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  • When I first saw "World of pub" I laughed so much that I missed about half of the first episode,this then happened with all the others I'm glad to say. I hadn't heard the radio series before seeing the T.V show but still feel (after having heard them) the scene was only enhanced by the "morose" acting of all involved.

    This series will teach you everything you need to know about pub life in the U.K including "The Pub Olympics", "The Cockney Code" and "Drinking tactics" to mention a few things. Anything can happen in the pub and it always ends up in a fire!! If you've seen this I don't need to tell you how funny it is but if you haven't buy it or borrow your mates DVD and treat yourself to 3 hours of top British comedy, I don't think you'll be disappointed.
  • sssssstar22 October 2006
    One of the funniest things I have ever seen. I would so like to see this again.

    Every week you knew 'Dodgy' (Yes mate, no mate) Phil would get a phone call and they'd end up changing the theme of the pub, the fun was in seeing how they would end up burning the pub down again. The writing was so funny, I missed a lot of it for laughing, and then there were all the incidentals like the pub sign, posters and blackboard that always had something amusing on them - if you could spot them. The funniest episode was when the Michael Caine appreciation society came all dressed as their idol. I think there was a fire alarm and they all evacuated in character - lol.

    I so miss this show.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    "World of Pub" began on radio, where they could do anything and do it quick. It was hilarious (at least, in its first incarnation).

    The transfer to t.v. was not altogether successful. For instance, they tacked on a laugh track, so t.v. viewers would know when to laugh (if a show needs a cue to nudge viewers when it's time to laugh, that show should not be on the air). Fortunately, it's a soft laugh track, and one can ignore it and laugh whenever one chooses. A worse problem was the fact that they simply could not present many of the great ideas from radio (the roller-coaster was a big disappointment). On television there must be compromises on imagination.

    As for the t.v. show itself -- it's about two brothers, Barry and Garry, who are always trying to drum up business for their pub. And whenever they need anything, they go to their only real regular, Dodgy Phil. After renovations (which often involve Edith Piaf) the pub adopts some new theme that, like Greek tragedy, leads inevitably to disaster.

    Without the laugh track, it might have been one of the funniest shows ever. However, it would probably not have been considered universally funny.

    I despise the old canard, "You'll love it or hate it." The t.v. "World of Pub" comes close. If seeing the Queen of England on fire, or watching a vomiting contest, tickles your funny bone, this is the show for you. Otherwise, you might want to drink someplace else.