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  • "Top Pro Golf" aired on Australian television in the early 1960s, and introduced me to the wonderful world of golf.

    From what I can remember, it was a highly polished series with excellent camera work and close interaction between the host and the players.

    This was where I first saw the brilliant play of Gary Player and Arnold Palmer, as they blasted their way round a succession of US courses.

    Somewhere, someone must have prints of episodes, so one day I hope to once again admire my golfing heroes in their early youth.

    There were two other golf shows airing at around the same time, "Shell's Wonderful World of Golf" and "World Championship Golf", but this was for me the pick of the three.
  • As a boy of about 10 I watched this show. I still remember the players - Sammy Snead, Arnold Palmer etc. My personal favorited was Dr. Cary Middlecoff. We lived in an apartment building in Queens. Behind the building there was a driveway with a row of garages. This was the 50's and people lived on a very regular schedule. The men used the cars to get to work in the morning. If their wives had cars they parked them in the street. So the driveway wasn't used much during the day. I set up a golf course in the driveway that ran from 203rd to 204th street. Their were covered drains on each end of the driveway. These served as the holes. For a year golf was big. The boys played it when we didn't have school. There was no course membership fees. (I should have thought of that). Oddly enough after my brief career I never played golf again.