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  • I first saw that wonderful movie late at night 5 years ago. The plot is so fascinating because it's just like real life. Jana Thies doesn't seem to play 20 year old Anne, she's living the character. I was caught by her charisma as well as by her way to act! Marcus Born, who plays Stefan, is also a very gifted up-and-coming actor. Stefan meets Anne in a food store and they seem to fit together perfectly. But it's everyday occurrence that is bar to their love. Director Thomasz Thomson created a wonderful emotional movie about a young urban girl caught up in her loneliness just like the animals in the zoo not far away from her apartment! Unfortunately it's not available on DVD. Hopefully I will have the chance to buy it someday.
  • acamederra24 September 2001
    This film was a nice surprise for me in the last San Sebastian Film Festival... It´s not a perfect film but it has a lot of points of interest. Cinematography is great, as well as the soundtrack, based on electric music... It´s quite a mixture between Kieslowski´s films and Trainspotting´s style. It´s the story of a young woman who feels alone... and how she tries to end with her loneliness... The first half of the film is almost perfect, emotive, complex and beautifully filmed. Sadly, the end is under the expectations the film has created previously. But... It´s a nice film and deserves attention of critic and public.