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  • The upper middle class Wendy Barnet (Brandy Ledford) and Alan Barnet (Cameron Daddo) are married with children and live in the suburbs. Alan is disputing a promotion with his co-worker Neil Bradley (Vincent Corazza) but his relationship with Wendy is boring. They decide to buy a swingers magazine and contact an attractive couple to rekindle their sex life. The couple Louise (Kristy Swanson) and Jack Bauer (Stephen Baldwin) schedule a date with them at the Zebra Lounge and they go to a place where they swap wives. Wendy and Alan feel satisfied with the encounter but Louise and Jack want to meet them again. Soon they find how persistent Jack is.

    "Zebra Lounge" is a sexy but lame erotic-thriller. The story is predictable and full of roles. But Kristy Swanson and Brandy Ledford are very sexy and make this film worthwhile watching. My vote is five.

    Title (Brazil): "Encontro Secreto" ("Secret encounter")
  • The movie started off with an interesting plot line. A married couple with children toys with the idea of becoming swingers. The movie follows the awkward steps the couple takes to finally go through with the idea.

    The acting was good for a B movie, but the plot became too unreal. Once they meet another couple how do they stop the relationship? What if the new couple won't stop calling them? This and every other lame idea you can come up with begins to happen. If not for the well-shot scenes of Kristy kissing Brandy this movie would be a real clunker.
  • =G=10 October 2001
    In "Zebra Lounge" a married couple decides to try "swinging" and gets more than they bargained for. Although offering an okay complement of second-tier acting with the emphasis on drama over sexsationalism, "ZL" has the look and feel of a soap opera with a naive screenplay, too many plot-holes, and obviously scripted characters. Very ordinary stuff for hard up channel surfers.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Carnal obsession is a subject that if treated as a serious subject matter can generate some truly inspired films.

    This, unfortunately, is not one of them. A premise that in essence is intriguing -- a couple decide to spice up their lives and contact another couple who introduce them to the lives of swingers and get more than they bargained for -- collapses into an incomprehensible mess that's supposedly a "thriller," maybe because Stephen Baldwin portrays a character who's a psycho for no other reason than the script makes him as such and in one scene kills someone while uttering smug lines a la Jack Nicholson (Why? Well, in a "thriller" there's always a murder, right?).

    Blame it on the screenwriter for having seen too many "Cinemax After Dark" films and trying to make some sense out of beautiful bodies having sex for no other reason than to expose flesh and toned bodies. This is exactly how this movie feels like, with the added notion that swingers are predatory and will disrupt your life in implausible ways. There's not an ounce of believability to this story, character motivations, or actions. Situations are allowed to escalate to a level that is virtually impossible any way you look at it. The dialog that Baldwin has to utter is outrageously bad: "Come on guys..." "Hey guys..." seems to be all he is allowed to say (which brings to mind the language of characters in cheap men's magazines) while preening his teeth, squinting his eyes, and looking almost pretty. No one else registers, so why even bother.

    It's just sad that the term "erotic thriller" has to be reduced to utter silliness and the requisite violence. For a real erotic movie, go see PERSONA or DAMAGE. This one? Pass.
  • Besides the lack of steam, the whole concept makes no sense. For a mutual partnership to evolve, there should be some sort of trust and attraction between the people, but why would one couple keep on pursing this relationship when the other couple obviously is not going to give the same in return? It is no better than going to a professional escort service which would provide you with all the needs and even make believe that they actually care for you. When it comes down to the point of threats, is there a point in continuing the relationship? We're not talking about some obsessed person who cannot leave a relationship, but professional swingers who seeks someone who they are comfortable with and whom they could trust. And after the first few bad encounters, all those qualities in this relationship is gone.

    As for Kristy Swanson being in the role of the seductress, it is all cold shower from her. The real steamer role comes from Brandy Ledford, who is suppose to be the wife that reluctantly went along with the swinger idea. She had all the body cues to entice even the stiffest of corpses while Swanson acted more like a tomboy or dominatrix.
  • unloco16113 December 2006
    Warning: Spoilers
    At first glance a steamy erotic movie starring Kristy Swanson doesn't really sound all that bad but man was I wrong. Basically, your typical established middle class couple has lost their flame and decide to spice it up with a little swinger action. Everything is great at first and of course the swinger couple they meet (Baldwin and Swanson) turns out to be a couple of grade-A psychos that wont go away. Now this isn't that bad of a plot to go on because it's a couple not just one person involved in the psychotically-in-love-with-you storyline. It's a bit of a twist on an overused tale but not nearly enough to save this film becoming a one copy rental at your local blockbuster.

