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  • "Didn't I kill you once already, boy?" still cracks me up. If you're looking for reality, look somewhere else. If you are looking for some laughs while watching a group of impossible characters attempt what should be a simple task that turns out not to be simple at all; a quest that leads to getting shot, mutilated or run over by a truck (sounds horrible, don't it? It's a hoot) This is the movie for you.
  • This movie is great! Superb mental and physical comedy!

    Has the potential to become a real classic. Not quite black comedies like After Hours or Heathers, more subtle like Fandango. All in all, an excellent romp through the white trailer trash subculture.

    Jaime King is superb as the "in control" brat. Joshua Jackson becomes believable in this exaggerated fantasy. Excellent characters all around. Ryan Hurst is hilarious! DJ Qualls hilarious! Even a memorable performance by John Mellencamp.

    If I had one gripe, it would be to develop the character of Matthew Davis a little more. He starts out as somewhat of a run of the mill gay guy and transforms into a gun wielding, hero at the end. But kinda all in the background...

    To sum it up: See it!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I watched this one time on cable - and got hooked! There is something about Earl's dry and droll narration, about Baby's innocent dreams about moving to L.A. in time to be discovered as a Soap Star by sweeps week - it has a gentleness to its humor that does not seem forced and stereotypically "redneck." The whole crazy idea of Earl and Baby being brother and sister, of Tinker and Junior's robbing the liquor store, Sheriff Andy - in any other setting these would be played more for their "Hee Haw" moments than they are here - it is presented as being such a natural state of affairs that the story draws you in and you actually believe the whole stupid mess could happen the way it unfolds. Only at the end when the story reaches the final shootout do things really take such a fantasy turn as to leave you going "yeah, right."
  • What a surprise! Having read no reviews, I picked this film off of the shelf at Hollywood Video and was rewarded with an entirely enjoyable, funny, sweet, and overall entertaining film. The relationship between Earl & Baby is especially tender, refreshing and believable, while the performance by Ryan Hurst as Tinker is perfectly protagonistic (if that's a real word!) and amusing. Great acting by all, great screenplay, great directing, great everything. 9 out of 10 (because perfection is always impossible, but this film comes close: no belly-wrenching-guffaw-laughs, but like I said, entertaining). Rent it with the assurance of an evening's entertainment time well-spent.
  • melmartins27 October 2003
    I had no preconceived idea about this movie. I watched this movie and I was engaged from start to finish. I appreciated the smart dialogue and the fresh spin director David Semel put on what would normally be tired old stereotypes. I was so delighted with this film I logged on to IMDB to read more about it. I was surprised by the few unfair and harsh user comments, of course there are always a few that see the glass half empty, but for the most, the majority found this film as entertaining as I did.
  • i have to say different to most of the comments on this film that it is good. i like the humour used, and i laughed all the way though, even my little brother liked it. i think that is hilarious, and keeps the same style of comedy all the way through (unlike some comedies i know). i think that the funnest character in it was Junior, he was hilarious, and so dumb, i wanted him to win in he end. i do have to say that this is at 3 on my top ten list of comedies.

    also i must add that i would have liked a better ending (but i won't mention as i don't want to give it away), but it was OK. if only it would have been more commercially advertised and more people would talk about it then it would have more comments on it, and everyone (par some) would love it.
  • In the small town of Bennett, in Texas, the mechanic Earl Crest (Joshua Jackson) is a simple good man, who loves his stepsister Baby (Jaime King). She works as a waitress in a dining place, and aims to be an actress in Los Angeles, saving some money and planning to move with Earl to become a TV starlet. Earl's father was killed by a man, who promised to find Earl when he left jail, and Earl's mother married the father of Baby, who has been Earl's girlfriend since high-school. When the morons Junior (DJ Qualls) and Tinker (Ryan Hurst) steal the money and drugs by chance of a drug-dealer, Earl gets the robbery and keeps it in a locker, trying to save the retarded Junior from the possible wraith of the bandits, and gets involved in a confused situation, with two gangs trying to retrieve the money and the drugs. "Lone Star State of Mind" is a funny entertainment. There are many good jokes in the messed situations Earl gets involved to help his retardate relative. I liked this movie and laughed a lot. The beauty of Jaime King shines, and the cast is very hilarious. My vote is six.

