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  • Kudos to writer/director/star Danny Comden for this unique look at modern day dating, and the hidden aspects to male vanity.

    Balthazar Getty, as an anti-hero of sorts, portrays slacker Sol Goode, who's world gets thrown into upheaval when his cousin Happy(Schaech) visits. Sol is a struggling actor who continuously gets refused audition after audition, yet Happy lands a gig on his first try. You'll bust a gut when you find out why Schaech's character is called Happy.

    Sol begins to re-evaluate his life when he can't pay the rent, and can't come to terms with his love for his best friend Chloe, well played by Katharine Towne.

    Danny Comden gets the most out of his cast, as Getty, Cheri Oteri and Towne were all brilliant. Surprisingly enough, Jamie Kennedy handled his role well also. Danny Comden, as the identity challenged Cooper, proved to be a solid actor as well.

    Several solid cameos by Jared Leto, who was a riot, and one of America's favorite sex symbols, Carmen Electra. The only thing I didn't like about this film was the presence of non-actress Tori Spelling. Other than that, this is a can't miss comedy.
  • Sol Goode may not look like the best movie in the world by the cover but it blows you away! Good things come in small packages, and Sol Goode proves to be one of the good things! With such a great cast and awesome storyline Sol Goode makes other romantic comedys look second rate. I would recomend this to anyone who wants a good laugh and or it even could make a great stay at home date movie! It appeals to both males and females and has jokes for both sexes! 2 million thumbs up!!!
  • Secretsauce200012 December 2003
    I stumbled on to this flick last week when it was on cable. I haven't laughed this hard in...I don't remember. A group of us are still quoting lines from it. Sol Goode is absolutely hysterical. It might not be the most original story but it's definately a fresh spin on a story we've seen before. The dialogue alone is worth watching. The actors do a great job at poking fun at this superficial Hollywood world.

    Comden captures this dysfunctional scene, while keeping it grounded at the same time. If you're in the mood for just a good laugh, check it out.
  • One of the funniest movies I've ever seen. On par with Swingers and Office Space. Cooper could be the funniest character ever. My friends and I quote lines from this movie on a daily basis. I saw this on accident on cable and ordered the DVD off amazon a day later. Classic!! salad is kind of banging right now. Really cool cast too, a lot of cameos from different actors and actresses. What this movie needs is a sequel. I can't think of anything else to say, and the minimum is 10 lines so I'll lay down some quotes. Dude, your claiming the Diesel girl, your going to need proof of purchase on that one. I heard you got a duraflame brother. Buy this movie!!!
  • kliuv122 August 2003
    I wasn't expecting much from this movie, but I was very wrong. Although I love Getty, Kennedy and Jared Leto, I wasn't hoping for such a gem. The acting was spot on; the characters were believable and warm. All these actors were crying out for a movie like this. OK, more to the point. Although it had some romantic themes it was hilarious from start to finish. The jokes were coming thick and fast, and fortunately they were not all primitive American below the belt stuff. The dialogue was fast and snappy, with brilliant jokes. I urge you to see the film either with your friends and some beer, or with your other half with popcorn. You will enjoy it for sure. Finally it's nice that these quality actors got the script they deserve. Hopefully, we will now see more of them on the screen.
  • Sarah-Embry15 March 2003
    It's so amazing how many incredible movies get completely skipped over when it comes to theater releases. Considering the cast of this, its even more surprising. I'm glad Sol got a video release, cuz it's incredible.

    Katharine Towne is one of my favorite actresses. This was the largest role I've seen her play, and I think she did incredible. Jamie Kennedy was, of course, Jamie Kennedy, and he did great. Cheri Oteri... love her, she's incredible. Balthazar Getty actually made a comedy, and a good one at that! Danny Comden's portrayal of Cooper had me rolling on the floor. And the cameos... Jared Leto, Christina Pickles, ROBERT WAGNER, Christina Applegate, Glenn Shadix... wow.

    Anyway, I have to recommend you pick this one up if you need a good rent. You won't be disappointed.

    The whole 'salad' thing cracked me up.

  • Danny Comden, the writer/director of this funny film, has to be congratulated in bringing these talented people together in a film that might not it be everyone's favorite, but it will reward the viewer with lots of laughs. Mr. Comden shows he has the makings of a good director.