    So the final verdict on this movie is that it's just flat out bad. They obviously spent all their money on Baldwin and Swanson because all the other actors in this movie belong in college theatre. Regardless of the low level acting skills none of the characters are believable anyway. The first married couple look too much like wholesome suburbanites and the swingers look too much like well a sleazy swinger couple. That sort of thing. In all honesty this movie isn't even really worth reviewing this in depth. In all probability the only reason anyone would watch this movie is for the abundance of stale unrealistic sex scenes. Being a guy myself I can assure you that they aren't even worth it.

    P.S All you Kristy Swanson fans hoping to maybe see a little something in this flick, you wont. She somehow manages to keep her clothes halfway on through 3-4 sex scenes.
  • Fatal attraction for the swingers set. I am hard pressed to say anything nice about this film. Dull, stiffly acted by characters that you don't really care about. No sense of tension, terror or jeopardy seems to develop. The soft-core porn scenes only marginally make the film watchable. The director should have gone the whole way and dispensed with the story and focused on the equally unlikely rompings of the characters. Life is too short to spend on trifles like this. Save yourself the time: I wish I did.
  • Caught this on cable last night (part of my self-inflicted double feature with the much-better Cellular), and needless to say, it started off promising but deteriorated far too quickly into spineless, unimaginative drivel, and not enough sex (steamy or otherwise) to justify it. Found myself making a list in my head about what I needed to buy at the supermarket during the sex scenes, in fact, and during the other scenes, where the 2 virgin swingers find themselves relentlessly pursued by the deranged Baldwin brother and his lunatic wife (way to go, Kristy - you sure can pick 'em), I was going over my strategy for a Neopets game in my head.
  • I really liked this movie. Sure it was a TV movie in its day, but it was quite a turn on. The women are attractive, and the men not bad either. I have heard people give reviews about the only people who'd watch this are those who aren't old enough for x rated movies. Not everyone is in to watching people jump in the sack with no story behind it, or close ups of swollen genitals. Men like porn and wonder why us ladies don't. For me, it had a beginning, middle and end, and enough erotic material to get the mood happening. I recommend this to women to watch with their husbands, and I recommend it to men who cant find erotic material that their ladies enjoy! I don't recommend watching this with your parents, or your kids for that matter. Or with anyone you don't feel comfortable with sexually.
  • pzbjr13 February 2007
    This is about as close to soft Porn as cable comes. Brandy Ledford is exquisite as a brunette and by far one of the hottest MILFs on a TV screen. The Pool scene alone makes this one to watch with Kristy in High heels doing the dogie paddle around the pool before Brandy joins her.

    This is very erotic and a great mood setter. But you'd better hurry because after the elevator scene the movie loses all eroticism which is replaced by terror, not a good switch.

    I would have preferred to see Brandy and Kristy make naked snow angels for the remainder of the flick.
  • bshaef11 March 2019
    Saw this a long time ago and watched again this weekend and still think the writers and director ruined it. They had it heading down the path as an all time great erotic R rated movie and pulled the plug on it after the swimming pool scene. I don't know why they did that but it ruined an otherwise excellent adult movie. Maybe they couldn't figure out how to end it, keeping it in the same context as it started out.
  • Cameron Daddo and Brandy Ledford play a typical suburban couple with typical jobs and a couple of typical kids. Unfortunately their sex life is starting to get somewhat boring, so they reluctantly decide to engage in some drug-fuelled mate swapping with another carefully-chosen couple. What could possibly go wrong?

    Well, plenty as it turns out. The other couple is played by former vampire-slayer Kristy Swanson and a darkly-menacing Stephen Baldwin. For some unfathomable reason, the latter becomes totally obsessed with his fresh play-pals. This leads him to go w-a-a-a-y over the top in furthering his new best bro's career, with serious life-altering consequences. (He can do this because he seems to have both unlimited time and money at his disposal, for no clearly explained reason.)