    Title (Brazil): "Dinheiro e Má Companhia" ("Money and Bad Company")
  • This was such a gem of a find. My son and I rented it after seeing its trailer on two other movies. It looked funny, but I was not prepared for such a great piece of work. The story had twists and turns and it was rich with irony and wit. The acting matched the script to a tee. The characters were over the top where it was necessary and subdued when needed. "Tinker" (Ryan Hurst) was priceless and stole the show. Kudos all around to the cast and crew for creating such a great movie and making me laugh. This is a great movie to show to friends. I own it and cannot wait to show it to a few more of my friends. Everyone that has seen it so far have loved it. Get it and Watch it!
  • This is a great movie for a family night as long as the children are not too young. My parents and brother watched it a few nights ago and kept talking about it and quoting it so I had to see what all the fuss was about. Now I am quoting it constantly. The memorable quotes section definatly needs to be listed as an option on this movie. I honestly do not know why it has not been more popular. DJ Qualls is hillariously stupid! Give it a chance, it is a comedy, don't take it so seriously. I thought it was very cute that instead of cursing they actually said things like "'A'-holes". Loved it!
  • I've lived most of my life in Texas and Oklahoma and this movie is very authentic. I've watched it many times and appreciate the script and characters more each time. Many surprises and twists in this movie. All the characters are very unique and funny. The dialogue is very fresh and funny and the running gags are excellent. You'll see things in this movie that you've never seen before and they are FUNNY. The directing is very tight and fast-paced, yet sentimental, more movies should be directed like this. While it is over the top in some places that does not detract from the overall hilarity of the movie. I'm watching it now as I write this review and just heard another line of dialogue I hadn't noticed before, very funny.
  • i've come to the agreement that DJ Qualls has only been involved in enjoyable movies.. so far of his movies i've seen Road Trip, The New Guy, Comic Book Villans, Lone Star and Big Trouble, and every single one of them has entertained me like any movie should (especially Big Trouble!!).. but as much as i enjoy his work, he was only the second reason why i picked up this movie.. Jaime King was the first!! though i hate Slackers with an intense passion, i will still watch anything with her in it!! so when i saw this straight to DVD release (UK), i thought what they hey, it has King in it, along with Qualls, and other cast members i like, i'll pick it up even if i did expect a poor film, seeing how i had never heard of it before.. etc..

    but suffice it to say it's just one of those little gems you gamble on, that ends up making the rental worth it!! like one of those movies that comes on TV, and you just sort of get hooked in.

    Excellent casting, good direction, nice characters, and a fun and simple story that all makes for just one good movie!! it's as easy as that! i bet even people who hate Joshua Jackson will like him in this!!

    if like me you watch a LOT of movies, from Disney to Slasher, and really know bad from good, and truly know how to percieve movies before seeing them, then trust me you'll enjoy this... pick it up at blockbuster, a good few bucks well spent for a couple of good laughs and a nice simple story that never gets boring!! considering how many mainstream movies i see which don't amount to much, except $10 and a bucket of popcorn, good old fashioned fun films like these i'd welcome any day!!

    Jaimie King is just the icing on the sweet pudding!! rent with no hesitation!
  • foxinsocks221 August 2004
    This is one of those movies that gets funnier every time I watch it. There's so much to get that I didn't catch the first time around ("Move to California and watch the sun rise...") I find myself quoting it all the time, especially Junior ("I ain't dumb... you're dumb," "this here phone's better than a panicky finger any day!").

    It's even funnier if you're actually from a small town in Texas. There's a real life version of every character in every small Texas town.

    If you've only seen it once and didn't like it, see it again. If you haven't seen it before, watch it ten times in a row.
  • Chroja3128 January 2004
    I watched this in the early hours of the morning and it was hilarious. I wanted to see this movie because I really like Joshua Jackson and I had seen a trailer online that was amusing. From the very beginning, I was laughing uncontrollably. Everyone is the cast is funny, especially Ryan Hurst and DJ Squalls as Tinker and Junior. It's a small film that many people probably haven't heard about but I really enjoyed it. Definitely can be watched again and still be really funny.
  • I came across this movie when I looked up Ryan Hurst, who played Tinker. I waited and waited for it to come out. Finally it did. I rented it.

