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  • Dacoit movies had been made in Malayalam long before Blackbelt(1978) but that classic started a whole new genre in Malayalam movies which many fans as myself call the "Curry Western"! As you might know Spaghetti Westerns were westerns made by Italians like Sergio Leone,Sergio Corbucci and more in Europe.They retained the essentials of the American genre the Westerns and reinvigorated them in their own style and own values.And man they made some great movies including my all time favourite movie "The Good,The Bad And The Ugly".Blackbelt's director Crossbelt Mani and writer C.P Antony spun a bunch of great American Westerns and Spaghetti Westerns into a mollywood masala tale and the rest is history.After that many film makers tried to emulate Blackbelt's success and style.Some were good,some were not.Thiruvabharanam is a good one.

    It's a fast paced 70's remake of Macckenna's Gold with a few nice touches borrowed from For a few dollars more,My name is Nobody and They call me Trinity.Revenge,greed and pure luck leads a ragtag group of dacoits,bounty hunters and our heroes into the search for a temple of Lord Shiva full of gold.Who wins,who loses and who survives is a nice surprise even though you might be able to guess it.