state of the art but it maintains a more classic animated film. So the animation is good but it's nothing grand and I think it works for a film like this.

    The Bottom Line is this is a very funny animated film that has some great animated characters and is very well drawn out and funny and even though the film sometimes feels like a copy of other films the film has enough charm and touching moments to make us forget about it.

    Final Score

  • "Ice Age" is one of the cartoon movies ever produced by Blue Sky Studios and released in 2002 as the company's first. We are introduced to the main characters: a squirrel named Scrat (voiced by Chris Wedge, AND PLEASE NOTE: the sound of Scrat's screams is the sound of Tom's screams from the "Tom and Jerry" cartoons), a woolly mammoth named Manny (voiced by Ray Romano of "Everybody Loves Raymond"), a sloth named Sid (voiced by John Leguizamo of "Titan A. E."), and a saber toothed tiger named Diego (voiced by Denis Leary of Pixar's "A Bug's Life").

    The movie opens with Scrat trying to bury an acorn and right after that, he caused an avalanche. We then see a herd going south for the coming Ice Age (except for Manny, who is going the other way looking for other mammoths that looked like him). Sid comes out of his cave yawning, and saw that his family abandoned him. He then pays toll with some aardvarks. Unfortunately, he gets pursued by Sylvia (voiced by Kirsten Johnston of "3rd Rock from the Sun"), a female orange sloth, who wants Sid to go migrating with her. Sid eventually teams up with Manny, and they became friends.

    Meanwhile, nearby a human tribe, Soto (voiced by Goran Visnjic), an evil saber toothed tiger, wants revenge against the tribe's leader for wiping out half of his pack just by stealing his infant son, Roshan, away from him. In the morning, he, Diego, and Soto's henchmen, Lenny (voiced by Alan Tudyk), Oscar (voiced by Diedrich Bader), and Zeke (voiced by Jack Black) attacked the tribe, but the leader's wife escaped with Roshan and gave him to Manny and Sid to look after. Eventually, Diego joins them, and went on a journey to return Roshan back to his tribe, who are also looking for him as well. Relax and watch the rest of the movie and find out, okay? Besides Manny, Sid, Diego, Scrat, Sylvia, and Roshan, the supporting characters in there including a pack of wolves that Roshan's tribe are using, and not to mention a fat female purple sloth named Jennifer (voiced by Jane Krakowski), and a skinny female yellow sloth named Rachel (voiced by Lorri Bagley), to whom Sid shows them Roshan as they relax in a tar pit. Incidentally, the two rhinos, Carl (voiced by Cedric The Entertainer of PDI's "Madagascar"), and Frank (voiced by Stephen Root of Pixar's "Finding Nemo"), who go after Sid for ruining their meal and confront Manny on a cliff, are simple minor characters. Same went for the dodos, who are using melons as their food supply.

    The gags in this movie are very funny. For instance, Manny talks through his trunk saying, "I'M NOT GOING!" When Jennifer and Rachel are out of the tar pit, Sid asks Jennifer "What do you say if we jump into the gene pool and see what happens?" Jennifer then responds to him, "What do you say if you go jump into the TAR PIT!?" Rachel also then kicks Sid in the waist. Sylvia sees Diego holding Sid by the neck with his teeth, then she asks Sid if he's holding his breath, tells Diego to eat him, and promptly walks off.

    Since "Ice Age" is not only a success, but it has 2 sequels: the first one was "Ice Age: The Meltdown", which was released in 2006, and the other was "Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs", which is going to be releasing next year. I can hardly die waiting to see what "Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs" will be like.
  • From the commercials and trailers, this movie looked pretty good. When I saw it at the theater, it was really good, much better than I ever would've expected.

    The animation is quite stunning. The story is good too, with plenty of good points about working in a team and overcoming hardships together as one.

    This is often compared to Shrek, while I think that Shrek is an entirely different type of movie. Even though the sloth in this movie does kind resemble the chatterbox donkey in Shrek, the two films are much different. Both films have great animation. The animation in Shrek is more colorful, while in Ice Age there is snow everywhere, so the main ground color is white.

    I'm sure most kids will enjoy Ice Age, even the 13 year olds will probably enjoy it too. People in the age area between 14 and 16 might think other wise.

