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  • In the singularly titled "Gayniggers From Outer Space," Cpt. B. Dick and his crew of gay crusaders from the planet Anus, a member in good standing of the Federation of Gay Planets, happen upon a remote and primitive world called Earth, whose surface is inexplicably covered with dangerous "female creatures." Anything at all could be going on down there, perhaps even the dreaded "kissing" our heroes have read about! For the sake of Earth's men, the Gayniggers decide to dispose of the female creatures and show the planet the error of its ways.

    This isn't a comedy as you would usually expect to find one; you can't sit down alone and expect to be entertained much by it. This is the sort of thing that you need to get a few friends together for (preferably numbering no female creatures among them), so you can all sit around and laugh at the sheer absurdity of it all: at the pocket-change sets and special effects, at the ship computer's Speak&Spell voice, at the impossible characters, and of course, simply at the fact that someone actually created a film called "Gayniggers From Outer Space." I find that I haven't a clue how to rate this numerically, given how huge a departure it is from more conventional movies, but it's worth seeing at least once if you can find it.
  • This masterpiece is nothing short of genius! I swear as God is my witness I honestly can't imagine why I haven't heard this film's praises sung from the day it was released. It melds the earthy, rough-hewn special effects of Doctor Who with the subtle cultural commentary of Orgazmo, and a touch of comic styling a'la Platoon thrown in just for good measure.

    I won't delve too deeply into the plot here, since many of you haven't seen this work of art yet, but I can say that it is not an odiously long film, and the acting is top-notch. It whisks the viewer on a whirlwind journey from the Ukraine to Germany to Beijing to the farthest reaches of outer space on the backs of five heroes risking everything to save the planet Earth.

    Tantalized? You should be. I *highly* recommend this film to everyone (even children), and would admonish readers not to trust any critic that says otherwise.
  • Okay, people come on this site and comment that it is sexist, racist (especially towards Asians) and homophobic. Yes, it is; I won't deny that. But you know what? It's also a comedy. It's a parody of those awful porno films from the 70's (back when they tried to have plots) and also those terrible, xenophobic sci-fi films in the 50's. Some 50's film has similar, racist content and it is called "camp", but some film is made years later parodying that genre by being blatant about it, and it is labeled racist.

    At least this movie isn't serious about it's political incorrectness. The whole film is basically a joke, from the horrendous dubbing to the tinfoil set pieces. The budget and quality is no better than a student film. How anyone can get offended is beyond me. Feel free to laugh; it's natural.

    This is not Oscar quality material, but I had to smile at a few parts that were just so wrong (like the Asian women being overdubbed with someone just squealing unintelligibly into a microphone). It's good for maybe a chuckle or two, but nothing beyond that.

    It's only 25 minutes long and not worth any amount of money to watch. If the title intrigues you, watch it just for curiosity sake. If the title offends you, stay away cause it gets worse and it won't redeem itself.
  • I thought Gayniggers from Outer Space was quite amusing. Yes, the jokes are somewhat immature, but we all need some of that in our lives from time to time. For those of you with an open mind that don't want to think that much, and are adult enough and lacking the pretentiousness to actually admit you like a movie like this, it really is a lot of fun packed into 25 minutes.

    Also, for those who accuse the movie of both homophobia and racism, I would like to point out that 3 of the stars, including Coco P. Dalbert are gay. And of course, everybody is black. Like I said before, if you can be open-minded, this movie is quite enjoyable.
  • This is hilarious! It's the funniest science fiction comedy film that I've ever seen. The title of the film and of the characters are comedy genius!

    It deserves to be remade as a high-budget feature film. Imagine how great it would be with Eddie Murphy, Chris Rock and Will Smith playing lead roles!
  • tanolin12 June 2005
    Warning: Spoilers
    This film could have been made at any point in history -- but it wasn't until the early 1990s that such a cast and crew found each other and created such a piece. Such a masterpiece. That's what this film turned out to be, against all odds. And that's much how the theme of the movie is. The benevolent protagonists of the film are vastly outnumbered, and against all odds, they turn the planet earth into a place where men can be men. It sounds so simple -- and perhaps it is.

