The character of Razor was based on singer/songwriter Tori Amos, who at the time was an unknown, a friend of one of the graphic designers. Amos was the front woman of a hair metal band called "Y Kant Tori Read"; Razor's hair and outfit are identical to the one Amos is wearing on the cover of the "'Y Kant Tori Read' album. Additionally, one potential plot line in the game has Razor inexplicably playing classical music on a grand piano, Amos' instrument of choice.

The first game that was developed with the SCUMM engine (Script Creation Utility for Maniac Mansion). It became the basis for several other adventure games by Lucasfilm Games, such as The Secret of Monkey Island (1990), Zak McKracken and the Alien Mindbenders (1988) and Loom (1990).

The "weird Edsel's" license plate reads THX 1138, the title of an early George Lucas film.

In the Green Tentacle's bedroom, a poster for a musician named Ron Gilbert adorns the wall. Ron Gilbert was the game's lead developer.

The paintings in the hallway on the second floor are: Alex's eye from "A Clockwork Orange;" the Amityville house; Napoleon Bonaparte; and Mrs. Bates from "Psycho." The statue at the far left is a real artwork, "Dawn," by Michaelangelo, which was sculpted for the Medici chapel. The translation of the plaque is: "If found, send to the Louvre, postage paid." The slashed painting in the dining room is likewise an actual artwork, in this case "Sunday in the Park" by Georges Seurat. The revised editions of the game identify the photograph in the den as Castle Brunwald, the place where Henry Jones was held hostage in "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade."

The name of Razor's band is "Razor and the Scumettes," only revealed when utilizing the game function to choose which type of music plays in the background.

The first adventure game to introduce the revolutionary point-and-click system, which allowed the player to interact with objects by using verbs. Previously, most adventure games relied on commands that had to be typed in by hand.