Ian Nottingham: Telekinesis, telepathy, synchronicity. Just because you don't see something, doesn't mean it isn't real.

Sara Pezzini: What I saw was a psychotic criminal who gave himself a sucking chest wound.

Ian Nottingham: But what did he see, Sara?

Sara Pezzini: A muzzle flash.

Ian Nottingham: I'm not the one you have to fear. I'm not a monster. Be aware, Sara. There are evil spirits in human form that tread on this earth. Look in mirrors, look in shadows, look inside.

Sara Pezzini: I'm sorry. I don't quite follow you. Could you be a bit more vague?

Mugger: Wallet, watch and cash, bitch!

Ian Nottingham: Risky line of work you're in.

Mugger: Do you want me to kill you?

Ian Nottingham: Kind of.

Mugger: Well, I'm game. Now give me what I asked you for!

Ian Nottingham: I'm going to give you more than what you asked me for. I'm going to give you... your life.

Jake McCartey: You okay, Sara?

Sara Pezzini: I've never been okay.

Sara Pezzini: Every day above ground is a special day.

Kenneth Irons: Common sense has never been a reliable guide to understanding the universe.

Sara Pezzini: [to Ian] Do you ever *not* lurk?

Sara Pezzini: Is your computer online?

Gabriel Bowman: Is Elvis worm food?

Gabriel Bowman: Oh, yeah? Wh-wh-what are you going to do? You gonna amp up your little Witchblade and cut me?

Vicky Po: Who's the pirate?

Sara Pezzini: Just some guy I know.

Vicky Po: Yeah? What's he doing around here?

Sara Pezzini: Proselytizing.

Vicky Po: Hey, big word.

Sara Pezzini: I know bigger ones.

Vicky Po: I think he's kind of cute. I like those swarthy guys

Sara Pezzini: Yeah, swarthy... psychotic, bipolar, hard bodies, what a treat.

Vicky Po: He's got that look like he can just walk on water.

Sara Pezzini: Well, he can definitely walk through walls 'cause I have no idea how he got in here.