    Gayniggers from Outer Space goes against a number of things we've learned. Just like a victim of chronic shock torture can scarcely believe he's not suffering anymore after it's over, the men from this film emerge into an accepting and understanding world -- a world with a memory of where it's been still lingering, no doubt. But the Gayniggers... they leave an ambassador behind to ease the transition into a better life for every man, just as the greatest saint in history would console the most despondent and lost soul. But this film burdens itself not with any theological issues as such, but rather with the utterly existential.

    That delivers us to the next point. It is of little doubt that the cast of this film was utterly satisfied with their performance -- the fact that most of them never sought another role attests to this. Indeed, when they all die, they will leave behind a legacy -- a gift, truly, to the future generations. They set an example to us all, merely by being in the film. Most of us will never endow humanity with such a treasure, but it's almost as if they're nudging us and smiling, while saying something like, "It's alright. We took care of some of the heavy lifting for humanity. But we've got your ass -- any time you need us, just remember us. We're there, watching over you."

    And so it is. A classic was born.
  • Even though this movie is only about 23 minutes long, it was great. 5 "gayniggers" who come from the planet Anus come to earth to eliminate the women population and create an all male, gay society. With names like D. Ildo and Sargeant Shaven Balls and classic stereotypes, this hard to find sci fi spoof is worth the time to watch even though it is near impossible to find. Good luck!
  • detroit_techno20 April 2003
    Yes m8
    Only the politically correct will hate this film. Everyone else who isnt tied up to this society destroying line of thought will give this short film an easy 10. Some of the one liners that come out of it are complete classics and deserve to be shown on domestic TV as soon as possible, preferably before 9pm.....
  • I saw this listed for download and I immediately thought, "God, that sounds dreadful." The title makes it sound like the film sets out to shock and be completely offensive only for the hell of it. Then, out of curiosity, I looked it up here on IMDb. I was surprised that it had so many comments in the message boards, so I downloaded it and gave it a chance. May I say this is one of the most entertaining short films I have ever seen. Granted the character names, and a few other jokes, *are* pretty simple minded on the surface, but I think they work when everything is fit together. The narration and music (I LOVED the music!) set a great tone. There are so many small touches -- the Mr. Spell voice, some hilarious imagery, the misspelling of "Beijing" -- that make the whole thing work wonderfully. It also did a great job of giving a 70's kind of feel. I don't think this movie's purpose is to offend. I found it endearing even. I'm glad I gave it a chance.
  • This is a very funny short film about some men from outer space who are traveling trough the universe to secure the male race from the evil female forces. The movie is very low budget, probably ment to be, and is not to be taken very seriously. Havent we all thought lame and prejudice things about the other gender wether we are male or female? Well i think this movie is for you guys who have had bad experiences with the other sex, you will love it, i did :) Also the title "gay niggers from outer space" is simply hilarious and worth the watch just because of it.
  • Can honestly say "gay n* from outer space" is a better film than "Django Unchained":

