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  • CLASSIC COMEDY TEAMS is a pretty good documentary. It's the first documentary to show all the classic comedy teams from the twenties to seventies. But the problem is that some things were too long and other things were too short.

    The documentary was originally made by "Goodtimes Home Video". It's not a documentary you can just find at a store. You have to by a used copy from a seller. The Our Gang segment could have been cut down. The Laurel and Hardy sequence didn't show much more than shown on the later documentary, CLASSIC MOMENTS WITH LAUREL AND HARDY.

    The Three Stooges did a pretty good segment, but only four of their actual films were shown. I did enjoy the Jo DeRita sequences though. But the Abbott and Costello sequence was TOO short.

    The biggest problem is that the Keystone Kops and Tons of Fun sequences are only one minute long. Overall, my rating is: *** out of ***** stars. Watch it if you're interested.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    CLASSIC COMEDY TEAMS is a fun little video compilation featuring various clips from classic comedy teams of the early 20th century. The film is presented by TV presenter Steve Allen, who provides context amid the clips, but most of all it's a straight-up glimpse at almost all of the popular comedians of the day.

    The main complaint is that, given this was the analogue era, the clips are generally of very poor quality, blocky and pixellated at times. However, the wealth of talent portrayed is remarkable, from the Our Gang team to Laurel and Hardy, and with a ton of others to boot: the Marx Brothers, the Three Stooges, even Jerry Lewis and Dean Martin. It's a slight thing for sure, but entertaining with it, and guaranteed to raise a chuckle for classic comedy fans.