Colonel Hargrove: Lt. Powell, i'm Col. Hargrove from the Office of Strategic Services, the O.S.S. Our branch specializes in covert operations usually deep behind enemy lines. Espionage, Sabotage, Infiltration, that's the business we're in lieutenant. As you know, Germany's famed Afrika Corps has captured key locations along the subterranean, and is now digging in. Our response in coordination with our British allies is an invasion of North Africa. The attack is codenamed, Operation Torch. This is it lieutenant! Our first large scale offensive of the war. While everything you hear in this room is classified and top secret, what i'm about to tell you is extremely sensitive, and only known by a select few. The German's have positioned artillery batteries along the coast, several of which overlook our intended landing zone. Our British S.A.S. operative has penetrated the town of Arzes along the Algerian Coast. His mission was to sabotage these batteries, then give the signal to start the invasion. Yesterday, all contact with that agent was lost. The enemie's artillery positions remain intact and the S.A.S. officer's capture, could compromise the entire operation. You and a small team of your fellow rangers will infiltrate Arzew under the cover of darkness. Your goal is to destroy the coastal batteries and rescue the agent. You'll receive specific details once you're in the field. The S.A.S. operative is Major Jack Grillo, a man i've known for years. He would never allow himself to give up what he knows to the Germans so please just find him, before he has no choice but to take drastic measures. No doubt about it this is a critical mission. Your team has trained hard, and i have every confidence you'll get the job done. Good luck!