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  • The Pretender 2001 is an excellent and brilliant movie. Picking up where the series ended, the movie answers many lingering questions from the last season and brings in some startling revelations. The movie keeps the style and mood of the series. It also provides background info about the show for those who may not have seen it. The actors and writers deserve congratulations for a job well done. Granted, I noticed some of the same goofs as everyone else, but the movie is really not hurt by it. Hopefully, more Pretender movies will be made after Island of the Haunted airs later in the year. Thumbs up for Pretender 2001.
  • I really thought that this movie would clear up some of the mysteries from the series, but I walked away from it with more questions than ever. I understand the need to keep the franchise alive so that more movies can be produced, but couldn't we have something revealed?
  • The further adventures of master impersonator Jarod as he rights wrongs while being pursued by the sinister organization that wants him back. Lots of plot points are revealed in this story of Jarod posing as an FBI agent to track down a killer, only to discover it's someone from his past, someone who is every bit his equal: another pretender. Meanwhile, the Centre Trio (as I call them), Miss. Parker, Sydney, and Broots, continue to unravel the secrets of the organization they work for, making startling discoveries along the way, with a major (and shocking) revelation for Miss. Parker at the climax. One of the things I didn't like about the final season of the show was that it started to get too wrapped up in its own mythology, but THE PRETENDER 2001 gets back to basics, creating a nice balance between the parallel stories of Jarod and The Centre without getting itself wound up. Thought a tad slow near the center, the film picks up again for the remainder, with a great performance by Michael T. Weiss. I can't understand why he hasn't gotten more film work; he's very talented. And of course, Miss. Parker nicely wears an ultra-skimpy skirt during the first half-hour. Not as good as some of the regular episodes (especially the first two years of the series), but I'm just thankful TNT gave so much interest in one of my favorite shows. Hopefully, the upcoming sequels will be just as good.
  • srnnsync4ever15 April 2005
    Thanks for the first season on DVD. We really like the Pretender. We would have Pretender parties at the beginning and end of every season. Since it was canceled (at least no more new episodes) we haven't had a party in a while. Now with the DVD we can plan some parties and have our own Pretender marathon. We look forward to upcoming seasons on DVD also. I know that the end of the Pretender was suppose to wrap everything up and answer a lot of questions, but I don't believe it did that. I really would have liked to see Jarod and Sydney get together and do that fishing trip Jarod wanted to do. Miss Parker also needed to end up happy some way. As for Broots he sort of just vanished off the scene and what ended up happening to Angelo? I know this could never happen now, but it would have been nice. Thanks again for the DVD.
  • I finally got to see the movie (TNT repeat on 7/3) as I missed it back in January due to never seeing an episode of the show before. Finally started watching it in mid April (season four) and quickly became hooked. Am now watching season one courtesy of TNT and enjoying it a lot.

    The film was very good and I liked the beginning summary for people who have never watched the series before and it gave a nice overview of the show. As with any highly popular show (e.g. X Files) the producers, writers, etc. have to keep fans' interest stoked so although the film did answer some questions it fanned the flames to new ones in their place. I do not feel that qualified to give a legitimate rating on the show as I still have seasons 2, 3 and the beginning of 4 to watch. I eagerly await the next film and will continue to look forward to watching the show unfold, especially as there were a few characters in the film that I have not come across yet in the series.

    I just wanted to say that in my humble opinion the film did deliver, and deliver well. Great acting by all the principle characters although I thought Miss Parker was not as nasty in the film as she is in the series and this trait of hers is what makes her character fun to watch in the series. She had some good lines in the film but in the series the rapport between her and Broots is wonderful to watch and I would have liked to see more of this interplay between them in the film. Oh and one more thing - that haircut!!!! Good grief - it gives new meaning to the phrase "a bad hair day" and Michael T. Weiss's barber should be hung drawn and quartered. I hope in the next film his hair looks more like it did in season four; even how it looks in season one is preferable to how it looked in this movie. Uugh.
  • There are television shows among us

    Shows in which the main character can become anyone he wants to be

    In 1996, a network known as NBC isolated a young show named THE PRETENDER and exploited its genius for their ratings

    Then one day, THE PRETENDER ran away...