    The film chronicles the trials and tribulations of an aspiring actor in L.A. He is always broke. He is a man about town with lots of friends, but no luck with women, except he appears to be looking in all the wrong places. He doesn't see that Chloe is the woman for him, and he'll only discover it at the end.

    The rest of the characters are well written. The best being Justin, the man who wants to be an agent in and has to experience all the humiliation that goes with the job, working for the bitch from hell. His life is a mess and on top of that he has to put up with Brenda, the hysterical woman who rules his life.

    The fresh faces in the film are the best asset of the film. Balthazar Getty gives an appealing look to Sol. Katherine Towne is the brainy Chloe. Jamie Kennedy is perfect as Justin, the aspiring agent that is humiliated by everyone. Danny Comden is the egotistical Cooper, a man into looks and fashion. Natasha Gregson Wagner does well as Brenda. The rest of the cast is well balanced.

    "Sol Goode" is a fun film to watch. It will not disappoint the viewer without any expectations.
  • If you're in the mood to laugh hysterically and be wildly entertained, SOL GOODE is the movie for you. Danny Comden's directorial debut is more than just a series of comic riffs on Los Angeles wannabes. What sets it apart is its sharply crafted humor, highly-original characters and clever fresh dialogue. Comden manages to tell a poignant love story without sentimentality by simultaneously exploring the trials and tribulations of a funny group of poseurs trying to make it happen in Hollywood. The enthusiastic, uninhibited cast brings Comden's writing to life! Tori Spelling and Carmen Electra have never been so funny!
  • strat-82 May 2003
    Script penned by unknown, shopped around for three years. Financed at $1.5 mil. Shot in 22 days by writer/director/actor. Awesome ensemble cast. That's the formula for a really great cult film and that's exactly what this is.

    The themes are universal. Its not about California in the 90's, 20 somethings, or the difficulties of dating. Its about making life work. Everyone can relate to that. But this movie doesn't have a statement to make, except that everyone could stand to laugh at themselves a little more.

    Writer/Director Danny Comden understands American dead-pan humor and hits the perfect comedic note in every scene. Outstanding first effort. I am thrilled to have this DVD in my collection.
  • Torch-618 September 2002
    Of course, it doesn't look all that great. But, for a 20-something comedy-romance about a guy who opens the movie with a Ferris Bueller litany of how to get his local Booty Girl out of bed in the morning, you'd think it would suck pretty bad. But it works. It flat-out works, the script is good and funny, the acting is good, and funny, and the story comes together 100% predictably.

    Sure we know where it's going, and anyone who's seen any teen movie from the 80's (or at least "Not another teen movie") can tell you who's in love with whom from the get-go. But there are a few surprises along the way, and the movie winds up being a fun ride through well-travelled, familiar country. Got a slow night? Check it out--you won't be disappointed.
  • =G=7 December 2003
    Comden should get a job flipping burgers after this raunchy hack job packed with old gags which we've all seen a zillion times before. The lame flick portrays young males as simple minded, self centered, short sighted, worthless, lying, cheating, immature, lazy slackers. Okay, well, that's the real part. The stupid part which is a rip off of every other romcom is where the title character played by the generic Charlie Sheen look-alike Getty falls for the real deal girl who he's known since K and who, unlike every other female in the flick, is somewhat normal. Blatant silliness with all the talent on the actors side of the lens, this is film fare for a college dorm, frat house, or Navy barracks. (C)
  • Get a life... stop pretending to be smart people. Stop pretending that this comedy was disappointing. If You are saying this comedy was disappointing and was dumb than you are really showing Your intelligence level. Did You think this movie was going to reveal the secrets of existence? Did You possibly believe it would hint at the meaning of life and some dogma idea? Did You believe You would actually be able to look deep into this film and find a message through the composition and juxtaposition of shots? If You did you have shown your mom should be choosing your movies. this is a movie you can watch when you get off your high horse and chill with friends (im assuming you have) and all those chickys we like to meet up with on our days off (im assuming you have). The characters are all general so we can laugh at similar situations we have had either through friends or ourselves... assuming we have all experienced life and not been shut ins. NOT A GOOD FILM but not a bad FLICK for something to play when you need a laugh with friends... or need to play something in the background during a party of 30-40 people so you can look aside and catch something funny throughout the night. For people who are like the lead character and have friends ---women and male--- they chill with. For loners that film will have no impact whatsoever... for those with friends and who like to have a good time, aren't shut-ins, this movie simply reminds you of antics here and there.

