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  • AgntAeon5 March 2003
    This film was a bit of a change to the twins' usual charade of marketing-infested "hey we don't care, we're rich!" junk. It certainly stands out from others I've watched like When in Rome and Holiday in the Sun.

    It didn't seem fake at all, most stuff that they do they try to pull it off like it's a normal thing, but most teens don't go around in limousines and private jets. This one was believable, the whole gang looked like actual tourists and took cabs all over the joint. The only thing that really didn't seem right at all was one of the actors had the most fake and put on British accent I have ever heard. Being directed by Craig Shapiro and because I've seen Our Lips Are Sealed too, there's a couple traits in there that I knew what was going to happen before the whole scene had finished. Although I don't blame them, I'm not too bright on cockney rhyming slang either.

    Overall, it's predictable, it's funny in places, and it has a happy ending.

    All the things a romantic comedy should be.
  • talking_tree12 January 2003
    I can see that this films is mostly rated and commented by girls under 15. No one else could say one phrase to this rubbish. The movie was (as usual) higly boring, stiffly acted, predictable, like a big musicvideo. I simply can´t believe how anyone can write this unpleasant film and how can those two girls, Mary-Kate and Ashley with 14 years of acting experiense, want to act in a film with this kind of plot. It´s stupid. And why in the world can´t the eVeR hire other actors with good talents?? I had never seen those other actors and..well..they were newcomers with not so much talents, at least yet.

    I tried, I really tried to watch this movie from the beginning to the end but I couldn´t. I knew what was going to happen in it and the acting was just so hideous it wasn´t worth it! Maybe you´ll still watch it, despite my and other people´s words, that´s what I did because I was curious to see if the Olsen twins had finally grown up...but it isn´t worth it, trust me.
  • This was one of their better movies, much better than our lips are sealed and on the same level as it takes two. The movie is set in london ,yes i know your thinking not another foregn trip but this was actually good and had a drive about it. The best part about this movie was when riley did the speech at the end which was a great scene and for once it wasn't all perfect for the twins because they had to fight to get the men this time, but anyway the twins are becoming more and more beautiful and the movies are slowly progressing.
  • What can I say? This movie is the BEST OLSEN FILM YET. It's completely harmless, and it's got a hot British guy in it. And c'mon, at one point, the ventilation system magically becomes a laundry shoot. What more could one ask for?
  • I have seen alot of the girls movies over the years, and have totally grown up on thier fashion and lingo. But, this movie is def. the best...I have to admit most of their story-lines suck...and they aren't as good of actresses as the Mowry Twins (Tia and Tamera...i.e.-sister, sister (1994)).....but this movie is awesome! So check it out! lol ~*Mary-Kate*~
  • salsa899 May 2006
    If you go in to this movie expecting it to be intellectually stimulating then I'm afraid this movie isn't for you, but if all you want is a pleasant movie on a Saturday than this is fine family fun.

    The premise is that the two olsens and the rest of their Model UN team go to London to feature in an international Model UN. The film is predictable in places, irritating in others(no one would believe that the twins were boys!!), and genuinely entertaining in others still. It is an above average olsen film and I'd give it 8/10 considering that.

    Just remember; go in to it in the right mood. It's a light film that doesn't need reading into. Don't expect big, just a gentle comedy.
  • nygurl168717 August 2003
    I love this movie. I can watch it over and over. The twins were great in this movie. There were great jokes and memorable quotes. I am a huge fan of the Olsen twins and am looking forward to many more movies. I know we each have our own opinions and I don't care what anyone else says this was a great movie.
  • Winning London is yet another one of Olsen twin's great, highly enjoyable movies... though this movie starts off kind of slow and may start to turn you off, however, if you have the patience to make it through the first half of the movie, it really picks up and gets REALLY good and entertaining during the second half of the movie! The scene where they stage the rescue mission is absolutely fantastic and really picks up the tempo of the movie.
  • elaineator27 September 2003
    Well there is not much you can say for his film. From the one's that I have seen, I think this is the worst yet. At least the others are watchable. The film follows the same general plot as the rest; the girls go to another country and meet boys, with a nice little story to help you tell the difference. You would think that since they are in England they would be able to find an all English cast. Instead they force on us an Australian (Jesse Spencer) with a fake accent, and I was surprised to see some people who made comments actually thought he was British. My advice is, if you ever decide to watch this film, don't.
  • I've always liked the Mary-Kate and Ashley shows and movies. And they keep getting better and better! Probably, because Mary-Kate, Ashley and I are all the same age. I liked Passport to Paris, then I loved Our Lips are Sealed, and I just don't know what I'd do without Winning London! It was different from all the other movies, too. I reccomend it to everyone! It's such a great movie for all ages. It's full of friendship, love, humor, and excitment! Enjoy if you do get a chance to see it!
  • This movie was quite terrible - it shows the English as terrible snobs! Practically no British teenager speaks that poshly - apart from the royals. Not even the royals youngsters wear suits to discos! What normal guys wheres one of those riding jackets! The Olsen twins displayed their total lack of knowledge of Britain - and referred to every single wrong stereotype they could find. This film is stupid and childish - and will send all the wrong messages to the USA about us Brits. We do not dress up-tight to ALL occasions, we CAN dance, we do not all live in stately homes, we do not all have up-tight parents and we can have fun. The film does do us one favour however... we ARE integral and we DO have morals. We also DO NOT negotiate with terrorists. We can definitely give the Americans a run for their money like that.
  • I watched their other movies in the early 90's like how the west was fun, Double double toil and trouble etc. i did not however watch the sing along i'm to mature for that i watch scooby doo instead. Loved this movie they are great role models for more little cousins better than brittany spears that for sure. This movie was good well directed well acted and it had its moments where you wanted to rock out to the music. This movie rocks as well as they do and i love their show so little time you can here the theme song for the show in the movie and their names are they same as the ones in the show. A good movie recommended for those who love a good movie.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Winning London is a direct to VHS from the Olsen twins and you can pretty much can tell what this is about. Two sisters go to London as part of their school tour,there's romance and low quality video quality,some mayhem and yup that's it.

