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  • guppyjaja5 May 2002
    It is always interesting to see a movie dealing with contacts between men and women. in this movie, 3 women left their husbands alone with their children and for once -how awkward they may be- they have to look after them, to cook etc... and this gives a really funny impression. In a nutshell, it is good movie with French humor.
  • Fifteen years ago, 3 Hommes et un couffin was a huge hit in French theaters. It was about men who suddenly have to cope with parenthood without being prepared. 15 aout begins that way, with three men who are abandonned for a few days by their wives. They discover the pleasures of looking after children, laundry and housework. Well, nothing new under the sun and fortunately the film goes farther analysing the relationships that exist between men and women. The gap is wide, but not fatal. That's the gentle morals. Not subversive, just nice and especially FORGETTABLE.
  • Rather average and disappointing film about three men who go on holiday to rent a house on the west coast of France and find out their wives

    have disappeared leaving them alone to look after the kids.

    What could have been the pretext for a good comedy turns out to be a rather tedious film, once the initial novelty has worn off. Some funny moments, notably in the mens' trying to cope with the children.

    Much as I like Richard Berry, the whole thing becomes rather boring half way through as the weak plot tires and ideas become scarce

    French Comedy has done far better in the past through the camera lenses of Gérard Oury,Francis Veber and Claude Zidi, and hopefully will do better in the future, but the number of really funny films today in this country can be counted on the fingers of one hand !!

    The DVD is currently available in France but as usual without subtitles !
  • 15 aout is about three men that are going to spend their holidays in La Baule, in French Brittany. When they arrive they, they discover that their wives have left them alone with their children in the summer house they had rented. This movie is about the problems one might encounter in a couple: of course, the three men are angry against their wives. But they also realize their own defaults : Raoul is always angry, and doesn't want any child. Vincent is a real child .Max is a mac, and is currently cheating on in wife. But they also realize that may have influenced their wives is highly feminist book dealing with the marriage. We can understand the women, whose husbands hadn't them happy. But they have listened to the book -and to its author- the same way they had listened to their husbands before. As a consequence, it isn't a way for them to get the moral strength they expected... Therefore, this particular type of feminism is negative, for men as for women.
  • Dockelektro30 July 2002
    Really usual and standard, but it has something that makes us like it, maybe because it is spoken in French and has so many typical things of the french culture, maybe because of the differences between the three great lead actors, maybe because of the several different situations and the clever dialogue. Well, it's satisfying, and nothing more.