    Ms. Ledford, who is actually quite a talented actress, steals the show here. She will likely always be best-remembered as the mysterious masked lady in a travelogue hosted by Motley Crue's lead vocalist. Kristy Swanson is OK eye-candy too, but runs a distant second to the shapely Brandy here.

    It's all in good entertaining fun, and a great cautionary morality tale as well for young couples just starting out. I have always wondered though - why has some wily entrepreneur not released a disc with this movie and the previously-mentioned travelogue both on it. I'm sure it would be a very hot item. But what do I know about media licensing rules?
  • Warning: Spoilers
    First off, I'm a big Kristy Swanson fan. That's what drew me to this movie. I saw her in DEADLY FRIEND, NIGHTINGALES, MANNEQUIN 2: ON THE MOVE (a personal favorite) and BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER the original movie. Also THE CHASE. So I was intrigued by the prospect of Kristy in this sexual title, even though soon forewarned by user reviews that her performance in here is not much by way of what her fans desire. I nevertheless decided to see for myself.

    The very best thing about ZEBRA LOUNGE? Theme song Get Into It, Baby. And the Zebra Lounge scene with the immediately- following first encounter. Also, the swimming pool tongue- sharing scene, and the spiral hot-plate bikini top early on in the movie (if you've watched the movie, and especially if you're a hot-blooded guy, you'll know what I am talking about). More than credible performance by Stephen Baldwin as the killer. But Kristy unfortunately leaves me cold in this movie. Hell, she obviously took good care of herself (although those close-ups are clearly stand- ins), but the character... Really, Kristy shouldn't have bothered with this. It is just not fit for the dreamgirl of yore.

    I also repeat that this kind of movie Invariably escalates into violence. Instead of a psychological thriller it just turned psychopathic. Come on, the neighborhood swingers would all be offended by this kind of portrayal. I would have preferred the movie to have had deeply psychological turmoil, but none of the predictable violence. In other words, the Bauers should have been a normal couple as well, and instead of this cop-out towards an easily- written script, they should have found the most amiable resolution. Like normal people.

    Of course, this way it is all more spectacular, but oh-so-predictable.

    Anybody noticed how much Brandy Ledford reminds of DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES star Marcia Cross? Casting department must have thought in that direction. Must say, nice legs!

    In short, needs a much more intelligent script. Dump the violence for actual drama. The actors had the ability, it is the idea that ultimately fell flat.

    To sum up: Not, I repeat NOT, a movie for Kristy Swanson fans.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    "Zebra Lounge" earns its stars by milking the same cow of Adrian Lyne's moralist but sexual-driven tales, however, where the infamous British filmmaker succeeded, this movie fails: The aftermath of the plot and, of course, his ability to involve major actors and actresses to carry on those otherwise rather mediocre flicks.

    The Barnets (Cameron Daddo and Brandy Ledford) are a young couple making an everyday effort to keep their marriage floating over the routine, one night, after a mutual confession of secret fantasies and harmless, almost naive misbehavior, they decide to make a step further and both end looking for kinky adventures at the local swinger's club, where they met the Bauers (Stephen Baldwin and Kristy Swanson). So then, what seemed to be just a little "hanky-panky", turns into a menacing nightmare as their new sex partners reveal some sociopath tendencies, and will be necessary a considerable effort to get rid of such obsessive friends. That's it.

    The most interesting part, besides some few steamy sex scenes (the tongue fencing between Swanson and Ledford is an internet classic) is the way they fail to manage the situation, being unable to leave it all behind and forced to face a threat to their whole world, compromising job, family and even the little kids. At this respect, all kudos to Brandy Ledford who despite some flaws in her acting definitely outshines the rest of the ensemble cast in her role of the charismatic and sympathetic suburban housewife, regretting her actions in concern for their kids, but willing to do whatever it takes to get back to a normal life.

