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  • Whenever people are talking about Aika, the first things I get to hear are complains about panty shots, wannabe porn, wannabe hentai etc. Well, I guess for the vast majority of viewers, Aika is indeed nothing more than this.

    However, a few will like the show, but for others things: The story is absurd, but funny and fast paced (I emphasize this because all the other Animes I've been watching so far seemed quite boring after some time). The characters are rather likable, except for Hagen and his sister, nobody is completely unappealing. There's a lot of violence in the show, but almost nobody gets killed and even seriously hurt (I really appreciate this in a action movie). Most of the characters are rather beautyful and some even admirable.

    But the main reason for me to love Aika is the fact, that some of the characters even develop some deeper kind of identity. I mean, it is obvious that the creators didn't intend to make more than a simple action flick with only two dimensional characters. But nevertheless some of the characters seem to grow when the show is going on, and some of them I really learned to love (especially the White Delmo couple and the Golden Delmos).

    In my opinion, the second series ("New mission", trial 5 to 7) is far better than the first, because it's less harsh but more entertaining (with these terrible Hagen and Nena being replaced by the much more appealing Miss Bianca and her crew).

    Whether you enjoy the show or not, it's quite a matter of taste. However, there's more than just panties in it.
  • Agent Aika plays like an animated Russ Meyer movie. It's perfect 1:00 AM entertainment and great way to play 'count-the-panties' (you won't be able to keep up). I suggest watching the subtitled version, as the dub verges on unlistenable. Just kick back and have fun with this flick. DON'T TAKE IT SERIOUSLY!!!!
  • michael-102019 November 2006
    This is a satire of all the sexist nonsense from female-hero anime and carries over to a lot of female-hero films you see today.

    Sexist camera angles are taken to extremes in this series, actually to the point of being funny rather than annoying like they are in so many productions. The transformation into a magical form that so often includes a hint that the person might be naked midway through now not only leaves no doubt but the machine causing the transformation actually grows hands and starts pulling clothes off her.

    Not that women are the only objects of ridicule in this. The evil mastermind come creepy voyeur is so camp he should be teaching a masterclass in the subject.
  • ... and what it is mostly is an exercise in finding excuses for gratuitous lingerie shots, masquerading as a female-oriented spy thriller. To that end, most of the characters are young, female and attractive and involved in a lot of wild and occasionally skirt-raising action. The baddies have a literal army of short-skirted minions, viewed typically from a low angle, while our intrepid heroines seem to have great trouble finding clothes that can hold together in the whirl of battle.

    It's all rather silly and obvious, but it's well-drawn, decently plotted and good-looking entertainment for what it is. Just don't expect Lupin III, and get ready for more fan service in the first half hour than in a whole season of any other show.
  • If you like panties you will like Agent Aikas escapades.

    I was laughing so hard by the end of the first episode because of the relentless panty shots...I loved all of the panty shots...every last one. Even the evil guy who commands the huge aircraft carrier like vessel has his chair sunken in to the deck so that he can look at all of the beautiful pantied bottoms of the hot little sweeties under his command. Oh yeah...the story line is pretty good too, typical secret agent/bad guy/try to rule the world stuff with lots of shooting, explosions and fighting.

    This series is just silly fun, and to make anything else of it is a waste of time. Don't gripe, just watch. At least it's not as bad as The English Patient.
  • IkuharaKunihiko29 April 2005
    Sometime in the future. In Japan two friends, Aika and Rion, are digging for lost treasures in the sea with a help of their submarine. The job is not doing too well. But one day their paths cross with an evil madman called Hagen who wants to destroy the earth with a help of strange substance called Lagu. His goal is to save himself ( and a lot of women ) in a spaceship before the catastrophe and to rebuild the world later...with his children. Of course, Aika and Rion will stop him.

    Now, what to say about "Aika"? It's nonsense, but it's an amusing kind of nonsense. The people who claim this is "the worst anime in history" are exaggerating it a lot. The sci-fi action story is one huge fun ride in which you just have to relax and enjoy because it has many highlights: gadgets, spaceships, a bad guy who has a love relationship with his sister, a charming girl with glasses...