    SLM and CVS have outdone themselves again. The movie didn't answer many questions but I'm am in no way complaining. When the next movie airs we will get some answers. From what I've heard it will be better than this one. Once a pretender fan, always a pretender fan. Watch the show every weeknight on TNT.
  • The Pretender 2001 movie was the greatest of the Pretender. It answered some questions and brought up more questions. Can't wait for the sequel. The cliff hanger is surprising and mind-blowing about Miss Parker and Jarod. Hopeful the sequel will be greater and finally solve the questions or mystery of Jarod and Miss Parker. Very Greatly entertaining!!! I give it 10 stars..
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I hope that people have really watched the show before they see this film, because if they see this first, they will surely never want to see the series. False dialogue, abrupt plot lines and big holes in the story, awful intro in which the new viewers were 'introduced' to the idea of pretenders (could not have been worse!).

    Now, some plot hole spoilers: Of the two extra escaped pretenders, the evil one had shot the good one. However, the good one had not recognised his shooter, although they had all escaped at the same time and he said to Jarod that "the shooter seemed to know me". Talk about a plot hole!

    Also, the Centre intrique could not hold up the movie. The original series had the intrique in the background and the main story was about some wrong that Jarod tried to correct. That held up the story. But this movie forgets the carrying idea and tries to base it all on the intrique. Doesn't work.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    What a total disappointment. It's obvious that this movie was produced for one reason and one reason only: to steal money from the audience that was addicted to the TV series. However, this fraudulent scam is NOT what anyone was -- or should have been -- looking for. I gave the original TV series an 8.5 rating. I'd rate this less than half of that. Why? Because yet again...we're insulted with another in the long list of "back from the dead" characters. And after 4 years of seeing every relevant aspect of The Centre's inner workings, we're now supposed to believe that there were THREE pretenders who escaped at the same time? I don't think so. And given the utter stupidity of the actions of the main characters, at this point I really don't care what happens to any of them. They're ALL pretenders, and I'm tired of their silly little game(s).
  • I have seen all kind of TV shows and movies. I can say the pretender is the best TV show out of all of them.

    They should get new episodes like a spin off show or at lest a 3rd movie. But i think both a new movie and a spin off show would be the best thing they could do.

    TNT did Premiere 2 pretender Movies how ever they did not wrap up the story lines and the movies were more like top episodes of the show then a big movie. So i hope if they make an other movie it would be biger like they did with the 1st x files movie and the new star trek one.

