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  • dogsdildos15 April 2002
    Delicate yet intense, singularly shallow yet doubly penetrating, narrow minded yet gapingly open, this is a modern take on the old "boy meets girl" tale. Excellent acting from all the cast, you can tell they really enjoyed fooling around with the concepts on this one - there's some exciting improvisation to look out for. I especially liked the buggery.
  • MimicOctopus28 December 2003
    This film should be in the Top 250! It's sheer genius is nearly overwhelming. It is brilliantly directed, and provides some of the best dialogue I have ever heard. I laughed, I cried, I climaxed, but not in that particular order. This is the movie all of America must see! I hear Siskel and Ebert gave it two thumbs up... way up! They even threw in some candlesticks and zucchinis.
  • StSangue30 December 2001
    Great as far as porno goes, good lighting and considerate camera work. The girls are beautiful and the guys (for the most part) aren't completely revolting. Brooke Ashley is exceptionally stunning.

    A big complaint though is the spit. Gobs and gobs of saliva seem to accumulate in every scene. It's a real turn off. Mr. Robert Black, should you ever read this, please note that drool isn't sexy.
  • First, a warning: In case you are unaware, those kooky adult film folks like to borrow titles from mainstream movies, and this is one of those cases. Imagine my surprise when I sat down with my four-year-old to watch this film thinking it was the PG version...

    Anyhow, after we cleared up that little misunderstanding, we were able to sit down with the grandparents and watch this gem. I think I can speak for my whole family when I say that it was a thoroughly enjoyable film. The character development was rich, the cinematography was spot-on, and the sets were amazing. I had a few minor quibbles about some historical and cultural inaccuracies, but nothing that would detract from the otherwise wonderful story telling.

    Plus Brooke Ashley has a gorgeous colon.