Othello 2000 (1997)

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A modern re-telling of this international classic. A big budget adult movie spectacular!


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5 April 2016 | Leofwine_draca
| Nothing to do with Shakespeare
As the title would suggest, this is an attempt at a reworking/updating of Shakespeare's OTHELLO, but with king of porn Joe D'Amato at the helm, it's nothing more than an interracial porno flick.

In fact, the storyline is in very short supply here, even more so than D'Amato's other historical pornography. There are characters by the name of Othello and Desdemona, but there the similarities end. The main character even gets a couple of brief speeches to set the mood, but all such attempts at characterisation are quickly jettisoned in favour of endless and repetitive sex scenes.

As you've probably guessed, black men coupling with white women is what's on offer here, although D'Amato seems obsessed with staging threesomes instead. Whether it's the costume or make-up department or whatever, the actresses chosen for the roles seem to be particularly rough-looking, and the sight of endless pounding is hardly a turn on. Still, whatever makes a buck...


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