    Sadly, her on screen companions don't reach the same level, the closer is an overacted Stephen Baldwin playing a generic b-movie psycho full of laughable tics. There's almost nothing to say (good or bad) about Cameron Daddo and his insipid and colorless portrayal of the troubled do-right husband, and Kristy Swanson is a major disappoint with the unexciting and cold presence of what should have been a lustful siren. (if you come to this movie expecting to see Kristy in all her revealing hotness, get a copy of her Playboy issue instead)

    Having started with an interesting premise and some good moments, the whole story goes down hill only to stop at a random and mediocre ending. Not even an unrated version with extended sex scenes would have save it from become just another late night TV erotic thriller, but among a plethora of them, this one is good enough to watch.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Alain and Wendy's Barnet boredom in sexual life sexual is cured by one and one only swinging experience, although they enjoyed it very much. It is hard to buy that sudden cure. On the other hand the other couple is portrayed much too shallow and flat. They are yuppies, yet they act more and more retarded towards the end of the film. We never find out what's their real motivation behind their action. Stephen Baldwin acting is great though.

    All in all the film is formalistic. Plot points are coming one after the other in their desperate attempts to shock the audience. It seems that their only reason is to make everything more interesting - triller like. The ending is very disappointing. Also the moral message of the story is too simple. Either you are white or black. If you're black or just a bit gray you'll pay the price.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This movie demonstrates that Hollywood screenwriters really shouldn't get the credit they think they deserve.

    An erotic thriller that's actually somewhat erotic, though not all that thrilling, Zebra Lounge is about a married couple desperate to rediscover their sexual spark. Alan (Cameron Daddo) and Wendy (Brandy Ledford) still love each other, but no longer seem to have any intimate connection. They've got two kids, Alan is stressed out at work and Wendy...well, she doesn't really do anything so it's unclear what her problem is supposed to be. Their joint difficulty is that Alan and Wendy can't even force themselves to have sex. After Alan finds himself in another woman's apartment almost boinking her, he and Wendy decide they have to do something about it.

    That "something" turns out to be wife-swapping. They hook up with Jack (Stephen Baldwin) and Louise (Krsty Swanson), an experienced couple of swingers. But while doing it once turns out to be enough to solve Alan and Wendy's sexual dysfunction, Jack and Louise want more. They pressure and pester and cajole Alan and Wendy into continuing the relationship. Jack even starts showing up at Alan's work, helping him get in good with his boss. But after an Ecstasy-fueled romp in a swimming pool leads Wendy to have some sort of breakdown, Alan finally tries to end things. When Jack and Wendy move in next door and make it clear that nothing is over until they say it's over, Alan and Wendy are forced to consider drastic action.

    The sex scenes in Zebra Lounge are fairly provocative for this sort of film, though it is weird that Brandy Ledford is the only one who gets naked. I mean, Kirsty Swanson even has one more sex scene than Ledford and she never takes her bra off. That had to be somewhat awkward on the set. You can understand the two bigger-name actors insisting they remain clothed, but Ledford's fellow no-name actor Cameron Daddo doesn't show his ass either. Ledford is pretty and sexy and all that, but when only one person is nude at an orgy…it just looks odd.

    It's fairly standard to hear screenwriters complain about not getting the credit and attention they deserve for their work on a film. Watching Zebra Lounge makes those complaints ring hollow, because the script has virtually nothing to do with what makes this low-budget, sex-and-violence flick a cut above the dozens and more of similar films cranked out every year. It's not that this movie is poorly written, though the second half of it does start to show some very obvious flaws. It's just that there's nothing in the writing that's particularly good. The plot isn't all that complex or clever. The dialog isn't memorable or striking in any respect. The themes and situations of the story aren't noticeably interesting or involving. With this level of writing, Zebra Lounge could have easily been another crappy, direct-to-DVD project cluttering up the shelves of video stores across the country.

    What saves it from that fate is some genuinely good acting and a director who strikes just the right tone to make this kind of movie better than it should be. Ledford and Daddo are perfectly believably as a married couple trying to save their relationship. They seem like a real union, not two people who happen to be stuck together. They give Wendy and Alan a casual ease around each other, while showing legitimate concern for their partner's emotions and state of mind. Even with the sex problem, Ledford and Daddo create the sort of relationship on screen that everyone wants out of their marriage. They actually make you accept that Wendy and Alan are two normal people who turn to wife-swapping because they just don't know what else to do to rekindle their passion.

