Whenever something surprised Commander USA he would yell out; "HOLY CATS!"

Lefty was a regular on the show. Lefty was a hand puppet that Commander USA put on the palm of his right hand drawn with the ash from his unlit cigar. Lefty never said anything, but the Commander could always hear Lefty.

Alan Kalter, who went on to do the Late Show with David Letterman (1993) was the announcer that introduced the Commander USA's Groovie Movies. Each week the show would start; "Wherever there is a wrong to be righted, He is there! Whenever humanity gropes for that universal meaning of life, he is there! He is everywhere, for he is Commander USA! Far below a teaming shopping mall, Commander USA enters his video vault, to bring you action, adventure, and zany non stop thrills! In Commander USA's Groovie Movies.

When Commander USA was putting his overcoat on, he always had a problem with his right arm getting into the sleeve of the coat.

Commander USA always had trouble entering or exiting through the EXIT door. He either trip or stumble, or bang his shin or toe.

Jim Hendricks played a character on Junction City, Kansas radio called Uncle Willie. He originally wanted Uncle Willie to be the host of Groovie Movies, but management wanted a superhero type host. So Jim created Uncle Willie as Commander USA. The trench coat, cigar, and his mannerisms and way he talked are all carryover from the Uncle Willie radio show. Commander USA never says what his real name is, but Jim Hendricks has clued that it is Willie.

Commander USA's secret Video Vault is located in the basement of the Willowbrook Mall in Wayne, New Jersey.

To view the movies, Commander USA would play a slide whistle that would open the "Telecyclotronic Screen's Heat and Radiation Shield".

The deer head that Commander USA hangs his coat on is named Monroe. The Commander talks to Monroe and is the only one that can understand what Monroe says. Monroe speaks in various animal sounds other than deer.