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  • Renaldo Matlin22 March 2002
    After the great success of the mini-series "Rød snø" (Red Snow) in 1985, it was almost a public demand that Norwegian actress Kjersti Holmen and Swedish actor Tomas Von Brömssen co-star in another TV-made suspense-story.

    The result was "Marerittet" (1989), directed by Bo Hermansson who also did "Rød snø" (1985).

    Translated to English the title means "The Nightmare" and that's just what Holmen/Von Brömssen get when they decide to spend their vacation trekking around Lofoten in northern Norway. Not long into their holiday they venture into a small seaside village surrounded by mountainous terrain. After a while they discover that something is terribly wrong in the village: the locals shun them and even worse; the children singing and taking class inside the local school is nothing but noise from a tape recorder! And so the nightmare begins...

    All though not as good storywise - as "Rød snø" - "Marerittet" still was an above average suspense-yarn, and Kjersti Holmen and Tomas Von Brömssen will definitely go down in Scandinavian history as one of the most likeable couples on the small screen.