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  • tricia-1619 August 2003
    Dean Cain's (Jack) performance in this series is taken to a whole new level(this is partly due to Deborah Joy Levine(writer) who worked with Dean on Lois & Clark) when he teams up with Nancy McKeon (Jinny).Both actors give a powerful performance and bring great sympathy and understanding to the subject of substance abuse and alcoholism. Nancy McKeon is a great actress and working with her has added a new dimension to Dean Cain's acting abilities. They also had great chemistry which made their scenes together so totally believable. It would be good if the writers could expand the Jack & Jinny story next season, but this would only occur if they could persuade Dean to return for further guest appearances.
  • Kseny30 November 2005
    I like very much "The division"!!!!!!!!!!!!!After "Crossing Jordan" and "Alias", it's the best show!Especially now, in season 5 ( I think!), who just got in Romania on the Hallmark Channel, this show is very exciting!

    I saw a lot of ugly comments about this show and I decided to write,because I think I'm not the only person who thinks this way!

    "The division" is a serial with a lot of personality, action and a lot of interesting stories.

    Anyway, You just have to watch it to see what I'm telling...

    I also think that Nancy McKeon is a talented actress and that she plays her role like she was born for it!Go Nancy!!!!
  • The Division is an awesome show!!! Each actor and actress does a great job bringing their character to life. Sure, Nancy McKeon is my personal favorite on the show, but they are all good. Lisa Vidal, as I recently learned (I did not recognize her when I began watching The Division in February), was on my other favorite show ER playing yet another very spunky yet different character than Magda. I have recently been impressed by how well they have put together the very intense shows that they have had this season especially that season finale. It was really cool having Kim Fields guest starring in that episode or rather episodes. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that there will be a 5th season.
  • i really like this show. i know i know, its on lifetime, but that doesn't make it a bad show. it has very good drama and diologue. it shows all the real stuff that goes on in the police world. and being lifetime it focuses on women cops....something we're seeing a lot nowadays. if you like police shows like law and order or nypd blue, check this one out. women especially you'll like this. it airs on lifetime on sunday nights. 9 stars out of 10.
  • So far, the show is awesome, and hope the show gets even more awesome on season 3. All the actors and actresses on the show are just as awesome, too. Ms. Mckeon, while she may be different this season compared to last season is only because her character is now sober and having to redevelope thyself again. yes there's definitely a different Jinny as we all see her. but she's still an excellent character. Always loved Ms. Mckeon's performance on the sunday 6/2/02 episode where she's going undercover at an illegal cosmetics firm. as well as a few others this season i can't remember the names to. And we'll see in future episodes for season 2 how awesome she does. because according to the episode guide that i came to on an internet site for the division, the title names imply that the episodes will be totally awesome. So far, way to go Ms. Mckeon, Mrs. Vidal, Mr. Hamm. Keep up the good work, and may the very best be with you.
  • This series brought Lifetime its biggest debut ratings in the network's history easily cracking the top 15 in the Nelsen's Ratings. Besides that, I'm sure the Division would soar on NBC or CBS but where ever it is its an awesome show...and its not too girly either, there's lots of action and intense situations (so far). And each week it just gets better. Its got awesome, interesting characters who are well crafted and very well acted! Anyway, in my opinion, this show is among the best dramas on tv currently!! I highly recommend it to anybody.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I just want to express how I like this show so much. Police women who have to cope with the tough job on the beat and concile their private life... I tell you I like what Deborah Joy Levine is writing here.

    I watched mostly because of Nancy McKeon. I've lost her track for a few years and so happens I read about she was in that series. Boy, that girl is still full of talent. I haven't watched season 1 where she got in a lot of trouble because of her attitude (i.e. drinking), but to see her in another perspective being sober pleases me as well. I remember she was my favorite on some teenage show more than 20 years ago I've watched on NBC (rather not say it...). She is still my favorite after all those years. Way to go Nancy !

    But the rest of the cast is great: Bonnie Bedelia stills have a lot of mileage to go and her movie experience serves her well here... So's the rest of the cast like Tracey Needham and Lisa Vidal who has a tough situation to cope for (let's not go into spoilers here...).

    Stories are well told, and just reflect what policewomen have to face in reality.

    Have a moment and watch it. This Division is sure worth a look...
  • Lifetime outdid themselves by giving The Division another year on the air. Lifetime has proven that they as well as Viacom can produce such outstanding shows like The Division. The new add ons to the cast really brighten up the second season and the scripts have been as a whole excellent. Keep the current cast as it is and don't change a thing!
  • The gist: 5 female cops in San Francisco and their problems and adventures. Bonnie Bedelia, Lela Rochon, Tracey Needham, Nancy McKeon, and Lisa Vidal star in this series that is headed for doom while on the Lifetime network. Seeing the network, the episodes will most likely revolve around the whole "woman-in-peril" subplot. McKeon is a talented actress, as are the others, and shouldn't subject themselves to doing nothing except "woman-in-peril" stuff. This series might fare better on NBC, whose new season was met with insufficient failures. This show is ok, just needs a new network.
  • It's great to see Lifetime branching out into stronger material. The "Women in peril" theme gets old after awhile - even for women viewers!

