Chloe: Sorry James, but, I play to win.

James: You know, sometimes you win one thing, and you lose another.

James: Thanks for rescuing me tonight. I never get a chance to do this. I never got to be someone.

Chloe: You already are someone, I mean. Our parents got to be kids. Now it's our turn.

Lord James Browning Sr.: Oh! From Eden? I must say, who are your parents?

Riley: Oh! Yes! Lord... Voldemort.

James: I've got a foot on it. You might want to check your shoes next time before you leave the loo.

Chloe: Lou who?

James: The WC, the loo, the toilets.

Chloe: Look. This competition is very important to me. It's not a play to play thing. It's a play to win thing.

Riley: Chill! I'm cool with this old peacekeeping thing.

Riley: Check it out, aliens from planet prep school.

Riley: Uh, Brian! It's this way.

Brian: No, it's this way. Hey, I found a short cut.

Riley: What's a girl to do?

Riley: I think we should...

Brian: Oh, yeah, right. Bond doesn't get the girl 'til after the movie.

Brian: En Garde.

Riley: Thou like-ith the Lakers?

Brian: King Shaqith of Neal douth rule-ith the Lane.

Dylan: Just stab her!

Riley: What did thou think-ith of Dodgers this fortnight?

Brian: Me think-ith they suck-ith.

Riley: For sure-ith.

Dylan: [learning they are representing England, in a British accent] Good going Holmes!

Dylan: How do you score plottage like this?

Chloe: You achieve greatness and die.

Rachel Byrd: So, you can pretty much forget about it.

Dylan: Well aren't we Miss Westminister Crabby?

Dylan: Flying Mallets! That ought to play well with the judges.

Dylan: [anchorman voice] Student Goes Psycho at UN Competition! Story at 11.