Mickey's rival in this show is Mortimer Mouse, taken from the animated short Mickey's Rival (1936). When Walt Disney first created Mickey, he intended for the name to be Mortimer, but his wife convinced him to change it to Mickey.

Dinosaur (2000) is the only Disney Animated Feature Film, that came before House of Mouse (2001), not to feature any characters in the club, due to that film being in CGI, instead of hand-drawn.

Is a spin-off of Mickey Mouse Works (1999), and features many of the shorts featured on that show. In addition, new shorts were also created specifically for this show.

This show features many Disney characters from other movies, except as noticed, there are a few characters missing: Tarzan: Tantor is the only Tarzan character that appeared in the show while Tarzan himself and the other characters Jane, Kala, Kerchak, Terk, Clayton, and Archimedes weren't in the show. However, Tarzan appears in on the show's website Pack of House instead of appearing in the show. The Aristocats: Many of the Aristocats characters appear in the show except for Marie, Berlioz, and Toulouse that we're the only Aristocats characters that weren't included in the series.

Two shorts from Mickey Mouse Works (1999) "Minnie Takes Care of Pluto" and the "Pluto Gets the Paper" short "Vending Machine" were never shown on this show, due to the shorts' violent nature. They were banned from ABC after their initial broadcast on the parent series, and were never shown in reruns. However, they are still shown in international broadcasts of Mickey Mouse Works (1999).

Numerous characters had different actors and actresses provide their voices in this series, than in the films, as is the case with most other television spin-offs and video games, in which they've appeared. -Flora was voiced by Tress MacNeille (who'd later go onto voice Merryweather in later projects) instead of Barbara Dirickson (who voiced her in all later appearances). -Maleficent was voiced by Lois Nettleton instead of Susanne Blakeslee (who voiced her in all later appearances). -Basil was voiced by Maurice LaMarche instead of Barrie Ingham. -Ratigan was voiced by Maurice LaMarche instead of Vincent Price. -Dodger was voiced by Frank Welker instead of Billy Joel. -Scuttle was voiced by Maurice LaMarche instead of Buddy Hackett. -Belle was voiced by Jodi Benson instead of Paige O'Hara (who voiced by in all her other appearances). -Genie was voiced by Dan Castellaneta instead of Robin Williams. -Simba was voiced by Cam Clarke instead of Matthew Broderick. -Mufasa was voiced by Keith David instead of James Earl Jones. -Timon was voiced by Kevin Schon instead of Nathan Lane. -Zeus was voiced by Corey Burton instead of Rip Torn. -Philotedes was voiced by Robert Costanzo instead of Danny DeVito. -Mushu was voiced by Mark Moseley instead of Eddie Murphy. -Tantor was voiced by Jim Cummings instead of Wayne Knight. -Kuzco was voiced by J.P. Manoux instead of David Spade.

This show ended only 3 days before Rod Roddy's death. Roddy played Mike the Microphone in this show, of which was also the only Disney role that he ever had in his lifetime.

There are very rare House of Mouse episodes that include the vintage Mickey cartoons.

Even though Jim Cummings voices various characters in the series, Winnie the Pooh and Tigger do not have any lines in the series whatsoever.

The creators of the show were given instructions by Disney not to include characters from Tarzan (due to the licensing issues with the Burroughs Estate) and The Hunchback of Notre Dame (due to a belief that characters from such a serious and dramatic movie would not fit in well). In spite of that, Tantor, Quasimodo and even Frollo make frequent appearances throughout the show's run.

Even though Tony Jay was quite clearly available for House of Mouse, given the fact he voiced the Magic Mirror from Snow White and Shere Khan from The Jungle Book, he never once says any dialogue for the Disney role he was most well-known for: Frollo from The Hunchback of Notre Dame.

Max Goof is the only Disney Channel character to appear in the series. While he was actually first introduced in a short "Fathers Are People" in 1951 he was originally depicted as Goofy Junior with a different design, his character depicted as Max Goof was introduced in the Disney Channel series Goof Troop (1992) along with its theatrical movie A Goofy Movie (1995) where he's a teenager.

During the opening title sequence, Willie the Giant and Sneezy the Dwarf both appear in the same shot. Both characters were originally voiced by comedian Billy Gilbert, who was famous for his comic sneezing routine.

ToonTown was originally created in Who Framed Roger Rabbit (1988) which none of the original characters from that film appear except for Benny the Cab, but it's very rare.

Whilst none of Disney's Fully CGI films at the time were directly featured in the show itself, stuff from them still had cameos and got referenced in some way.