Dev Anand was to introduced the Miss Universe of 1992 Madhu Sapre as the heroine in this movie Gangster, but it didnt work out.

Gangster was half way through when Anita Ayoob left for the US, and then could not enter India, but the production was completed abroad.

The dubbing of Aneeta Ayoob, was done by someone else as she did not get visa to enter India.

After S.D.Burman, R.D.Burman, Rajesh Roshan Bappi Lahiri & Raam. Laxman, Jatin-Latin entered Navketan with this film, later they also did Censor. Gangster celebrated the Diamond Jubilee year (the 50th year) of Dev Anand in films, from 1945-1995.

For many years actor Ajit was Dev Anand's favourite actor, they did many films toghether, Ajit always played villian in Dev's starers and productions. When Ajit made a comeback to films, Dev Anand signed Ajit to play the main villian in Gangster.

When Dev Anand started the shooting of Gangster, all the indian scenes of Anita Ayoob were shot in the first schedule and the major portion of the film was completed in this schedule. The last shooting schedule was held in Brussels and Antwerp in Belgium, Europe. This was the first indian film to be shot in Belgium.

The Diamond Jubilee year of.Dev Anand as an actor and he shot his film in the Diamond Cities of Belgium.

Archana Sharma who was known for her links with the Mumbai underworld and several crime convictions, debuted in the film. She is now presumed dead.

After Gangster Dev Anand made a completely different film without action and fights and the film was Main Solah Baras Ki.

Mamta Kulkarni did not want to do the film due to so many other heroines in the film. She was very angry at her secretary for setting up an appointment with Dev Anand. She kept telling her secretary she would refuse the film. But when she met Dev Anand,she completely melted. His charm and style of talking won her over and she just kept agreeing to what ever Dev Anand kept saying.

Dev Anand's dialogues were sampled by Scruffnuk Dust in the song Dusted.

This movie had censor problems and they refuse to give certificate and wanted to ban the movie and the release date was already announced and it was near. They objected many scenes including the beginning scenes. The controversial scene was shot on the veteran actor Amit. Dev didn't accept any cuts as he said it will harm his movie. He fought for his movie and released it on time.