    This is by far the funniest movie I've seen in years. I think what makes it so funny to me, is the fact that the characters are like a lot of people I know. Even my Dad liked this movie. He fell off the couch laughing a couple of times. I was extremly surprised at the accents of the characters in this movie. In most movies that take place in the south the accents are overflushed and stressed, but not in Lone Star. The accents are perfect. Junior is definatly the funniest character in the movie, following close behind him is Tinker, and then Jimbo, and then Earl, and then Wayne, Baby's Dad. Baby at times was a little sappy, but comedy stamped out the sap and Baby's sappiness was eliminated, if you know what I mean. It was a funny movie and I suggest you see it right away. Oh, and here's a piece of advice, don't eat while your watching this movie.
  • Boyo-224 January 2003
    I realize this was never going to break any box office records or receive 10 Academy Awards, but so what?

    I really liked this movie. Sure its silly, but doesn't that have its value too?

    Joshua Jackson is talented enough to keep the whole thing together. James King makes up for a lousy performance in "Pearl Harbor", and ditto Matthew Davis for the same movie. Here he plays Jimbo, who is gay and I can honestly say he gives one of the least stereotypical performances of a gay man I've seen in a long time.

    I liked it a lot. I've seen it twice so far and would happily watch it again. 9/10..really!
  • kruithoff200122 July 2006
    Well I think that this movie is absolutely hilarious. It had my entire family and all of my friends that I have had watch this movie rolling on the ground and laughing through the whole thing. I give props to the writer and director for making a movie that can keep people nonstop laughing. And I'm sorry to the people that cannot laugh at this movie it must be hard to live life with your head stuck up your butt. Maybe it's my ability to relate to the people in the movie. I have family down south and northern United States that act like this. But my English professor even laughed when she watched it. So there is nothing wrong with getting in touch with your hillbilly side and cracking up at this movie.
  • tbixby25 January 2006
    This Movie is a must! Don't let the cover fool you. This is one of the funniest movies I've ever seen. You'll laugh so much you will find yourself having to rewind just so you won't miss anything. The funny lines just keep on coming. After the first 5 min you won't be able to turn it off! Every time we have company we insist that our guest see the movie. Another really nice thing is there is very little cussing and no nudity. So mixed company is OK. I was even able to watch the movie with my elderly parents and my children without feeling uncomfortable. Everybody should own this one. We do! One more thing, try and guess who the character "TINKER" is? You won't believe it!
  • I thought Lone Star State of Mind was hilarious - and coming from a Texan, that's a mighty fine compliment. See y'all, most movies of this caliber make Texans look like a bunch of backwater hillbillies. (No offense to backwater hillbillies). But Lone Star State of Mind takes you on a ride through every stereotype and urban legend that makes Texas such a unique place. Everyone in Bennett Texas has a story and they all evolve around levelheaded good-guy Earl who is hell-bent on living up to his promise to his sassy star-struck fiancé, Baby. He told her he would keep her cousin Junior out of trouble. A tall, tall order. Cause Junior ain't got the sense to avoid the dumbest, just released, ex-con, soon-to-be criminal in the world, Tinker. And using maxi-pad mask they rob a pizza dude which inadvertently gets them mixed up in Texas-style drug lord's business. And Earl keeps getting shot, which make Baby real angry so she runs over Tinker.