    This is great, it is thrilling, enjoyable, and has a good meaning deep inside. This is one that, unlike many children's films, will probably entertain the whole family, and yes that does include teenagers.
  • Movie Nuttball16 November 2004
    This is a fantastic animated movie starring Denis Leary, John Leguizamo, and Ray Romano. Leary plays the Saber-Tooth Tiger Diego, Romano play the huge Wooly Mammoth, and Leguizamo plays the Prehistoric Sloth. All of these actors play these wonderful characters excellently! Each and every individual has a great personality and they look accurate and real. The animation is flawless! It crisp, clean, and clear! Just beautiful! Everything looks so realistic! The movie is hilarious as well. The bonus animated short called Scrat's Missing Adventure is a very funny treat! The music by David Newman is very good. If you are fan of the cast mentioned above and like the animated feature Dinosaur then I strongly recommend that you do what I did and buy this wonderful film today!
  • bikini_bottom_727 January 2006
    I thought that Ice Age was an excellent movie! As a woman of 30, with no children, I still seem to really enjoy these humorous, witty animated movies. Sid is the best character I have seen in some time, better than Bartok in Anastasia (although he was really humorous, and I did not think that his character could be matched or even beaten) and even more humorous than Melman in Madagascar. I have seen the movie at least 15 times (I own it obviously) and I quote the movie at work (on many occasions...yes,still). My favourite scene is the part where Sid says "Oh, oh, oh, I love this game!" and Sid and Manny continue to figure out what the squirrel is trying to tell them about the "tigers"..."Pack of wolves, pack of bears, pack of fleas, pack of whiskers, pack of noses, pack a derm?, pack of lies, pack of troubles, pack a wallop, pack of birds, pack of flying fish..." or however that part goes! That is THE funniest part about the whole movie, although I also really enjoyed the humour behind "putting sloths on the map" and many other parts as well. The only animated movie that can remotely compare to Ice Age is "Brother Bear".
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Spoilers herein.

    Overall, this is pretty ordinary product, all derivative and quickly forgotten. Not as meanspirited as Shek though.

    I found one sequence remarkable: the cave painting scene. It says something about the sophistication of our society when a cartoon aimed at 6 year olds has something this intelligent in concept.

    Here we are watching a cartoon, and at one point the cartoon characters watch a cartoon. Their cartoon is placed at the same distance of abstraction from them as they are from us. More, that cartoon tugs on the same strings as the one we are watching: parental loyalty in a situation of natural violence.

    We are growing a set of young minds that easily understand manifold selfreference and complex multilevel ironies. And that's good. No one could have done something like this scene even a decade ago.
  • Ice Age is a good movie, there is no doubt about that. As with most popular animation flicks, it appeals to all ages and has a decent enough mix of humour to keep all the family entertained. I loved Ice Age growing up and have memories of it being one of the favourite animated movies of all time. Having re-watched it at weekend, 7 or 8 years after previously viewing it, I felt a little flat. Sid seriously carries the film, many of the jokes and the majority of the dialogue comes through him. The supporting cast all do a pleasant job, Manny is entertaining and they do share some good chemistry but the film relies heavily on Sid's presence.

    I couldn't help but compare Ice Age to two very famous animated movies. The relationship between Sid and Manny and the unlikely relationship that they develop is reminiscent of Shrek and Donkey. The way they take care of the baby, taking him into their tribe, naming him Pinky and looking after him and getting emotionally attached as they search for his parents, reminded me too much of Monsters Inc. I don't know how I didn't see these comparisons in the past but upon recent viewing they were far too blindly obvious.

    With a run time of less than 1 hour 20 minutes, Ice Age really struggles with the pacing. It takes 20 or so minutes to introduce all the characters and get the plot in order then it flies through the next hour! We see scenes which could have added a little more depth - the drawings of Mammoths on the cave wall for example, this was brushed aside very quickly which I thought was a shame. I personally think Ice Age could have benefited with being 15-20 minutes longer.

    With the negatives that I have mentioned above being considered, I still think Ice Age is a very good film! It is funny, feel good, caring and creative. An aspect that I especially liked was that the animals didn't have a home, they weren't based anywhere, it was essentially a road trip. They moved from place to place, out of their comfort zone with only each other for support and guidance. I appreciated the message behind the story and enjoyed how the movie panned out as it progressed. The on screen relationship between Sid and Manny is very well done and Diego is a decent enough addition to the group. The story is pleasant if not a little clichéd and the comedy is a decent mix of slapstick and subtle humour. This is certainly the strongest film in the Ice Age franchise and certainly worth a watch!

  • Keeping up with the standard Disney fair, heartstrings are pulled, comic side kicks abound, and funny looking computer animated characters are created once again.. Is it any good? Well It seems to be fairly good for kids and adults alike..

    Take a tree sloth, a wooly mammoth, and a sabertooth tiger who end up adopting a child in hopes to return it to some humans tribe. While the animation looks great and some of the voices are a perfect match (particularly Ray Romano as the Mammoth), there is still a lot of formulaic plotting meant to sheepishly tug at your heartstrings.. The animation is quite good, particularly a running repeating montage involving a squirrel like character and his desire to crack an acorn throughout the film. There are also some pot shot humour that is clearly aimed at kids, (gags involving doo doo) and adults alike (We have to be the most screwed up herd in history)..

    So I guess all in all it turns out ok, but not a good picture, yet not a bad one either

    Rating 6.5 out of 10
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