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  • Warning: Spoilers
    (Vote should be divided: 8 for first part, 4 for last part) I really liked that movie - in the beginning. It has a nice sense of humour and the story is not too unrealistic in our modern times.

    Unfortunately the movie is too long - in the storical way.

    Personally I always thought it funny that romance movies end with the Big Love and don't show the life that follows. This movie kind of shows the after-story. And that's what I don't like about it.

    It should have ended at the moment Anna and Paul "found" each other and really fell in love. Perhaps Pauline could have written some bad sides of him in her book - with the good side: "is here".

    Unfortunately it looks like someone decided at this moment "wait - let's not make a comical movie" and added some more adventures to urge it more into the "family" genre. Pauline's best friend has to move far away for some (in film terms) thrown-in-reason, Pauline starts to hate Pit and tries to run away to Brasilia.

    I admit, the wedding scene between Pauline and Leon was wonderful and would have been hard to include without that after-story, but in the end, I would have liked the movie much more without the last twenty minutes or so.