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  • pauly_na244 January 2008
    Warning: Spoilers
    For those who have not read the book this movie will explain the history of Juan Del Diablo, and Monica Molnar but not plentiful in the romance. For those who have read the book will have no problems in seeing the movie because it is, in much the adaptation of the first book called "Corazon Salvaje", however one takes the illusion that it will be tell the whole story, in the end it seems that they put everything together, just to put faster the letter of "the end", summarized in the history of Aimee and Renato and minimizing the relationship of Monica and Juan Del Diablo. As for the performances, one can not speak much about the character of Renato (Rafael Bertrand), it is almost zero, about Aimee , Christiane Marte, act as the essence of the character, hypocritical, a Villain. Martha Roth is a good Monica, submissive, at the beginning Monica is like that, in the end takes strength, but certainly whom i seemed the best is Carlos Navarro who interprets Juan del Diablo, he does it with great grace, strength, is a crook, as might be a pirate, the film is passable, but certainly i am and i know that so much people too, still waiting for a good adaptation of this love story.