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  • SoulxSide21 October 2001
    Warning: Spoilers
    Wow... what a beautiful film. Sure - it had some problems, but overall I have to admit that I liked it alot. If you've ever seen Frequency (with Dennis Quaid), the premise will seem familiar to you. However, this film doesn't focus on the same things. Where Frequency was more of a "guy's movie", Ditto was more of a romance/drama/girl's movie. Even so - I liked it more than I did Frequency. Just to warn you - the following may contain some slight spoilers (depending on your definition of a spoiler), but nothing that would ruin the experience for you.

    Ditto is about two college students (a young boy and a young girl) from different times who (due to some strange and unexplained phenomenon) are able to communicate with each other by way of ham radio. They don't realize they are in different times at first... They go to the same school and agree to meet at a certain location. They both show up, but since they are in different times their paths don't cross. After talking for awhile - they figure out that they are indeed talking to each other despite the fact that he is living in present day Korea (2000) and she is living in a very different (war torn) Korea circa 1979.

    Now - the romance isn't quite between these two characters as one would think... if I explain too much it would give away the surprises...

    The production values are top notch - the film and transfer look beautiful - as they should - but exceptionally so. The cinematography is outstanding. There is some great use of color throughout the film - especially in the beginning. The music is tranquil and beautiful and fits with what's being shown. As with most Korean films, this one is very stylish. Not so much in a commercial way - but in an artistic way. I found a few scenes to be too slow - plenty of slow motion shots... a few were unnecessary, but overall it added to the tone of the film.

    It is a slow moving drama, so don't expect any of the excitement from Frequency. There are no murders to thwart or dead mothers to bring back. It still manages to be a powerful film though. I can't recommend it enough actually. It's certainly not for everyone - but if you like drama/romance - you're in for a treat with this film... as long as you can handle films with such a leisurely pace.

    I should add that the acting is good - there are a few characters that are a bit one dimensional, but since they aren't pivotal to the main storyline it's forgiveable. I'll be honest here as well and say that it didn't end the way I wanted it to - still, I was satisfied with the ending. After almost 2 hours, I was wanting to see more. I like films with a time-travel theme, so I was excited to see it in the first place.
  • ayu19905 February 2006
    This film had a beautiful beginning and ending to it. The storyline had an intriguing plot to it: A girl called So-Eun in 1979 gets a radio and a guy called In Ji from 20 years later contacts her. They get to know each other by talking on the radio and arrange to meet at the clock tower, which they find to be impossible. The film has some beautiful scenery in the beginning and end as well. So-Eun's hospitalized friend was cute and funny and they were friends until So-Eun found out what lay ahead. The story itself was cute, sad, and humorous, mostly sad and beautiful I'd say. Sad because of what So-Eun finds out, and what goes on between the future guy and the girl of the past, but beautiful.
  • I too am surprised this gem currently only has 7 stars.

    This movie is a perfect example of our universal shared understanding of the nature of attachment and love. The classical music score and the sound of the voices of the young actors transcend the language. The underplayed but extremely moving acting leaves us wanting to know more about these people. We are hugely on their side.

    This is the antithesis of a movie chock full of plot and devices; it is rather bare-bones perfect in the references it makes. It's all done with acting and camera-work, and pacing. What we don't need we don't get. It's like a minimalist Shakespeare play.

    What you *will* see are a collection of moments that just tug at your heart.

    Expect this movie to stay with you for a long time.

    What a great actress!
  • xlovexpopx10 August 2007
    Warning: Spoilers
    *May contain spoiler, but I don't really know...* I absolutely loved Ditto. The only real problem was the choppy translation, in my opinion. Otherwise it was very beautiful and I think you can really connect to the characters emotions.

    Ditto isn't the ordinary romance or drama movie. It's about Jeein, who is from 2000, and Yoon Seoun, who is from 1979. They start talking thru a HAM radio and develop an interest in the fact that they might actually be in different time periods. It takes both of them a while to realize what's actually happening and the romance isn't even really focused on the two of them. Considering the story behind Jeein's parents and Seoun I'm starting to think that the radio Jeein had may have actually been the one Seoun was using to talk to him. If you think about it, it could make sense. Really the two main characters don't seem to have that much to do with each other, but I think in some ways they fell in love. It's a very powerful movie, even made me cry, but I really enjoyed it. Although it moves pretty slow, I didn't mind because it gave me a lot of time to think about the story.

