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  • Francis Mishkind's Alpha France was THE porn production company to be reckoned with, both in terms of quantity and quality, during the French equivalent of adult's Golden Age. With a string of self-owned theaters to showcase them, his output remained on constant display (through occasional re-titlings) until theatrical porn pretty much collapsed around the mid-eighties. Even then, video (and now DVD) sales kept most of these titles very much in the public eye, reinforcing the old Alpha France logo as a sign of superior quality.

    The company's in-house directors ran the gamut from the safe purveyors of naughtiness for the middle class demographic (Jean-Claude Roy aka "Patrick Aubin", Claude Bernard-Aubert aka "Burd Tranbaree") to subtle subversives (Francis Leroi aka "Jim Clack", Claude Mulot aka "Frédéric Lansac"). The blatantly in your face Gérard Kikoïne always did stick out like a sore thumb in this generally well-behaved company. Where Leroi might gently push the envelope, Kikoïne would gleefully light a stick of dynamite, shock the bourgeois patron out of his everyday complacency, madly fiddling while Rome burnt to a crisp.

    While call girl Claire (the radiant Marilyn Jess) awaits her next client in her fancy New York hotel room (exterior shots probably shot by Kikoïne while he was over there making THE TALE OF TIFFANY LUST and APHRODESIA'S DIARY back to back that same year), she remembers how she got there. Unable to have sexual relations of any kind since she was raped (unseen) by her boorish father (Jacques Marbeuf, somehow perfect for the part...), she meets the mysterious Laurence (exotic Mika Barthel), "Lola" to her friends (hence the film's best known retitling as ADORABLE LOLA), who fled the country a decade earlier due to a similar fate as well as an incestuous attraction to her now dead dad. Whew ! As she's welcomed by Claire's old man in his inimitable fashion (cue a particularly nasty rape scene taking away all lingering doubts that this might be some kind of "couples movie"), the girl watches through the window with a mixture of shock and fascination. The two women meet and Lola volunteers to become mentor to her younger charge, initiating her into the ways of the world, achieving your own goals as you offer men what they want most, easing Claire out of her rape-induced frigidity. Typically for Kikoïne, it is never clear whether Lola really wants to help Claire overcome her past or if she wants to take revenge on the girl's two-faced father by corrupting his daughter's innocence.

    The sex is pretty strong stuff with a stylish excursion into whips 'n' chains territory and a teeth-grinding rectal assault, one of few such scenes the exquisite Marilyn Jess ever agreed to. Contrary to current kinkfests, one never forgets that one is watching the work of a real filmmaker with Kikoïne highlighting bizarre visual detail and adding unnerving soundtrack flourishes such as the sudden laughter of unseen children growing ever more distant, a sure sign of Claire's "loss of innocence" perhaps ?
  • kingmonkey30 September 2006
    whereas adult cinema really exploded as entertainment in America in the 70's, the French made it into an art form. Adorable Lola, along with "Le Sexe Qui Parle", are the two shining examples of the way above average adult movies to come from France at this time.

    any film of this nature featuring Marilyn Jess is pretty much a hallmark of a high quality production, and never more so than with this film. as well as being a very impressive work of adult erotic entertainment, she leads a cast in giving performances above the accepted normal for an adult film.

    if you are sick and tired of the ever-increasingly extreme, theme-free adult movies of today, you could do a lot worse than go back in time and see this masterpiece. there's enough off the beaten track stuff contained in it to satisfy most tastes and yet it remains a delicately crafted masterpiece.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    During the seventies and eighties, France produced some high quality porn films that were more than just the all-action of later decades. High class and exotic locations such as chateaux and holiday destinations combined with a semblance of narrative, lifted these films above the normal porn productions. Check out films such as Je Suis A Prendre and Vacances A Ibiza.

    In this film, call girl, Lolita (Marilyn Jess)in New York thinks back about she got there while waiting for her new client to arrive. She remembers watching horrified at the rapes and other abuses she saw while she was in France. Then, under the tutelage of Florence (Mika Barthel) Claire becomes Lolita.

    Some of the sex scenes are pretty strong stuff; the rape of Florence to the abuse of Serge's girlfriend to the rear penetration of Claire by a more than well endowed male client, the viewer is treated to some heady porn. As for the rape of Florence, one has to wonder if La Famille Giscard ever envisaged how one of their Armagnac bottles would be used. All of which makes this film classic porn.