    It's hilarious! And it makes fun of us Texans just like the rest of them. But it does it without being insulting – so much. Sad to say, I've known someone like each person in the movie. Like our ad says, 'Texas, it's a whole other country.' Why don't you visit and try our Lone Star State of Mind?
  • I had never heard of this little movie when I saw it on the rack of the rental store, but after reading the back of the case, I decided to give it a go. After plugging it in the player, I winced a little at the beginning, wondering what I had gotten myself into, but ended up laughing harder than I had in a long time as the movie progressed. Though some of the humor comes close to imbecillic, I really enjoyed the whole thing. The relationships, the misunderstandings and the ironic situations are all wonderfully scripted and acted, and as the movie progresses, you really find yourself rooting for the stars of the movie to have a cliche happy ending! Perhaps not everyone's type of show, I enjoyed it immensely
  • Enchorde26 September 2008
    Warning: Spoilers
    Recap: Earl is a good man, but there are some peculiar circumstances. For instance he is dating his stepsister Baby (but hey, they began dating long before their parents did so...), and they're very happy. However, Junior, Baby's cousin, comes with her, and Baby has charged Earl with looking after Junior. Which is not easily done, as Junior has a talent to get himself into trouble. Now he's outdone himself, as he stole a bag full of drugs and money. At the same time Baby and Earl has decide to move, so suddenly Earl must solve everything, by Tuesday!

    Comments: This is a real fun movie. Not hilarious no, but there is no slow moments anywhere. Between Earl, Baby and Junior there is always some new twist, some new development around the corner. For us viewers, that means something to watch and keep track of every moment.

    And yes, every twist and turns brings something new, something fun. But it goes to hilarious. It is a very good movie, but for all new developments, it never goes to great. Some plot turns are all to obvious, including the ending, and the jokes are a lot of the same.

    But still I enjoyed it very much. Well worth watching! 7/10
  • This is a great movie. Although it has some stupid slapstick, the plot moves along fast enough to keep you into it. Joshua Jackson's Texas accent is actually believable, and DJ Qualls is hilarious as the stupid cousin of Earl's (Joshua Jackson) girlfriend. Also, pay attention to the lines spoken by Tinker (Ryan Hurst). I almost fell over laughing. I have watched this movie five or six times and it gets funnier everytime!
  • Small town Texas mechanic Earl Crest (Joshua Jackson) is a simple man living a simple life with his girlfriend Baby (Jaime King) who also became his stepsister after their parents married each other. Earl had witnessed his father being killed in a bar when he was a boy.

    Baby is a waitress who dreams of becoming an actress in LA and they have saved up to move there and hope to make it big.

    Events take a dark turn when his dim cousin Junior (DJ Qualls) and his slimy friend Tinker (Ryan Hurst) steal money from local mobsters and Earl gets roped in to save his cousin Junior. Things get confusing as Tinker is double crossing them and a rival set of gangsters are also after them.

    Lone Star State of Mind is a southern black comedy with a lot of clichés and a few inverted ones such as the tough gay friend. Unfortunately it has paper thin characters, too many stereotypes and wants to be a left field violent comedy like Raising Arizona. There is a tacked on ending but even that is predictable. Still its sporadically amusing and remains watchable.
  • This is one of the funniest movies I have ever seen. I live down south and find myself quoting this movie all the time. Watch this movie if you want to laugh so hard you might pee. Do not watch this movie if you are trying to break a world record for not laughing and only have 90 minutes to go.

    A great cast complements a script and this one was perfect. I've talked friends and family into watching this movie and everyone that's watched has told me it really is one of the funniest movies they have seen.

    There is some partial nudity and adult situations it may not be for everyone but I've shared this with folks I go to church with and They thought it was funny and in good taste.
  • "Lone Star State of Mind" is all about Joshua Jackson's character who spends the whole run trying to return drugs and money to the rightful owners while his girl friend (King) is trying to convince him to move from their Podunk, Tx home town to L.A. The film derives its comedy from a hatful of kookie characters who get into silly situations while good old Joshua calmly takes a bullet here and a bullet there without letting it spoil his day. A silly little flick, "Lone Star..." may have some appeal to some folks but taken as a whole is a pretty shabby film product with marginal entertainment value at best. (C-)
  • Everybody is talking about Earl and Baby, but how about Killer?!?

    Thomas Haden Church's haunting "I'LL KIIIIIIILL YOOOOOOOU!!!" is played many times throughout the movie! Plus, we see Thomas in flasbacks, we see his eyes in the rear-view mirror of a truck and finally during the gunfight, he's THERE!!!

    Once potrayed as a dark character, suddenly he says in his normal wacky, ducelet, basso Thomas Haden Churchian voice- "...oh, heh-heh, gun!".

    Thomas didn't have a heck of a lot of screen time, his character Killer is one to remember.
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