  • emeraldiceii13 November 2005
    See, I'm not one of those little girls who worships the ground that Mary-Kate and Ashley walk on. I actually do have some taste in movies. All of MK and A's movies are unrealistic, have no plot line, and nothing bad ever happens to them. But this one was the best out of them all I think. It was actually realistic. Take Our Lips Are Sealed...I don't know who wrote that, but whoever did, does not get out much. Winning London at least had a plot line (trying to win the UN model competition) and at least it could actually happen. The acting was fine. Mary-Kate and Ashley could just get annoying sometimes. But if you're a girl from ages 6-14 you'll probably watch it and enjoy it, and just say "Whatever." None of Dulstar's movies touch your heart, so don't expect much. It's not awful though, for a movie from MK and A.
  • I would say that this is the best out of all they're movies. (I haven't seen "Getting There" yet) It's probably the most "Edcucational" movie of theirs. The acting was actually pretty good, although the plot could have been better written. For once Mary-Kate and Ashley portray realistic girls. Their acting is getting better and this movie's cast was chosen very nicely. Overall I give this movie a 6/10 mostly for cuteness.
  • claudiaK11 August 2002
    Well as far as Mary-Kate and Ashley Films go, this one isn't so bad. You get a look at London and of course some cute boys.At some points they are actually funny. The older the girls get,the better the movies seem to be. If you're bored, check this one out. Besides, they aren't made to leave important messages, just to entertain.
  • This has been my favorite out of the Olsen twin films that i have seen. Setting it in London alone made it interesting, but the script wasn't bad, the story line kept you into the movie, and the girls had some great fashions.
  • BritBlonde8814 June 2002
    Being a brit myself, this is an extremely cute movie which shows u most of London's most important sites which is very enjoyable. Don't let the beginning turn u off, it gets better and even better, u get to see England! i think this is a definate 10 movie, and i hope u get to see it
  • tigger_1007 November 2001
    For an Olsen Twin movie it was pretty good. Most of their movies have a terrible plot and/or acting. This is the only movie that Mary-Kate and Ashley demonstrate good acting skills. If you had to choose one Olsen movie to buy...get this one
  • I loved this movie! I think it is a major step towards adult-hood. They are coming into major movie stardom! They show their level of maturity, they show that they can handle real onscreen relationships. Ontop of all of that their wardrobe rocks! I wish I could afford clothes like that!
  • Winning London is the best movie out of all the movies I have seen the Olsen twin do. I believe I have seen them all. Their past movies have seemed to me to be corny. This one is a little corny but not as much. I look forward to seeing their future movies to see how much they improve.
  • I used to LOVE all the Olsen twin's videos.. in Elementary School! Now I'm 17, and the videos are, for the most part, pretty corny! The newer movies, like Winning London, Our Lips are Sealed, and Switching Goals aren't too bad. Winning London is by far the best! The girls are a lot more mature and their acting is a lot better than it used to be! I laughed my head off during the rescue scene! (It's the best part.) I really really liked the movie.. and the fact that it's clean (G-rated!)! I recommend this movie to all the girls out there! (It's probably a little too sappy for the guys, although the rescue part is really good!)
  • I really liked this movie. It was a lot different than their other movies; it was way more mature and realistic. The Olsen twins look older and act older, and their clothes and hairstyles were awesome. I thought that this movie was great.
  • I luved the movie. The beginning of the movie is a little slow but once it picks it up I couldn't stop watching it. The olsen twins did a great job in this movie. It is definitely my favorite movie of theirs. I luved it!!!!!!!!
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