    After watching this only 15 minutes ago, I feel moved and I know that this is one of the Korean titles I'd like to own. It's not at all about sex, because it really focuses on human relationships and emotions. I thought it was very sad and it kind of proves that when you're in love with someone and it doesn't last...You'll always remember either way.

    Hint: Netflix is a good way to get a hold of it for quick watching.
  • It's been almost fifteen years since this South Korean romantic drama was released, and yet, even now, it has lost none of its poignancy. In 1979, So-Eun (Kim Ha-Neul), a university student, by chance, stumbles upon a ham radio whilst attempting to capture the attention of Dong-Hee (Park Yong-Woo), a fellow student she strongly admires. In order to convince Dong-Hee that her appreciation for the ham radio is legitimate, she begins to converse with a young man on the other end, Ji-In (Yoo Ji-Tae), a fellow student attending the same university, however, 21 years into the future, in the year 2000.

    Although neither of them is capable of initially believing that they happen to inhabit different periods of time, they begin to have a profound affect over each other, and in so doing, shape their characters and lives. So-Eun's sweet friend Seon-Mi (Kim Min-Joo) and Ji-In's occasionally inebriated, yet charmingly caring friend Seo Hyun-Ji (Ha Ji-Won), equally believe the distance in time to be nonsense, but as events begin to slowly become even more realistic, the question of whether the changes that commence are actually for the better, begin to plague the leads.

    The characterization is certainly impressive, distinct impressions being made that help the audience clearly identify each character as they subtly grow, maturing into the individuals they shall later become. The focus on the leads however means that many of the secondary characters, from friends to familial members, are provided limited screen time or depth.

    The directional style moreover, clearly emphasizes the impact each character has over the other, and how their lives begin to intersect, even despite the massive difference in time. Initially, So-Eun and Ji-In are continuously shown in separate scenes, skipping from one to another. Later, both appear, side by side, like a comic strip, before we eventually see them, in their own times, walking in the same locations, So-Eun fading out as Ji-In is superimposed over her, following in her footsteps.

    From the sweeping melody of the piano, to the use of stringed instruments, the audience is frequently being serenaded by beautiful music. Although this initially sets the scene for what gradually is to come, the music for the most part mainly serves as a beautiful companion for the story, until later, when it begins to solidify and cement the emotions that really impact the viewer.

    The use of color, especially at the beginning, where a vast amount of bright pinks and reds occupy the screen, thus evident of the romantic themed plot, is incredibly flattering on the senses, which are capable of being later contrasted with the beautiful lily white snow. These changes are additionally evident in the plot, the elements of humor, social awkwardness and friendship, being overtaken in the film's later stages with a greater focus on melodrama.

    Though the feature's conclusion is neither forced or peculiar, offering viewer's an ending that effectively fits with the narrative and characters, one cannot potentially feel as though they are been deprived of something deeper, which only adds to the intensity of the emotions the ending reveals. Ditto is one of those rare great films that are incredibly difficult to find, but if by luck, you, dear reader, manage to procure a copy, you shall not be disappointed.
  • gila_film12 December 2002
    If you like to watch a moving drama, you must watch Ditto. Taking a bit from Frequency, Ditto tells us about love and relationship among peoples.

    The story telling flows like poetry, beautiful and touching, but it runs with slow pace. Well, it doesn't matter with me, because it entertains me with its rhyme.

    In general, the movie is great, even in technically is not that good. But, like many others Korean drama movies, it won't fail to satisfy you. Trust me.

  • fluffset18 September 2012
    Why this kind of greatest movie ever just got 7.2 in IMDb (9/8/12)? I cant accept this, this movie is too good. Well, its depend on everyone perspective but maybe some people cant understand its plot because when I read its discussion they ask too many confused-question. I don't know if some audience are not really good in English till fail to translate that subtitle. But.... its depends.

    Let me tell you its story. Its about a girl named Seoun in 1977 got a HAM machine(like army use in war) and start talking with someone who actually from the future 2000s. They became confused at the first time but lately they learned that there is a connection between her and him etc. etc. and the problem begin. Excited? An excellent sci-fi romance movie from South Korea and maybe too hard to find because its rare but just find it. Its worth!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Ditto is a South Korean science fiction and romance film directed by Kim Jeong-gwon. It stars Yoo Ji-tae and Kim Ha-neul.

