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  • bnglboi198217 October 2006
    I have this on DVD and it is a pleasure to say that I love it even though after the fact that there was rumors online about extra features and videos and weren't doesn't change the fact that I still love it. The Videos are Hero Takes A Fall which had the girls destroy mannequins, Going Down To Liverpool with Spoc as the driver Vicki should had slapped him for turning off the radio, Manic Monday with the girls going around town on a hectic work day, If She Knew What She Wants what were the girls laughing about at the end?, Walk Like An Egyptian without the full video of Vicki saying OK were gonna do one more yeah, Walking Down Your Street the girls opening up for Little Richard, In Your Room Psychdelic dancing and shadowy moves, Eternal Flame the girls frock-ling on the beach, and last but not least Be With You the girls playing live to a crowded auditorium's. Even though Hazy Shade Of Winter didn't make it to this collection of videos its still worth having.
  • If only I could have given them 100 stars... My highest recommendation for this. I'm just relieved to have it on DVD. It was one of the first items in the RavenGlam collection, and there ensued a frenzy when I realized HAZY SHADE OF WINTER wasn't included. A couple of years of fruitless searching, then I had it downloaded and copied onto a DVD-R, but the result was so far inferior, I lobbied for the inclusion of the music video in South Africa's Awesome Eighties Music Video Collection, and found a very sympathetic ear, the compiler had that notion anyway. I just fueled the fire. By that time, I had even bought LESS THAN ZERO in the hope that the video might be a Special Feature, but no, of course not, it wasn't advertised that way anyway. All in all, it was only after a helluva long time that I obtained it, and even then, you need it with the rest on the same disc, but okay, enough of the collection's one major flaw. (By the way, there are other great Bangles songs, "All I Ever Wanted (For a While)...

    As these music videos do not have their own entries on IMDb, this is the ideal venue to discuss my classic favorites:

    {to be written during the month of November 2016}

    {being constructed, 2016/11/03, pardon me, I work with a little BlackBerry, and a major contribution comes in parts, to facilitate recharging}

    HERO TAKES A FALL. The one with the mannequins. They start off as poor little ugly ducklings. Fortunately, they were destined to be rescued, but there is no denying that they are a motley crew. The look is all wrong, but the sound, the sound holds promise. So, they might be street urchin paupers here, totally off-putting to young new viewers of today, but better days are on the horizon.

    GOING DOWN TO LIVERPOOL. The one with Leonard Nimoy.


    WALK LIKE AN Egyptian. The one with Charles and Diana, and Muammar Ghaddafi.

    MANIC Monday. The one with the breakthrough song.

    WALKING DOWN YOUR STREET. The one with Little Richard.

    IN YOUR ROOM. The psychedelic one.

    ETERNAL FLAME. The one on the beach with the fireworks.

    BE WITH YOU. The one with the Madonna look.