    Well i went on the internet and look up the pretender and i found a few sites. One of them i found was It is a petition site and i found one for (A third The Pretender movie, New episodes or a Pretender Mini Series). So i put my name on it. At this time it has a few Signatures on it.
  • I was thrilled that they did The Pretender movie and it was great! I can't believe nobody mentioned the two blatant errors though. (Hey, it's a fans job to do this kind of stuff!) The first one is in the opening accident scene with Ms. Parker - she has the diamond ring on that she found in the safe - much later in the show. The second one is Jarod talking about "Apache code talkers during the war". The code talkers were Navajo of course! I'm sure there are more errors (it's human I'm not faulting the show) but these two were really glaring! I still loved the movie and can't wait until they air the next one.
  • This movie was impressive in that it successfully continued the Pretender story and captured interest for future movies. The acting was fairly good, especially that of Jon Gries (Broots) and Andrea Parker. Some things didn't work so well: Alex's fall into the river did not seem at all convincing. I think that with the longer time the crew had to film it could have been done better; it doesn't impress me as much as some of the episodes.
  • hello, i hope this doesn't give any thing away. seen the pretender many years ago. and just now got the chance to see the program from start to finish. it is like reading a series of books. you just need more. hope more is to follow the Island of the Haunted. answers like: what happened to the cloned Jarod? where is Ethan? what happened to Major Charles, Emily? some form of final ties would be really great. the series has been like an addiction. or a really set of good books. just cant put it down. the series leaves us with the feeling of connection to things that happened in our lives and hopes, dreams that we can also over come the trials of life if we choose. please finish the series. thanks
  • sl2824 January 2001
    As always Craig van Sickle and Steven Mitchell have outdone themselves. The Pretender has always been an amazing show and The Pretender 2001 is no exception. It might be a little confusing for people who haven't seen the show before, but it is well worth watching. Of course, I am an obsessed fan considering on the day this made for TV movie premiered I watched the entire marathon: a total of 13 hours of Pretender bliss. This movie is not only exciting but it is also funny and all around entertaining. I would definitely recommend that you watch it, the more times the better. If you want to see the actual series it's on TNT weeknights @ 7pm.
  • Ever since I saw this show for the first time, I've been hooked on it. I've always been a "junkie" for TV shows &/or movies that deal with a highly intelligent "good-guy" using his smarts along with strategy and technology to thwart the "bad-guys". Michael T. Weiss does an excellent job of portraying Jarod's character. I will continue to watch this show, and hope that the series continues. This is one of the better series that TNT has ever aired.
  • skyfish940123 January 2001
    This sequel to the NBC series "The Pretender" was released in January 2001, months after the show had been cancelled, in response to an Internet campaign by legions of devoted fans. The movie picks up right where the last season left off, and all of the major characters as well as the plot are intact. The movie retains the tone and style of the series, but also includes a basic introduction for viewers not familiar with the plot. Michael T. Weiss reprises his role as Jarod, a human chameleon able to assume any role or profession he wants. Kidnapped by a shady organisation called the Centre as a child, he was trained by Sydney (Patrick Bauchau) and then, as a grown man, fled to have a chance at the life he had missed. Now, Centre operatives Miss Parker (Andrea Parker) and computer geek Broots (Jon Gries) have been assigned to hunt for him. The movie involves Jarod's and Miss Parker's attempts to find the truth about their respective pasts. Many more secrets are revealed and questions raised in the new TNT movie, making it a worthy sequel as well as a possibly bankable franchise for the network.
  • I have been an avid watcher of "the pretender" series and I couldn't believe when NBC took it off the air but then it came back on TNT. (Can't keep the Pretender away) pretty much the only thing to describe this movie.... It's a thrill ride to say the kept me in suspence..the drama and mystery were wonderfully acted and written. I was glued to the television and didn't get up.

    Keep on Pretending ''i know who i am do you??''
  • mhearn121 February 2001
    This movie has lots for loyal followers of the series and for new viewers alike. It is well written, well acted and very entertaining. Thanks to TNT for making "The Pretender 2001." I am looking forward to the next movie...and hopefully, even more Pretender movies beyond.
  • Overall, I really enjoyed the movie. I, as well, could not believe that NBC would cancel the series, so seeing the movie was a relief. It was good action, lots of twists, and a great thrill ride overall. Unfortunately, if you haven't watched the series, it would be quite difficult to follow the movie although the authors do try to make a summary at the beginning.

    There is also one major goof: The explosion at the beginning of the movie (and at the end of the last episode of the series) takes place in the subway, the flames and the explosion's force hits the street and throws a parking car to the air. Well, in the last episode of the series (TNT showed it just before the movie), the parked car is on the right side of the street. In the movie, it is shown on the left side of the street. (It could be just the opposite, I watched both scenes a few times to make sure so now I am confused :) ) It seems like a simple mirror-image mistake, but I thought it was quite entertaining...
  • eslusher23 January 2001
    I was really excited to hear they were going to be making new TV movies of The "Pretender," b/c I was so upset when they cancelled the show with so many things unresolved. This movie answers some questions, but there is still many new things you're left wondering about. The cliff hanger is great- hopefully the sequels will finally solve the mysteries of Jarod. Very entertaining! ****! 10/10!
  • It has been a while since I have seen the old Pretender TV series. But boy, seeing this movie does bring back some memories. And while it is not as spectacular as I remember, it is still a solid performance by everybody involved. And this wasn't any different.

