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  • This tiny little film exists on the big screen just because of its cast (the convincing natacha Reignier and françois Berléand). Apart from them, the film is just hollow and empty. A bad direction which looks like a TV film's direction, intrusive mikes, a foolish editing and so tepid a story! The topic (the dark relationships between a daughter and her absent father) has been tackled so many times in the last few years in France. Here nothing prepares us to the tragic ending which is meant to grip us out of sleep before the end credits. The story is banal, trite and lacks a good screenwriter. The father's jacket which is found again 15 years later in the father's closet to confirm the relationship between them is a stupid pretext. Sometimes there are movies which should not be made. This one is one of those and it will rapidly disappear from the Earth's surface as if it had never existed. How fair!