    Frankly i thought it was fine... i certainly don't need to pretend that it insulted my intelligence because having intelligence i knew it was going to be void of, earth shattering, meaning.
  • Get a hot chicks with cleavage on the cover? Check. Get a bunch of known actors to play small parts like Carmen Electra? Check. Trick the audience into thinking they are gonna watch a wild ride of a raunchy movie... yes... check. This movie poses as one of those movie where you are expecting lots of tits and ass, beer drinking and a bunch of juvenile act, but in the end you will get some moral about life isn't all about parties and scoring chicks. The formula has been used a lot yes, but usually it gives one cool party movie and i like them. One name get into mind... Van Wilder... one of the best movie of that kind which was very funny.

    But the problem with "Sol Goode" is that it actually feel like a rip off of the core of Van Wilder, without really the fun side too much. This movie try to score a few joke here and there, and some characters are a bit funny, but at no point i really felt for any of them(except maybe Chloe a bit) or what would happen to them. Jamie Kennedy's character sure bring a few comic relief but not enough to get me interest much into his story.

    Its kinda trying to be serious, yet putting a few jokes, but the jokes never get the effect they where looking for and the serious side kinda miss emotions and really getting to feel those characters. The best friend Cooper was just forgivable, and made almost no point in the story, and the only dramatic performance i actually like was the one of the actress playing Chloe who actually was cute enough both in look and acting to get me interest in her.

    But its one of those movie where you seem to just go trough the motion and nothing really happen for a long part of the movie and the synopsis actually is not that much accurate.

    Even in the "cute" romance movie category i felt this movie took like an hour before having you really get interest into anyone too much. So well what can i say... it was not awful or anything... it was just not memorable, a really forgivable romantic comedy that i think even your girlfriend would not really get into.

    I feel this movie either needed to get more raunchy, or more emotional, but it stayed in the middle and missed bot lines... sadly.
  • Can anyone tell me what's the amazing Song at the 80th minute in the movie? I really love it, i wanna have it that much . The movie is okay. I've seen better films, i didn't understand the point that's the film about. It's not that funny. But I liked the scene where Sol told his best friend that he is really in love with her. That scene is really amazing, best at the whole film in my opinion. The movie is okay. I've seen better films, i didn't understand the point that's the film about. It's not that funny. But I liked the scene where Sol told his best friend that he is really in love with her. That scene is really amazing, best at the whole film in my opinion.
  • A fairly good movie with characters that you are rooting for at the end. Sol's "gay" friend is very funny and fits in well in this movie. I also liked the out-takes after the movie. Katharine Towne does a great job in this movie and I would love to see more of her (even more of her with less clothes). I will have to check out some other movies that she is in. Despite being listed second on the box, Carmen Electra has only two small parts in the movie and leaves you wishing she was a more used character. Also, more of Robert Wagner's character would have been nice as well. Overall, a better than average flick with good laughs and characters you care about. More skin and more of certain characters are my only complaints.
  • Sol Goode was the funniest movie I have seen in a long time. From the opening credits all the way to the out takes, I was crying, I was laughing so hard! Really witty dialogue. A phenominal cast. Reminded me alot of all those John Hughes movies I grew up on. If you're ready for a good laugh and a feel good movie all in this movie!!
  • Balthazar Getty is great; when this film starts out he is driving a Pinto (in Beverly Hills), and trying to find a job with his head shot from a film he did- an employer asks what experience he has; he replies: modeling, and I am good with accents. he also gets one gig where he has to clean out trailers on the movie lot; sick but funny.

    Classic. There is some cheap humor as well, but seeing Tori Spelling as a nerd, trying to sell "Red Bull" (complete with bizarre vehicle) is worth it.

    Carmen Electra and Jared Leto have a few choice scenes, it is basically generation X looking for a job, or purpose. Wish that Getty did more films like this; I am not sure what he has been up to lately. This is good when you need a laugh, no deep thought required.
  • First time I put this movie in my DVD player, I could not finish watching it. I was drunk though so my attention span was limited. I attempted to watch it again, and liked it a lot. Its not the best movie, its not the funniest, but for me it gave me a small glimmer of hope. Other people like me will watch it and probably see and feel the same thing. If you have ever fallen in love with a "best friend" of the opposite sex, Watch this movie its made with you in mind. I know i felt that way when i saw it. If you are looking for a movie to laugh like an idiot at, or a sex comedy, this isn't it, you will be let down. I promise. The main character was very easy for me to relate to, and if you have a heart it should make you smile.
  • I recently watched this movie on TMC-XW. It represents everything that's wrong with the mentality of those that make movies. It "boasts" unbelievable characters, a derivative storyline and possibly the worst soundtrack I've ever heard.