    a) it handles the delicate racial and social matters more gracefully and realistically b) it has better acting c) the plot is more believable d) the soundtrack is better (I might remix it into jungle- breakcore, especially the orchestral tetris bits) e) the violence is less gratuitous and more fits the theme of the film which is gayniggers from outer space eradicating womankind to create a utopia. Overall I'd rate this film as more politically correct, also it doesn't have Leonardo Di Caprio in it.
  • Perhaps least often recounted of the virtues of this superlative piece of cine-graphic mana is that of its subtle yet delicious taste. I will be the first to admit, as a well known gourmand of the silver screen era, I did not evaluate the prospect of dining on a scratched vcd labeled in felt-tipped pen of all things. Upon unwrapping the VCD, the harsh chemical smell made me yearn for the bygone days when I could sink my fork into something substantive, a big spool of celluloid dripping in silver halide, or even a crunchy treat of large-crystal cellulose acetate. Yet, as all men of character must, I ventured forth into the unknown with a tentative bite, held on the end of a trembling fork, poised to rush to the lavatory should the desire to void overtake me. Yet such precautions were unneeded! The second my tongue met the pits and grooves of the reflective foil, I was dumbfounded by a shock of flavor, comparable only to the initial note of a top-shelf Riesling. As my well-worn molars did their ancient work, the roof of my mouth was perforated with pleasantly jagged shards of plastic, adding a physical component to my enjoyment. I found myself bewildered at the thought that there were still men out there delving so fearlessly into the realm of haute cuisine, and with an empty cdr tray and full belly, I can only say to the makers of this wonderful piece of cinema: more please.
  • A group of aliens (who happen to be homosexual and appear to be of African descent) approach earth, horrified to find it populated with not only males but also females. So they devise a plan to land on earth and liberate the men from their female overlords. Numerous sexual and racial jokes ensue.

    It is rather difficult to explain this film. The plot really sums it up, but the question is exactly whether or not the film is even good. On one hand, it's mostly notorious because of the name and not so much for the content of the film. So it can be dismissed as just a racist and homophobic movie. But is it racist or homophobic if it glorifies homosexuality and stars black men? And what of some of the more clever, subtle humor and homages? The name itself is a take on "Grave Diggers From Outer Space", the original title of "Plan 9 From Outer Space"... so there's definitely some knowledgeable film historians behind this one.

    And what to make of it being foreign (Danish)? Does the intent and humor translate well? I can't say for sure. Which makes this one even more of an enigma.

    After three viewings (the film is less than thirty minutes) I am still unclear on the way to take this one, and will likely be unclear for some time. It's funny, if only in an irreverent way. It's quirky. And it's certainly unique. If you can get your hands on a copy, do so. I don't know how to explain why, but I think this is a must-see film for almost everyone.
  • Liam22119919 March 2018
    Warning: Spoilers
    This film is nothing short of perfect. Its a shame that this film was overlooked by the Academy but unfortunately that's the reality we live in. In every aspect of film making, the film is flawless. I cannot recommend this film enough.
  • EVOL66617 February 2007
    Warning: Spoilers
    How could you not want to see a film titled GAYN!GGERS FROM OUTER SPACE? I'd like to thank one of my sources for dropping this obscure little film on my doorstep - I may not have heard of it otherwise. A light-hearted and truly funny STAR TREK-ish parody - this one is a fun way to blow (hee-hee) a half-hour...

    A group of gay, black, space-travelers (hence the title...) with such colorful names as Captain B. Dick, Sergeant Shaved Balls, and ArmInAss, come across the planet earth and decide to rid the planet of women as a means to free their male "brothers". Their mission takes them to the Ukraine, Bejing, and Hamburg, where they evaporate the female population with ray-guns...

    GAYN!GGERS FROM OUTER SPACE is not nearly as offensive or risqué as the title sounds. There's no gay-action in the film, and the whole thing is handled as a very light comedy. Not a masterpiece of film-making by any means - but an obscure and amusing short-film that definitely has the best title of any film ever made. Give this one a look if you get the chance...8/10
  • Warning: Spoilers
    i abhor all these comments on whether this movie is supposeed to be "funny" this is an honest and sincere portrayal of an intelligent and sensitive culture that you simply failed to understand. the subtle drama of being gay, being black, and being in outer space. this poignantly short masterpiece captures better than any other movie i've seen the true, and compassionate nature of higher beings from a more advanced sexual realm.

