Pero: Please, your honor I'm here to confess. That man is innocent. Your honor I can no longer live with the guilt. It was me who was stealing that car, I confess. My brother Cosimo, Saint Cosimo as he's known on the streets, was only trying to stop me. And I told him, 'Cosimo, I need to steal this car, I'm a car thief, I steal cars... by myself.'

[repeated line]

Cosimo: Your mother's a whore!

[Jerzy is in disguise, in full Hasidic rabbi costume]

Basil: Why are you dressed like a priest?


Jerzy: You're an idiot.

Riley: This Bellini is starting to look like a real Kapuchnik.

Toto: Money comes. Money goes. What's important is to have someone to walk with.

[at Cosimo's funeral, keeping in mind that Cosimo had a bad habit of telling people their mothers were whores]

Toto: Well he had a tough life... his mother was a whore.

[after seeing a removal van going in to the apartment next to the house they're going to rob, Riley and Pero are like]

Pero: What the... What the f... What the fuck is this? What the fuck is this, man?

Riley: Fuck, fuck, fuck!

Pero: What the fuck is this?

Babitch: I will shit in you.

Riley: How am I meant to go bowling with a fucking broken arm?

Pero: As you can see, he's a little upset.

Leon: Put your damn pants back on!

Toto: I can't, I'll catch pneumonia!

Jerzy: I don't think we should work together again.