    Movie-makers have no grip on middle-American values. I consider myself decidedly middle American and do not know one person who uses the "f" word as much as these characters. They use it at times when it doesn't make sense. In addition, the characters are comic-bookish. The role of Happy the Cowboy and Sol's mom and dad are completely unbelivable. Maybe people in New York and California resemble these characters but you won't find them anywhere else.

    But worse, these characters were thrust into a plot that's been done to . Platonic friends become lovers. Gee, how original. I knew within minutes of watching the movie how it would end.

    Finally, the soundtrack was horrible and the music most times didn't even match the moment.

    Stay away!
  • Harmless sexbased comedy that never takes itself seriously, and all in all isnt too shabby. Its incredibly depressing that even with the bags of money Getty sleeps on, he still cant find a believable hairpiece. The one used in this film is particularly distracting. But the movie is good if your up for the genre.
  • MoatesGarage22 October 2004
    This movie sucked. I really hate to see someone like Katherine Towne get shafted in Sweet Home Alabama, and then come to this crap. This movie was probably one of the worst laid out movies I've ever seen. I rented it because Carmen Electra was in it and I was hopeful. She made a little less than a Cameo appearance and that was it. The actors are all good in the movie, as they've all done better works. They would have to, or there would be no room for them in Hollywood. The plot is over predictable, you know how it's going to end as soon as it starts. I have a general rule to stay clear of anything that has Tori Spelling in it - I violated my rule and I paid for it. She is the worst actress I have ever seen in any movie and this one is no different. I give this a one out of 10 because a zero isn't possible. I hate that I have to admit I've seen it, but oh well. Hopefully Ms. Towne will pop up in something good soon. Stay as far away from this movie as possible. Enough people wasted their time making it, don't waste your time seeing it.
  • rddj0528 June 2007
    If you've ever been stumped at a cocktail party when someone asks you, "what's the worst movie you've ever seen", you may want to rent this movie so as to have an instantaneous reply. I mean, there's bad, then there's REALLY bad. This film falls into the latter category.

    What's amazing is not that they got a budget for this film, but that they actually got some name actors for it. I can't imagine any working actor looking at this puerile script and thinking to themselves, "yes, this is one I must do."

    The script itself is dreadful. Overwhelmingly bad. If one didn't read the credits, you'd think it was written by an undersexed (or possibly oversexed) 8th-grader. It's the kind of script that drunken frat boys might come up with if they were really bored, and had a half hour to spare. If you took out the fart jokes, the penis jokes, and the irritable bowel jokes, there would really only be about 10 minutes of film, and those 10 minutes would be stuffed with every comic cliché you could imagine.

    The film offers no real laughs, predictability to the extreme, and, surprisingly, no nudity. Which is odd, since it's like watching a slasher film with no blood. The only reason I can imagine a film like Showgirls (which is "Gone With the Wind" compared to Sol Goode) got financed was because they promised the backers that Elizabeth Hurley would be naked and gyrating throughout half the film. This film doesn't even have the common decency to try and titillate the audience after forcing us through the 100 minutes of torture.

    The performances are mostly quite good. The actors do a great job at elevating the material, especially Katharine Towne, in a thankless and underwritten role. Cheri Oteri, Natasha Wagner, and Jamie Kennedy all put their best foot forward trying to turn very little into something. Cheri Oteri plays a sadistic, high-powered agent, which is actually the best writing in the film. Unfortunately, it's a subplot that really has no connection to the main storyline. It may have been a better film had they simply stayed in the agency and made it all about Jamie Kennedy's character, since the least interesting character in the whole film is the title character. You can't quite imagine how so many people seem to know and admire a guy who has never had a job, isn't getting work as an actor, dates homely women, and doesn't even seem particularly funny or charming.

    The film goes nowhere, and takes forever to get there. But I will give this writer/director his due. It takes quite of bit of pluck and determination to get a film this bad made. He surely deserves "hustler of the year" award. If he could sell this film to execs, he could sell ice to Eskimos.