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  • Wow wow Indian hindu Indian muslim what a concept this has been in India today is 07/01/2019 and i am watcing it again i would like to tell all the people in India that how the politicians of India have taken advantage of it but look at the all cast and crew of this film almost everybody are hindu the writerthe producers the script writers the directors the actors how they have showcase a muslim culture although the language of this film is hindi but show me anybody that nowhere in the film a single word has been talked in hindi but in urdu. Inder Raj Anand what a writer and hindu he was so much urdu he knows
  • Ye Ishq nahi aasan is one of the two films I like of tinu anand the other being main aazad hun. This film has very nice dialogues, good performances and very good music. Even though you see Padmini Kolhapure on the poster the main lead of the film is actually Deepti Naval. Padmini's character leaves by the end of the first half and appears only in snippets afterwards the reason for which is disclosed in the end. Rishi Kapoor shares nice chemistry with both Padmini and Deepti Naval. Deepti Naval has as expected given a good performance. Dialogues are so nice some of them are poetic and are quotable quotes. The music is highly underrated and the film has some melodious music particularly mere khayalo ki rehguzar se. This is aesthetically pleasing film with no violence no vulgarity and visually nice cinema. Do give a watch