    Jarod becomes an FBI agent in search of why his old Centre friend was shot and put into a comatose state. He takes on his old partner and begins to follow clues as to who this 'ghost' is. Some things, like the corny assassination of his friend were a little expected, but it did add to the drama. Everything unfolds and Jarod gets closer to his ultimate truth.

    In short, it is a nicely done movie sequel to the series. Not great, but hey nobody is perfect. "B-"
  • I love this show! With the exception of the X-Files, this is the only TV drama that I ever really enjoyed.

    Jarrod is really a kind of Super Hero, though they never come out and say it; he has the mutant power of skill assimilation and he uses it to fight injustices where ever he goes. The whole concept is very original and It displays a level of imagination that most shows never reach.

    This show has great character development and it provokes a lot of empathy with each episode, while getting you to think about the right and inevitably most beneficial decisions to make in certain tough situations; I recommend it to anyone and everyone
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Please do not read this if you have NOT seen the movie yet. I will include a couple of spoilers in my review.

    Remember how critically acclaimed the show was? I am sorry to say that this movie did not entirely fulfill my expectations. It was a diluted storyline that left a funny taste in my mouth. The writers slapped together a couple of endings and twists they had conjured up to officially end the 4th season.

    The continuity was sloppy--or the editing, I'm not sure which. But at one point when Miss Parker confronts Lyle about "secrets and lies", the cut of her exit features her wearing a completely different outfit. Oops. Just a couple more why did Miss Parker suddenly switch to a different type of handgun? It was way too big for her to's a good thing she didn't have to fire a shot. Speaking of guns, Miss Parker's character was ENTIRELY out of character when she set her gun about six feet away from her reach to rescue her father.

    To satisfy true Pretender fans like me, the movie was good in that it showed that somebody actually cared enough to give the fans what they wanted for a change. Performances noteworthy to mention are as follows: Peter Outerbridge as the archenemy nemesis of the Pretender, Cynthia Dale as the impressionable "Agent Scully" of this movie, Jon Gries as the loveable Brootsie, Jamie Denton as the "thumbless Mr. Lyle", and Andrea Parker as the comic relief/sexual chemistry to the Pretender.

    The writers did, however, create a good, suspenseful plethera of chase scenes. BUT, like the author of the Sam Spade stories, introduced characters in the last five pages that were never in the book before! And then mercilessly killed them off before we could really get an idea of character development. I like seeing a sensitive side of Miss Parker, which Andrea Parker always portrays with phenomenal grace...but I didn't like it when they turned her into a Miss Cleo. Michael T. Weiss stayed true to his character--you'd think he'd know how to play Jarod by now, he only did it for 4 previous years. Dumping poor Broots out of the car with nowhere to go was NOT in character, and he seemed to treat the computer genius with less respect than in the past.

    A good job was done to bring new viewers up to speed. A wonderful job was done by Velton Ray Bunch (score composer)--you can't have a decent movie without a decent soundtrack. The music is the backbone to the script. More memories of Catherine Parker could have been recounted by Parker to her new step-brother so he could fill her in possibly of her mother's plan. Lots and lots of cliff hangers were the only thing that I think could have brought back the viewers for the second movie. If you are a die hard Pretender fan, watch the movie again to remind yourself of the day when fictional dramas ruled network television and appreciate it before the day reality TV crushed a writer's typewriter. Oh wait, there aren't any writers for reality TV, are there?
  • PretenderProfilerGirl12 February 2003
    This movie was absolutely great! It was much better than Island of the Haunted. I definitely recommend this movie to anyone, so long as they watch the entire series before viewing it- things would be confusing if you didn't.
  • Wow, the movie just seems equally as good as the series. a newbie fan of The Pretender I'm impressed! This movie is definately a must for any fan, or anyone who likes the pretender. My question does it all end? Wouldnt i like to know (sigh)
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