    obviously this was never meant to be comedy, and could never be mistaken as such except by crude, illiterate, non-homosexual earth people. perhaps to you, the idea of an advanced civilization based on higher concepts like gay love, and rectal exploration should be a joke. but to the civilised universe, where triforce anal probes and flavored lubrication jelly form the basis of enlightened philosophy, these things are a way of life, and this movie is anelegant portrayal of that life.
  • It's really surreal humor, absurdist, it's actually making fun of political correctness, sexism, racism and such through juxtaposing. If anyone actually gets salty because of this film, they didn't really get the catch. The budget and production just contribute to the level of absurdity
  • Warning: Spoilers

    pretty solid film, I just think that it lacked a bit of realism to it. not once did I see a black hole up on the screen, and we all know that our galaxy contains over a 100 million black holes.

    maybe it's just me but I felt like this film could've had more substance had a beautiful and raw black hole been shown, at least once.

    Maybe they should have hired Neil deGrasse Tyson for the black hole part, he's a very renowned astrophysicist and could have had a great input here.
  • I mean really, honestly if someone heard this title, no one in their right mind would turn it down and not be curious to watch it. I've actually was privelaged to see this great movie, and I think its just genius. Like this is something me and my friends might do, but I'm so happy to see someone has actually come out do it , a such a long time ago. I admit though it does slow down and drag sometimes, but for the most part you'll laugh because you'll catch yourself watching such a dumb movie. its soo dumb and stupid that you'll just laugh, and catch yourself saying the title a lot. so do yourself a favor and find this movie and spread the word, you know you'll eventually do so...
  • extasy-112 January 2006
    This is a fun packed movie. I really enjoyed the openness of the film and the actors rocked. If you don't have an open mind keep looking for other films more your style. If you like to laugh and we all need to do that then I recommend watching this film. This is a fun packed movie. I really enjoyed the openness of the film and the actors rocked. If you don't have an open mind keep looking for other films more your style. If you like to laugh and we all need to do that then I recommend watching this film. This is a fun packed movie. I really enjoyed the openness of the film and the actors rocked. If you don't have an open mind keep looking for other films more your style. If you like to laugh and we all need to do that then I recommend watching this film.
  • A really strange peice of cinema. This short film runs only about 20mins and is chock full of homophobic humor and juvenile jokes, but nevertheless its quite well made and directed. Seek it out just so you can say you've seen it.
  • thomasjamesde21 March 2012
    This is a work of art. The cast was well thought out and the names given to them were genius. The screenplay was fabulous, and the actors were ambidextrous. There is no reason why you shouldn't see this movie. The plot was ingenious, and the entire movie was just awesome. Having the women eliminated from earth was an interesting concept. Its sci-fi qualities, including ray-guns and spaceships, was quite appealing. Having the color go from black and white to color, showing the earth being freed from women, was a smart decision by Lindberg. This is just like in "the Wizard of Oz." Overall, the only way of knowing how good this movie is is to watch it yourself.
  • Quintessential to the Hollywood community. This is by far the best movie me and my dad have ever watched together. Makes me proud to be a gay black man
  • stuart_mcmillen20 December 2005
    It's hard to know what was going through Per Kristensen and Morten Lindberg's heads when they wrote "Gayniggers from Outer Space" - the movie is billed as a comedy, yet there are no real jokes beside the crude character names (Capt. B. Dick, Sgt. Shaved Balls). The rest of the movie is a (presumably) unintentionally funny affair with ridiculously unsynchronised voice-overs (with the 'actors' basically reading their lines with no hint of feeling), 'futuristic' computer displays filled with spelling mistakes, and a plot that makes almost no sense.

    Even though 65% of viewers have given this movie a perfect 10 out of 10, this is the complete opposite of what a good film is. It may be ENTERTAINING to watch with some friends, but this film only deserves about a '2' out of ten...slightly higher than the lower possible rating only because of the sheer fact that the writers somehow managed to get some black guys to star in this movie.
  • This movie had an interesting twist to it.. kinda hard to describe i guess without ruining any surprises. Good luck finding this thing. A friend suggested it, but I think it's pretty hard to review because I can't think of movies that could serve as an alternative to this title. Fun to show off and watch with friends though. Have fun!
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