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  • MoviexFanatic9 October 2008
    I recently have been playing this game back in my childhood on Playstation. This game is so addicting. I'm surprised that there are no posts for this game!!! Here is what the game is about: The player takes control of either Ruff or Tumble, a brother and sister who are sleeping and trying to free 40 "Winks" from a man named Nitekap, and his evil accomplice, Threadbear. In the storyline, "Winks" are small, white creatures which make dreams, and "Hoodwinks", which are green and of a similar size are what are responsible for nightmares.

    Throughout the game, the player has to collect moon-shaped tokens, which are used to scream at dreamly apparitions, and z-shaped tokens which stop the particular character from waking up. Floating cogs are also collected as a means of opening doors. The character travels through such dream worlds as haunted houses, ship wrecks, planets and prehistoric lands. The player is also able to transform into various types of beings, suggested by Ruff & Tumble's mother during the film featurette before the gameplay begins.

    A version was planned for the Nintendo 64, but was later cancelled. The 64-bit version of the game was apparently nearly complete.

    Sounds interesting? it from or someplace and play it! Trust me, you will LOVE it! As I did. =] My rating for 40 Winks: 10/10.
  • I loved this game, it was hard to play.and the game is simply worth playing even to this day so please go do so, but um, this game is just simply amazing Marc Silk, and Lani voice in this, it's a treasure and for those who have not played this, please go and play this game.also this should be on the ps4 shop and ps3 and other consoles as well, and I feel there should be Easter eggs in other games about 40 Winks,even maps, i love to explore this in gmod of sfm but anyways I loved this game and play this treasure If you haven't yet.