    The plot of the film is similar to that of another movie released in 2000, Frequency, in that two people separated in time are somehow able to talk to each other using amateur radio.

    When high school student So-eun (Kim Ha-neul) accidentally becomes the owner of a ham radio, she begins an airwaves correspondence with In (Yoo Ji-tae), who attends the same high school. The two decide to arrange a meeting under a clock tower, but when they miss each other they realize that they exist 21 years apart: So-eun lives in a politically tumultuous 1979, while In, situated in 2000, is a member of the relatively worry- free Internet generation.

    The film to explores the themes of national identity and love across time.There performances are above average especially from Yoo Ji-tae and Kim Ha-neul.Also,the movie's direction is commendable as it was shot in naturalistic style.And most of all,the movie will gain impact to the viewer as it has great storytelling as it allows the viewer to gain curiosity as it was presented in the story.
  • aerslife18 July 2007
    from what you have already heard about this film it may remind you of a movie released in 2006 called 'Lake House' a cheesy love story between Keaun Reeves and Sandra Bullock mainly based around them communicating a year apart from each other and realizing they're 'meant to be' love for each other.

    Ditto (the English name of the movie) has only a basic connection to 'Lake house' It's main difference is the two characters are 21 years apart in their communication to the past or future. This allows the story to be handled less of a love story between the characters but as an exploration of how their 'long distance' relationship affects the two characters lives and in unexpected ways.

    In my opinion we have to many clichéd, formula love stories. Moving away from that, and dealing with the portrayal of relationships in a mature, realistic way pushes the film from being just an ordinary love story, to being a wonderful film.

    Moments of the film however seemed rather strange. The mannerisms of the characters and some of the ways of doing things seemed foreign and stereotypical to Korean culture. Begging the question of whether or not Korean cinema is as accurate of Korean life style as Hollywood is of western lifestyle.

    It also seemed that bits of the movie were 'lost in translation' with background details like signs not being translated to English , or not having translation for what characters are writing down. As well some of the language is awkward and unfitting for the situation when translated, however this is only a mild complaint because the general message was portrayed beautifully.

    In conclusion, Ditto was a wonderful film, handled with maturity and elegance. It is well worth the read, and will leave you feeling satisfied.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I am familiar with the setup of the movie and frankly it is a contrived one. But the lead actress Kim Ha-neul who plays Yoon So-eun in the movie, just hooked me in. She has given a wonderful performance.

    I would recommend this movie only to fans of romantic movies. If you are coming here for Sci-Fi link, then you should probably give it a miss.

    I did like the film, but I thought it could have been much better. The relationship between the characters of Yoon So-eun and Ji In could have been developed in a better way. Are they friends, soul mates or acquaintances ? It is not really clear. Similarly the relationship between Hyeon-ji and Ji In is half baked. We don't know whether he likes her, lover her, tolerates her or what ? But in the end they just package the things neatly anyway leaving the audience with the feeling of having missed something.
  • I was leary of spending the time watching "Ditto" on the Japan Air flight I was on as it would interfere with my nap. This was a refreshingly nice twist to the story lines like Frequency and many Star Trek episodes...

    Melancholy and sad moments were balanced out with the innocence of the female lead's character, it never got overly heavy with sadness. No nudity and very minimal abusive language.
  • As a fan of actress Kim Ha Neul and the movie Il Mare (another time boggling K-drama), I really wanted to love this movie. Instead I have to settle for liking it and barely, unfortunately.

    Korean cinema has built quite a reputation for itself in the melodrama genre. This movie is no exception. However, it does more than deliver the melodrama; it buries you in it. The classical soundtrack, while rather lovely, gets heavy fast. The leads, Kim and Yu Ji Tae, manage to be charming in their own ways, but charm is not enough to shoulder this film. I had difficulty attaching to any characters in this movie and couldn't help but find their emotional moments very contrived. The downpours of tears and the slow quiet moments got to be too much. And this is coming from a drama fan!

    I think so much more could have been done with the concept of this movie. It had its moments, but nothing special enough to make it truly memorable.