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2 June 2011 | lor_
OK loop carrier with Eva Henger
Joe D'Amato and porn star Eva Henger teamed up for over four hours of hellfire in a 3-part video called Hell's Angel. Its credits are garbled (this part 3 was issued with no actors credited at all), but I'll be reviewing them in their U.S. DVD incarnations.

This part 3 was re-christened THE DEVIL'S LAIR (other entries circulate as DEMONS OF LUST and THE SEVEN SEXY SINS). Wraparound footage consists of Eva in Hell with two shapely gal pals, all sporting horns and lookalike makeup job, with cheapo dry ice serving as SPFX. All that's missing are costumes from Ricky's.

The English-dubbed patter Eva speaks is repeated, not only from video to video, but even within the same disk. She rambles on about 3 types of sins, ordinary lust, more serious stuff (greed, sloth, jealousy), and then the peak sins, which she never gets around to demonstrating. Whoa!

This doesn't sound promising, but what makes it work is the featuring of Eva in many of the porn vignettes illustrating specific sinning, and also the surprising continuity between the vignettes.

First sin on display here is sloth - indolence and laziness. Eva and a gal pal go for a massage from two hunky masseurs. They get the full treatment (fellatio, anal sex, money shots), but the trick is that cameraman Joe D'Amato focuses almost exclusively on Eva, not the other girl.

For part two this goes one step further as the masseurs work together in troilism fashion on Eva, yielding a double penetration.

Third vignette is called Day of Wrath, in which Eva throws out a busty girl for making it with her man. She humps him while the other girl masturbates voyeuristically.

Anger & jealousy rear their ugly heads in Part Four, as Eva blows a gasket when she finds a friend with hooker and another guy going at it in her house -they were supposed to be taking care of the place as house sitters. She storms outside and has sex with a stud on a picnic table.

Pride is #5, specifically "self-love breeds scornful contempt". Frank Gun is sitting nude on his bed reading a book, and a busty girl gets dressed and leaves in a huff, rightly feeling neglected. (Not sure what the book was to make him ignore her.)

A dinner party with two couples has all sorts of jealousy and infidelity as the subject matter with Frank being too frank, as he casually admits to having sex with Sarah, the other guy's wife. Sarah and hubby make up, and I lost the point of this rather convoluted vignette.

Sixth episode has Gun screwing Eva on a stairway with plenty of quantity to the money shot, followed by Eva putting the guy down and splitting. "Sex is like baloney!" she declares, or is that "bologna"? This Italian video has poor English dubbing so it doesn't really matter.

Finale has the theme: "desire can suffocate pride" (again, way over my pay grade). Eva brings coffee to Sarah's hubby and they have sex in the kitchen. After some anal action and another copious money shot she's back in Hell, declaring "Pride has brought me here, for eternity".

One wonders where Mighty Joe D'Amato ended up after throwing off the mortal coil. After watching enough of these porn videos, I suspect he was hoping for a hot climate. I guess only Matt Damon and Clint Eastwood know for sure.

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