Kate: Didn't you have a dog once Jinny?

Jinny: I had a plant once, it didn't make it.

Angela: Maybe he isnt calling because he killed her.

CD: Well lets find him and ask him.

Jinny: Sex couldn't have been that bad.

Magda: What would you do if a guy didn't call?

Jinny: Oh, they always call me. They want to know me, they want to be a part of my life. They want to share.

Magda: But if they didn't?

Jinny: I would breathe a big sigh of relief unless of course I liked him then I'd just hunt him down and slash his tires.

Peter: Hey Magda,I'm going to grab a quick shower. 15 minutes tops.

Magda: Okay

Jinny: You're a lucky girl, Mag.

Magda: I am?

Jinny: Are you blind?

Magda: He's married.

Jinny: So?

Magda: So,he's my partner.

Jinny: So?

Magda: I for one have morals, Jinny.

Jinny: Yeah, you have morals,but what you don't have is a man.

Theodore: So, uh, I don't know, what else you buy?

Jinny: How do you know that I bought you anything for your birthday? Maybe I plan on knitting you a sweater. Or^Å give you something much more organic.

Theodore: Well, you do give good organic.

Jinny: Ah, first-timer, huh? Mm.

Theodore: Yeah.

Jinny: Then you must have had the dream by now.

Theodore: Uh, wh-what dream?

Jinny: Oh, you know. The one all new ADAs have. Packed courtroom. Everyone you know is there: parents, siblings, friends, professors. Stand up to address the jury. They all start laughing at you! I mean, we're not talking little girlie giggles, Theodore. We are talking earsplitting, humiliation-inducing derision here.

Theodore: Why?

Jinny: Because your buck naked, my friend! All right, Teddy just exactly how nervous are you?

Theodore: Yeah. Look, we need to go away someplace quiet, where we can just be ourselves and get to the bottom of things.

Jinny: Why? Look, you know who I am, okay? You know who my family is. Why the hell do you even want to be with me at all?

Theodore: Because I love you. Look, look, we should go away this weekend, okay?

Jinny: This weekend is--

Theodore: Yeah. Why not? We'll go up to Napa. I'm pretty sire I can get us a room. We'll leave Friday morning. We'll come back first thing Monday. Hey I am making you an offer you can't refuse. Huh?

Jinny: Wow, Theodore, you're a victim and a prosecutor. You're supposed to be howling for this guy's blood.

Theodore: It's not my style

Jinny: Softhearted A.D.A Hold the front page.

Theodore: You know, you're always poking fun at me. Why...why is that?

Jinny: You're such an easy target. That's all Dave., Because it's my style.

Theodore: I think you're trying to impress me.

Jinny: Really?

Theodore: You're attracted to me.

Jinny: I'm the one who keeps turning you down. How impressive is that?

Theodore: I won't give up.

Jinny: Come back later and sign your complaint.

CD: Hey Eddie... Interesting.

Jinny: Uh-uh, not happening.

Angela: He's cute.

Jinny: You go out with him.

CD: What's the problem? Too educated, loves his fellow man no visible tattos.

Jinny: Body art, if tasteful done can be very appealing.

Theodore: Haven't seen you in a skirt before. You look ....great.......

Jinny: Yeah well, I bet you say that to all the inspectors you meet.

Theodore: No, actually your my first one. So, are your friends at work are the giving you a hard time about this.......you dating an ADA?

Jinny: Not really it's......

Theodore: Me, right?

Jinny: No, just someone... like you.

Theodore: Just cause I have never been in a fistfight or been sent to detention does not mean I am not a force to be reckoned with.

Jinny: Oh... okay, well... You have a sense of humor I give you that.

Theodore: You know, I really wanted to take you someplace special tonight and I thought sailing but my friends boat's in drty dock. Um, I checked into a charte plae to Napa... it's way out of my league. So I settled for good foodnice music...and, um....

Jinny: What?

Theodore: Come on.

Jinny: Oh, no. no, no, no

Theodore: Come here.

Jinny: No one else is dancing.

Theodore: How do you think that makes me feel? You're in danger and I'm supposed to hide in the closet?

Jinny: Well come on and hide with me under the covers it's warmer. Come on. .. Look if I shoot the neighbor's cat by mistake. You can defend me in court.

Theodore: That's funny

Aaron: Looking for these? There were in the hallway.

Jinny: Look, I just, I want you to know that I don't normally do this kind of thing. I had a little too much to drink at my friend's baby shower. Before I went to the bar and had some more to drink. Listen, I don't want to hurt your feelings or anything but, I can't see you again. So please don't ask for my phone number. The thing is, I'm engaged. I know, it's really complicated. At any rate.

[Bob enters the hallway.]

Bob: Jinny? I think you're supposed to be talking to me. That's my roommate Aaron, I'm the one you slept with last night.

Jinny: Right. Listen, ahh.

Bob: Bob.

Jinny: Bob. I'm gonna go.

[Jinny leaves and mutters to herself.]

Jinny: Slut.

Jinny: Oh come on, we knew that she was doing him before the first husband killed himself.

Magda: We don't know that for sure.

Kaitlyn: Well, he got married right away, Jinny's probably right. And if the stepson blame's his father's suicide on the affair, then he'd have reason to go after the stepfather. There's your motive, Shakespearian, straight out of "Hamlet." Claudius kills his brother, old Hamlet and marries Gertrude, his brother's widow. Hamlet finds out and plots to kill Claudius, of course goes a little nuts in the process. (The other cops are silent.) Well, it's worth a thought.

Magda: That was very good Captain, I mean except our Hamlet has an alibi.

Kaitlyn: Alibi or not, something's rotten in the state of Denmark.

Magda: I asked you a question.

Teacher: No. You come to my school and then you start insinuating...

Jinny: Your credit card records show multiple charges at six seperate motels. We spoke to each of them. You were always accompanied by a handsome young man, about 16, bearing a striking resemblance to Tyler Peterson.

Magda: A 16 year old kid?

Teacher: He came on to me.

Jinny: He's just a boy.

Teacher: Haven't you ever done something you knew was wrong and then you couldn't stop yourself from doing it again?

Dr. Munson: Do you have any idea how many patients I've saved in my career?

CD: You created those scenarios.

Dr. Munson: What?

Angela: You ever heard of MBP?

Dr. Munson: I see you helped your husband with his psych boards too.

CD: Munchausen By Proxy. Caretakers who induce physical illness in others in order to gain attention.

Raina: And I thought you weren't afraid of anything.

Kaitlyn: Raina, you know my biggest fear?

Raina: What's that?

Kaitlyn: That you'll still be here when I turn around.