• 75
    Sean Axmaker Seattle Post-Intelligencer
    Isn't exactly adult animation but it's more complex and ambiguous than the usual Hollywood live-action blockbuster, and just as splashy.
  • 70
    David Chute L.A. Weekly
    There are so many good ideas at the visual level that you can't help wishing the narrative elements had been more cleverly worked out.
  • 63
    Ty Burr Boston Globe
    If you want state of the art anime that comes within spitting distance of escaping the limits of its genre, this might be your cup of bootleg sake.
  • 63
    Liam Lacey The Globe and Mail (Toronto)
    With all due respect to Japanese animation fans and pop-culture enthusiasts, life may be just too short to plunge into the busy world of Cowboy Bebop.
  • 60
    Luke Y. Thompson Dallas Observer
    When the action sequences work, they work well; the climax cribs heavily from 1989's "Batman," but improves on Tim Burton's finale.
  • 60
    Maitland McDonagh TV Guide Magazine
    Brisk, engaging story.
  • 58
    Kim Morgan Portland Oregonian
    It's a stylish work, seeping with brilliant animation and potentially interesting characters that didn't need so much time to establish themselves. It's worthwhile, but it's a good thing there's a television show to refer to.
  • 50
    Village Voice
    Americanized through western showdowns, shadowy film noir, gangster shootings, sci-fi, Bruckheimer explosions, slapstick, and soaps, Bebop aims to transcend its own genre by emulating all genres, and it falls short only in the melodrama.
  • 50
    Mick LaSalle San Francisco Chronicle
    Overlong, overplotted and underdrawn.
  • 30
    Eric Campos Film Threat
    Good news is that most of the marvelous English dialogue cast from the Cowboy Bebop series has returned for the film. The bad news is that the heart and soul of the series hasn’t.