    Stephen Baldwin also does a fine job as Jack. He takes what could have been a very over-the-top, psycho stalker role and gives the character real human neediness. He doesn't let Jack become too menacing, too quickly. For the first half of the film he's less a threat and more like a person with no boundaries who's just very insistent on being your friend.

    Kari Skogland's direction matches the work of her cast. Not only does the movie look good and the story flow well, she creates a different tone for this sort of thing. There's a light touch to every scene that keeps the film from every taking itself too seriously, yet it never completely falls back into trashy melodrama.

    The awfulness of the two kids playing Wendy and Alan's children illustrate how much better Zebra Lounge is than this kind of movie usually is. They're terrible actors and they're so much worse than everything else in the movie, the contrast highlights the non-awfulness of the rest of the film.

    This isn't a great film, to be sure, but it's a clear cut above most of the dreck in its genre.
  • to this film, which is a cable ready movie, so use that as the parameter to judge it.

    Kristy Swanson is Stephen Baldwin's wife, they are swingers who come across a personal ad placed by a bored married couple (Cameron Daddo is believable as a bored sales executive).

    There are a few artful scenes in the beginning, which slowly degenerate to predictable, but then the couple begin to pursue Daddo and his wife, as well as their children. They pop up at a birthday party, buy them a plasma TV and move in to the vacant house next door.

    There is an amusing scene where Baldwin says he and Louise (Kristy Swanson) are committed to the relationship and want it long-term, apparently swingers "going steady" to avoid the possibility of HIV, other complications.

    Overall it is entertainment, worth watching for Baldwin as the villain. 5/10.
  • Not going to win any awards but I was pleasantly surprised. For a late night flick free on cable, I had no complaints (although I wouldn't have wanted to pay money for the movie!). The acting was tolerable, with the plot and characters somewhat believable. The suspense could have been a hell of a lot better, but that was largely due to the lack of post-production budget (these Canadian produced flicks seem to really lack the oomph in the film score, lighting and effects that help enhance the mood of the film). All in all, I usually fall asleep on the couch watching these late-nighters, but this one made we want to watch to the end. That alone makes it worth a 5 or 6.
  • My wife and I watched this last night. All in all it is a good movie.

    You do get to see more flesh than previously mentioned. Brandy Ledford shows off what she has got, but she is the only one. However, she is hot enough to save the movie if that is what you are looking for. You see a lot more than her 3 seconds in Demolition Man ("Oops wrong number" scene)

    Yes this is Fatal Attraction for swingers. Stephen Baldwin is about as good as he was in Sliver, if that says anything.

    I would never buy this movie, but my wife and I agrees that next time it is on HBO, we will do our best to tape it.
  • Brian B-217 September 2002
    I watched this film because, well, I lust for Kristy. Ever since her cameo debut in Ferris Bueller, I've thought she combined sexiness and vulnerability in cool ways. Later roles, such as in The Phantom, added depth to her acting. I even liked her in the generally unpopular Buffy movie.

    Well, Kristy is still hot, and sleazes her way through this trash effectively.

    Neither the rest of the cast or the plot deserves her. The movie is worse than trash- its disgustingly amoral, violent, and sickeningly conventionally moral all at once. What a muddle. I am pretty open minded, but this stupid movie made me want to give my soul a shower.

    Brandy Ledford is so used up, she looks better with her clothes on. In fact, she looks sexy while dressed. Her sex scenes were sad. Steven Baldwin looked stoned, half asleep and like he wasn't aware which movie he was in- think later Mickey Rourke. The actor cast as Brandy's hubby was wooden and unbelievable. I couldn't see why Brandy's character married him in the first place. Or why Kristy found him attractive.

