Mr. Lyle: Stay out of it.

Miss Parker: Love to. Can't.

Mr. Lyle: God, you're a crazy bitch.

Miss Parker: You don't know the half of it.

Miss Parker: [Sneaking up on Lyle and saying with no enthusiasm what so ever] Boo!

Mr. Lyle: [Screams] Gaaah! You almost scared the...

Miss Parker: It's called crap, Lyle. And as full of it as you are, I'm sure you have some to spare.

Mr. Lyle: [to a pair of Chinese girls] Dim sum and then some! You two look good enough to eat.

Broots: First there's the explosion in the D.C. underground. The there's Miss Parker seeing visions, and the Mr. Raines getting murdered, then unmurdered. And then Mr. Lyle, who used to not have a thumb, getting a thumb and Mr. Raines, who had a thumb, losing his thumb to Mr. Lyle. And then finding out that not only one pretender escaped from the Centre. No, three of them did. And then trying to locate a live psychiatrist, only to find a dead doc and being arrested by a guy who's not really a federal agent. Oh, and while we're at it, why don't we just throw Mr. Parker into the mix?

Miss Parker: You just can't trust a man with a stolen thumb.

Alex: I'm not a psychopath. I'm a sociopath. There's a difference. See, a psychopath is insane. He can't distinguish between wrong and right. A sociopath knows the difference. He just doesn't have a conscience, you know? So he doesn't care.

Jarod: Let me help you.

Alex: Now, why would you want to help me?

Jarod: I have a flaw in my character, remember?

Alex: No, thanks.

Jarod: It doesn't have to end this way.

Alex: You don't know what you're saying, Jarod.

Jarod: I know that there is always hope. Always!

Alex: There's no hope for me. Or for you.

Jarod: 188 channels and there's nothing on TV?

Sydney: What's happened to you?

William Raines: ...wheezing... too many cigarettes. Not enough vacations.

Broots: Miss Parker, I'm getting a pretty weird feeling about this.

Miss Parker: Everything about my family is weird. Including, the last time I saw my father... just after he murdered Raines.

Broots: Last time I saw my father was just after he sculpted the shrubs into "Snow-White and the seven dwarfs".

Miss Parker: [Awkward Pause] I guess everyone's family is weird in their own way.

Miss Parker: [to Lyle] Why don't you shove your nine fingers where the sun don't shine?

Miss Parker: [after Miss Parker almost hits Broots with a car] You okey, Broots?

Broots: Yeah... I have a little more empathy for roadkill than I did a second ago, but I'm fine.

Sydney: Why weren't we told about the other escapees?

William Raines: The cover up directive came from high up.

Sydney: The Tower?

Miss Parker: My father?

Sydney: Triumvirate?

William Raines: I don't know. I do know this. The cover-up, it was all about the Pretender named Alex.

Jarod: I thought you were dead.

Alex: And a lifetime has passed since I died, just like a lifetime has happened for you. A big difference, though. I've dedicated myself to eradicating the insignificant and you've chosen to help them. The crippled, the abused, the, uh, mentally challenged. They all seem to have you as their advocate now, don't they, Jarod? Like I said, it's a flaw in your character. It's almost as if you're trying to heal thyself through your works of kindness.

Jarod: You know nothing about what I do.

Alex: Oh, you've left your mark. Mysterious doctor saves crippled boy. Fireman saves estranged family. Abused elders saved by reclusive industrialist. But to what end? I mean, does it make you feel more like a real person, Jarod? Is that it? Listen. You do yourself a favor. Stop trying to be like them, like a real person with a real past. You and I aren't and never will be.