    I like that Lifetime continues to pay attention to its core demographic without pandering to us. Well-made dramas like this and "Any Day Now" would be a credit to any network, and definitely strengthen the Lifetime lineup.
  • Mediocre at its best, laughable the rest of the time. While OK when dealing with relationship issues, the show is increasingly hilarious whenever professional issues are on. Like pretty much everyone, I have seen dozens of police shows, but The Division manages somehow to shine among them all. The cops come across as persistently unprofessional, yet constantly smug, which in reality would have made any real work done impossible. But the funniest part are the criminals. I understand that 40 minutes per episode require a tight timing, but it's still ridiculous to see (at the end of each episode) the villain eagerly unveil his or her sinister plan, like they have an uncontrollable urge to tell EVERYTHING to the cops and ruin themselves as quickly as possible. So funny it's not even funny.
  • The Division does nothing more than tell us that in life the good guys are the racial/ethnic minorities and women while the bad guys are the white Christian males. In every single episode I have seen, the criminal is white and, most often, male, while the main team of detectives is an unrealistic assortment of racially diverse women and a Jewish man. If this is so true, why do people complain about a disproportionate amount of minorities in prison and white males on the police department? The San Francisco setting combined with the reverse discrimination makes the liberal agenda all too clear.

    The Division does not solve or address any problems but rather reverses the old problems and creates more tensions.
  • I watched quite a few of these because looking at San Francisco is no huge challenge to my sensibilities. Unfortunately after almost no time at all you realise that the windows are blinds drawn or strongly backlit the outdoor scenes are shot at a low angle to obscure any horizon details and indoor locations abound, in fact the sum total of SF location in these seems to be cable car bells and words painted on restaurant windows. The show itself has some of the most PC plots I have ever seen - the white guy Always did it, cheer as the peppy black cop shots the villain three times in the chest. The captain looks like a particularly cheerless transgender experiment. Basically a dreary feel-bored family hour that looks much less attractive than Nash Bridges (hence very little merit that I have spotted so far).
  • Lifetime shouldn't produce original television shows, they just don't work. I recently saw an episode of this and I must say it does live up to it's standards. A female dominant police squad, that's realistic. I did notice one of the character's background seemed quite similar to another separate detective on another crime drama.


    One thing that seemed to bug me what the constant interruption of 'victim's ramblings' that seem to come out of know where that had nothing to do with the case at hand. It totally screwed up the flow of series.

    Hmm...Perhaps that's why it was cancelled.
  • Is it just me, or do they stereotype the detectives to death.

    We know CD is blue eyed, the innocent one, and just plain sweet looking. It's what blue eyes represents. Jinny, with her green eyes and dark hair would be considered too sexy. Heck, she slept around with every available man in season 1. After all, if a person has green eyes, they are considered sexy and likely to sleep around with everyone? And then there's Raina, brown eyed, and extremely smart. Doesn't having brown eyes automatically mean that you're really smart and brainy and super-intelligent? Well, it seems that way to me. Jinny-Green eyed-Sleeps around with anyone. Just looks too sexy. CD-Blue eyes-Looks too sweet. Raina and Captain both-Broun eyes-Intelligent and brainy. Just seems that way to me. Sorry if I see it like that! TV today seems to have brown eyed people as the intelligent ones, blue eyed people as the sweet ones, and green eyed people as the sexy ones. And yes, I've always thought that Nancy McKeon was sexy, just look at her eyes and hair. Green eyes and chestnut(brown with red highlites) colored hair. Oh what a combo.
  • Yes, the first three seasons were great, I'll admit to that. But ever since Nancy McKeon announced that she was pregnant and had it incorporated into her character, the show started to suck. When Nancy McKeon was absent, which resulted in her Jinny character also being absent for those 3 or 4 episodes, the show sucked big time, and I'll bet thousands of my hard earned dollars that during those Roma Downey episodes in which Nancy McKeon/Jinny Exstead was completely absent, the show took a major nosedive in the Neilsen's ratings as never before seen on any TV show of any kind to date. If Nancy McKeon were to leave this show for good, it'll totally ruin this show so bad that it'll put it from the top 15 or 20 shows on basic cable to the very, very bottom 5 in the Neilsen's rating for basic cable shows. Let's hope that Nancy McKeon doesn't decide to do something as bold-headed or dimwitted as leave this show for good. It would make this show totally suck, big time.

    And also, this show took some ratings dive when Tracey Needham left the show and Amy Jo Johnson took over. I just can't stand to see Raina as Nate's partner at all. It sucks badly enough. And Amy Jo Johnson's Stacey character is the worst character I've ever seen on T.V. to date. Amy Jo Johnson has to be the worst, and I mean worst, actress I've ever seen to date. Amy Jo Johnson couldn't even act well on Felicity. What makes you think she's gonna pull this one off. Amy Jo Johnson is the worst actress ever, period. John Hamm is not the best of them, either. Taraji P. Henson acts too much like a tomboy version of Hillary Duff, and Lisa Vidal is just too soft. The only good actresses on this show, period, are Nancy McKeon and Bonny Bedelia, and the former Tracey Needham, who's no longer there. That's why this show is beginning to suck. If Nancy McKeon were to leave, that would leave Bonny Bedelia as the only sole good actress to hold the show together. People just don't buy up Lisa Vidal's, John Hamm's, Taraji P. Henson's, or Amy Jo Johnson's acting ability or personality at all. Most people would think those 4 suck, as well. Yes, Deborah Joy Levine brought in Amy Jo Johnson because she was a Power Ranger and on Felicity, but she also brought in one of the worst actresses known. Amy Jo Johnson just can't bring her character to life, leaving a very hollow Stacey for us to be forced into viewing. If Jinny/Nancy McKeon leaves, we'll all be forced into viewing nothing but very hollow, not well acted detectives. Magda will definitely go from being good because she was with Jinny to being another very hollow character.