    I voted 3 for this , but now wonder why- 1 for Kristy, but what other redeeming features does it have? None. Rent Sliver instead.
  • I only got to see the last 4 minutes of the movie, but based on that and the descriptions listed above, you bet I'm gonna see tape it the next time it comes on. I won't give away the plot, but swinging sex with psychos? Now that's hot!!!
  • Okay, first off, I'll admit it.. I rented this movie solely because I wanted to see if Kristy Swanson would finally do a nude scene. Well, I don't want to spoil it for anyone expecting the same, but I must (might save you some money). This sex thriller has lots of sex, but not the flesh. Swanson is scantly clad, but not nude. There's lots of flesh scenes, but it's mostly thighs, legs and stomachs. In fact, not a single breast shot was seen. The only nudity in this flick is an underwater butt shot which I think is Baldwin's. And to debate another's review here in the comment section, Swanson did a better pseudo-lesbian scene in "Higher Learning" with Jennifer Connelly.

    All that said, onto the actual review of the movie. I expected (wanted) a nude Swanson and ended up with a decent B-movie erotic thriller. This movie proves that you can have suspense and eroticism, without the obligatory breasts shot. Predictable at times, it still held my attention throughout and wondering how the experimenting couple would finally be rid of their new partners.

    For those debating whether or not to rent this movie, wait for it to appear (again) on cable, it will save you $3-$4. But when it does, be sure to catch it because it ain't all that bad.
  • I just came across this video over at Hollywood Video and it looked really interesting, I love Kristy Swanson as well, so I figured to give this movie a look. I think all can agree when I say, it's also nice to have a good erotic thriller here and there. While I actually liked the story, because actually it was a unique and had high tension, it just didn't seem like it was well shot, like it was just a B-Movie that didn't get the attention it deserved.

    Wendy and Allen are a boring married couple who have majorly lost the spark in their sex lives. When they decide how exciting it would be to spark up the marriage by having a swap with another sexy couple, Louise and Jack, it does that, Wendy and Allen have never been happier. But when Jack and Louise don't know how to back off and start to involve themselves in Wendy and Allen's lives, including their children, things are taking an interesting turn for the worst.

    Like I said, it's not really a bad movie, or TV movie? Yeah, I'm so sure they could show this on TV, but I thought that this just could've been better in some ways. But I really enjoyed Steve Baldwin and Kristy Swanson, they really brought a lot of creeps onto the screen, it was the other couple that could've done more and this movie would've been pretty good. But just always judge for yourself, that's what I like to say.

  • I noticed too many unjust reviews to this flick which compelled me to comment. The movie is correctly performed and placed in Genre of Thriller and makes perfect sense when you view it with open minded eyes and fill the character's shoes. It is a low intensity thriller and I feel it works perfectly for this flick and found it very refreshing. The Bauers pursued their relations with the Barnets even after rejection for several good reason such as the need to dominate, control, subdue, and conquer someones worthy of being lifelong intimate partners. some of this is explained in the movie and the rest you must extract from understanding the characters. The involvement of the children(but not too much)in the movie gave it depth. Yes, I was disappointed that Kristy didn't show more skin but get real. I was pleasantly surprised that she was as intimate as she was. Brandi did come thru with some nice breast exposure and really shined in the movie. The movie wasn't porno but was still very spicy. There was one real flaw, a scene in the Kitchen where Wendy Barnet(Brandi Ledford)was emotionally over reacting/over acting, but it past quickly enough and didn't ruin the movie. No movie is perfect and I have my rathers but overall it was a good film and well worth seeing for open minded people.
  • Okay, first off, I'll admit it.. I rented this movie solely because I wanted to see if Kristy Swanson would finally do a nude scene. Well, I don't want to spoil it for anyone expecting the same, but I must (might save you some money). This sex thriller has lots of sex, but not the flesh. Swanson is scantly clad, but not nude. There's lots of flesh scenes, but it's mostly thighs, legs and stomachs. In fact, not a single breast shot was seen. The only nudity in this flick is an underwater butt shot which I think is Baldwin's.

    All that said, onto the actual review of the movie. I expected (wanted) a nude Swanson and ended up with a decent B-movie erotic thriller. This movie proves that you can have suspense and eroticism, without the obligatory breasts shot. Predictable at times, it still held my attention throughout and wondering how the experimenting couple would finally be rid of their new partners.

    For those debating whether or not to rent this movie, wait for it to appear (again) on cable, it will save you $3-$4. But when it does, be sure to catch it because it ain't all that bad.
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