    Yes, the story has too much "fan service"( camera angles are always placed on the ground so they can catch the slips of women )but at the same time the characters are just so sweet you are willing to forgive every flaw. Just look at Rion. In one scene she is captured by the evil Hagen in a spaceship. Every crew member is a woman. Suddenly Hagen offers Rion a valuable role in the new post apocalyptic earth if she agrees to have his children( just like every crew member agreed ). But Rion gets furious beyond words and, among others, says: "You men are all the same! You just want one thing only!" I found that to be hilarious. I'm still not too fond of Aika's diadem that creates some kind of a super-woman out of her( although Rion likes it claiming she looks like a super hero )and leaves the story too sci-fi driven."Aika" is a weird comedy but it works.

    Grade: 6/10
  • The thing that brought me to Agent Aika was a clip showing Rion yelling at another character.

    I have never in my life seen a worst dubbing job. We talk about how the person sounds like they grabbed an intern and just had them read a script, but we're usually exaggerating to make a point. But Rion seriously sounds like she is voiced by someone who has never done this before.

    Basically there is a scene where Rion looks like she's freaking out, but the voice actress doesn't sound like she is in an advance state of panic like the animation suggests.

    The story is basically is that climate change has flooded the world and man lives on the remaining land masses. Our heroes Aika, Rion, and male lead whose name I forget are hired to do some industrial espionage.

    Then they fight sexy ninjas... actually I don't know if they're supposed to be ninjas but enemies who appear out of nowhere in impractically short skirts. I don't think there is a scene where you don't get at least one pantie shot.

    The series only get's more insane from there. I won't spoil the bad guy's evil plan... but it is so stupid and environmentally pretentious that I wonder if this was meant to be a parody. This was the same guy who made Projet A-ko, but Project A-ko was originally meant to be a hentai and he did make many others. I'm saying this is either a work of genius or unintentional gold.

    I would only recommend for long time otaku because for new comers this series will likely only confirm your suspicions that anime is for perverts.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    It's not supposed to be good, for God's sake! The only reason anyone should consider watching this, is if they enjoy watching hot anime chicks run around and beat up some bad guys. The story sucks. The 'acting' sucks. Nearly everything sucks, except it is some of the most beautiful anime I have seen. If the girls didn't look so good, Aika would be totally unbearable to watch. You might as well turn off the sound.

    If your only idea of good anime is, for example, Fullmetal, Gundam Wing, DBZ, Sailor Moon, Naruto, or other 'good' series (depending on your opinion), don't watch Aika. Ever.

    Aika is definitely not Hentai. But it's pretty darn close. Let's just say that a teenage boy would definitely not want to watch this if his mother is around. Unless they have some strange family relationship.

    If you like Aika, I recommend you check out Knights of Ramune.
  • Well, all I have to say in regard to this film is that it isn't worth watching. Its a manga cartoon that verges on hentai but fails to be either. This film is a disgrace to the genre, so of which I am a big fan, but attempted cartoon porn is simply neither here nor there. it is not worth wasting your time to watch this movie.
  • There isn't too much to say about Agent Aika, just that is the worst anime that I have ever seen: Unjustified hentai, silly comedy, bad history (excpet the first four parts), the same music, and the characters are the least expressive of the entire Planet.

    I recognize that I have been doing just bad critics to some movies, but this program deserves it. I just wish that a rebel-like character, handsome, seductive, young (Not like Shutaro), and imprudent, everything will be different, but No. Some of the faces expressions are idiot, and there are not other emotions

    ¡I HATE RION. NEINA... NEIVIA ¡¡¡WHATEVER!!! AND SHUTARO, AND GUST: The Worst anime character of all!

    I have a lot of questions for the creators:

    * 1. ¿Have the upskirt scenes a purpose? * 2. ¿Was The bad screenplay intentional, or a creepy mistake? (Just like Lisa). * 3. ¿Why the hell is a character like Shutaro? * 4. ¿Is there a complex and "attention-worthy" character, expecting for Rion's father? * 5. ¿Did you take arts classes? * 6. ¿Is the creator some kind of pervert? * 7. ¿Whay there isn't a respectable male character?

    Well.. Actually there are: Bandra and Rion's father, but...

    * 8. ¿Why they don't have a more influential role? * 9. ¿Wht did you make this anime? * 10. ¿Did Rion had to be a "playboy" too? (At least you could make her smart) 11. ¿What's the point of the second lesbian scene? (Sarcastic, don't listen to me)

    Don't get offended, but you wasted a good chance for showing your talent with "Agent Aika". Next time, try to watch good anime like "Cowboy Bebop".