Frankie Delano: You ever read this book?

Bruno: Have I ever read that book? Not only does that insult my intelligence but it insults my ignorance. Why would a man like me, who happens to like himself, be caught dead reading a bit of boy toy fluff like that?

Frankie Delano: Because it's a killer.

[Frankie is hiding a knocked-out mobster who happens to keep slipping wind]

Frankie Delano: Ma'am.

Jennifer Barrett Allieghieri: Frankie?

Frankie Delano: We've got squirrels.

Jennifer Barrett Allieghieri: Squirrels, Frankie?

Frankie Delano: Yes, ma'am, big squirrels. They... they tend to overeat preparing for a difficult winter and sometimes they bloat and often they get caught in the walls and to get out of the walls they have to ... deflate and that's what is causing the passage of... windage.

Jennifer Barrett Allieghieri: Oh...


Jennifer Barrett Allieghieri: Poor things.

Frankie Delano: Yeah, tough luck... tough luck.

Frankie Delano: I believe in two things, the kindness of the saints and there's somebody for everybody

Frankie Delano: I believe there's a possible exception to every rule in a book.