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  • Watching this movie, i think that this genre is indeed a good way to discover a country and its culture. Sex is intimacy and an hobby practiced all over earth : so it's the best key to get into the daily life of everyone and to get everywhere as sex can happen as shown in this movie at home, at the work place, in a hotel... So with this movie, you will have a good example of how french live, especially around Paris. Technology and modernism aren't very close to us as we prefer old, casual ambiance. To have Laura manipulating this powerless husband and boss is a good idea as she seems to have this kind of aura. The scenes aren't not extraordinary and the story is totally unbelievable (he needs a tape-player and he got one ! a birthday party turns into an orgy at once) but the cast is at least decent and the director is efficient. A good mention to Illona as the prostitute because she looks like a young Justine Joli (# to come) and unlike her, she does as well men or women.